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    A World In My Head!!

    Night One: See You Later Alligator

    by , 01-20-2011 at 05:45 AM (453 Views)
    January 19, 2011

    Synopsis: Three dreams, only one I remember, where I painted and stitched together an alligator at work

    Note: First night of my 30 Day Dream Appreciation Challenge

    I said my mantra, recalling why I love dreaming, and tried to fall asleep as happy as possible. But mostly my mind just drifts off into randomness

    See You Later Alligator
    I don't remember my first dream. Well I did when I woke up from it, but I fell asleep before I wrote it down.

    I dream of work again. Usually these dreams are stressful with way too many costumers to ring up. But this time I didn't care what was happening in the store. It didn't even bother me that we weren't selling art supplies, everything but art supplies!

    I was focused on one task, creating this life size alligator on the floor. It started out as a painting right on the tiles. Then as it became more three dimensional it became like cloth, and I would stitch pieces on. It was important that he was in the middle of the floor!

    At one point my make shift alligator got shoved to the side. So I had to fix him, he goes here, in the middle of the floor! Even if it meant people tripped or stepped all over him, he goes here!

    The dream was really unstable, so my alligator kept changing shapes on me. I'd come back and he looked completely different. Of course as an artist this upset me, so I would try to fix him. At one point I got fed up, chopped him in half and redid him. There! The manager seemed please too.

    Um, not sure what that dream was about. But I am leaving work. So maybe my dream was a pun!


    A Dream I Don't Remember
    In waking life, I came back from work and looked at my night-time note pad. I scribbled about a third dream I don't really remember. Which was weird, because what I do remember was that it was vivid. But it's only a vague feeling now.

    I was watching TV, and there was this weird show on, about a flood. The scene is so real, I'm sucked in. So I'm just an observer watching this epic story unfold. There is this flood, some kids were caught in it, and a man was trying to save their lives. I watched his entire journey. I think it was a happy ending.

    Happy dreaming!

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