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    A World In My Head!!

    November Dreams!

    by , 11-06-2010 at 06:22 AM (489 Views)
    I'm sleepy and too lazy to write out my latest dreams in detail, so I'm just going to quickly jot them down here so I remember to write them in detail tomorrow

    Dream 1: (Halloween night) Told my friend I want a new job. Frustrating work dream. Man captured and taken to the back room. Forced to tell his story or else. Witch posses his wife, and now he has lightning in the back of his throat. Witch comes, I run. And parkour on the roof. Lucid, we escape to the forest.

    Dream 2: Me and the Lost crew are in a mansion. Widmore attacks from above, the island is shaking, were hiding in an elevator. We escape, yay tacos!

    Dream 3:
    Lucid. Parkour on the tree with friends. Friend is stuck in a wheelchair so I try to help him fly, but he's too heavy.

    Dream 4: Work dream, lady wants wedding clothes and lots of gold paint? Old apartment. Night time stroll. Later. Sis, mom and me look at the stars. Climb roof for better view. Amazing sky!

    Dream 5: Hans is secretly married and hiding in his bedroom. Later, Liz goes out for food, at 12am. We wait for her by watching movies, but we fall asleep. See my sister in the morning and I ask her what took her so long. But then I realize the being in front of me isn't my sister because she would never do that and this is kinda freaky.

    Dang! I'm a missing a day!

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