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    A World In My Head!!

    Let the Flowers Grow

    by , 10-08-2010 at 04:56 AM (791 Views)
    October 5, 2010

    Synopsis: In the first dream I get a huge headache over money! Later, I'm at a movie theatre and become lucid. I try to fill my dream world with flowers, but a DC has other plans

    I Can't Buy It!
    My sister has conned me into buying school supplies for a friend. I don't mind at first when I think I'm just going to help her buy one item. But then my sister starts adding more items to the list, PROMISING my friend that I'll deliver! I get pissed and tell sis "I never made these promises, and I don't have the money to buy even half the stuff!". But sis doesn't listen, and adds perks to the list, including that I buy her lunch, and a cd for dad.

    My head is reeling with math! The debit card and the merchandise don't add up! I woke up frustrated and upset that I felt too poor to buy anything.

    Let the Flowers Grow
    Me and my sisters are watching a movie. As if I'm still annoyed from the last dream, I sit farther away from the sister trying to empty my bank account. We got bored of the movie and leave before its even over.

    Some how, just standing up and walking out of the theatre room made me lucid. I follow my sisters to the concession stand with a big smile on my face. I'm just having way too much fun admiring the carpet and the walls. I ask them

    "What do you wanna do next?"

    "Eh, nothing, lets go home"

    Booo.....that sounds boring . I ditch my sisters by flying straight out of the wall! My dream had changed into a magical landscape, with curvy rolling hills and a castle. I proclaimed myself the queen of this world.

    I looked at a pretty landscape in front of me, but it wasn't colorful enough. I know! I'll add flowers! I command the dream to add flowers. But nothing happens. I guess I have to do this the harder way.

    I go up to a weird pipe like structure near me. It has little holes punched in. Perfect! I imagine little seedlings rising out from the holes, blossoming into beautiful flowers. It takes some concentration, but deep vermillion leefy plants rise up. They weren't flowers, but they were beautiful.

    The moment I stopped giving them my attention, they would wither.

    Oh well. I continued to try to make my landscape blossom. Most of the DCs were nice to me. Some of them even started attending to my flowers to keep them alive. Now my flowers are bright blues, rich purples, growing in odd places, even from vertical walls.

    But one DC was a real jerk! He would follow me where ever I went and chop my flowers into little pieces

    I try to fly away from him, so he can't find my newest flowers. But he was found me and my new seedlings. Finally I got fed up, I grabbed his axe and try to slice him to bits, like he did to my flowers! The axe cuts through him in three directions!

    DC passerbys looked shocked and horrified!

    But the axe goes right through him, as if he's air. He looks at me sad, as if he's insulted, actually insulted that I would try to hurt him! I try yelling at him instead "Stop following me around! Leave my flowers alone!"

    "Okay, I'll stop following you" but then he seems to explain that that's what he does, that that's what he is. He is that which will chop down my blooms.

    He stopped following me around, but remained and indestructible presence in my dream world. I lost interest in growing my flowers, I didn't want to see anymore chopped up.

    As my dream starts to fade away, I notice mole-people working hard round and about the castle. I felt bad for them, so I call out to them at the last few stable moments of the dream that they could stop working! They hear my voice, but can't see me, and the dream becomes black.

    I wake up. I turn over, and that's when I notice shadows. There were shadows on the ground, silhouettes. The shadows made it look like there were people on my bed. I get really creeped out and quickly end the FA.

    BTW, not sure if this relates or not. But today (10-7-10) I visited my garden in horticulture class. I just recently planted new seedlings. Every single one of them died, I have no idea why. Its really weird. They were planted in three different spots. Three different species. All dead

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    1. The Cusp's Avatar
      Obviously you didn't give your horticulture plants enough attention. You probably could have withered you flower chopper the same way your plants died by not paying attention to him. Battling him just places your attention on him, making him stronger.
    2. juroara's Avatar
      Didn't give my plants enough of attention? All of my other plants are doing just fine and they've grown extremely big. It was only that specific batch of seedlings that I sowed that single day that died. That was the second day I got to see them

      I can't see my garden everyday because of how far the university is from me. By the time I get out of work, make the drive, the sun is already down, not much for me to see. During the week between classes my instructor promises to water our plants and take care of them for us. I wish I could see my garden everyday, that would help a bunch. Right now, it's only a weekend thing.

      The DC didn't become stronger after I tried to axe him. One, he agreed to stop following me. It didn't matter if I ignored him. He remained a presence in my dream. Dreams are not the mere creation of the conscious mind. You are dealing with the subconscious, that's the true creator of the dream. Some DCs can't be magically whisked away by paying them no attention. They persistently exist for a reason, because they are imbued with some consciousness.

      Thanks for reading