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    Rotting Flooded Waters

    by , 12-14-2010 at 06:47 AM (519 Views)
    December 2010

    Synopsis: I should be unlazy and actually use my dream journal! A surreal dream involving a flood with rotten water. Later, I find hippies.

    Rotting Flooded Waters
    I'm in my backyard. In real life I don't have one anymore, so this is the backyard of my childhood. There is a little pond next to a small tree, filled with healthy fish.

    It rains and the pond swells and covers the entire backyard, like a swamp. But all the fish are dead, and now the water is filled with rotting things. I stand on top of something to get away from the diseased water.

    Usually the rain water is absorbed by the soil. Thinking back to my horticulture class I say "Theres something wrong with the soil! Its got no drainage." At first I thought it was only my backyard that was flooded. But I took a quick peek over the fence and I could see the entire suburban neighborhood was under water!

    This is bad. One house with rotten water is one thing, but an entire neighborhood? I thought of katrina, and deadly diseases. Well, I guess we gotta leave!

    My family gather outside on the street and discuss where we should go. Lucky us, we live next to a hill that was spared the flood. We can see little houses up there. We pack our things, which was neatly waiting for us outside our home. A random monkey character helps us carry our things.

    When we get to the top of the hill all the houses are super small. And they were all connected to each other. We walk through the common hallway between them. Each little house was more like a tent filled with random items. I guessed that hippies must live here!

    My family starts to go shopping. Even though these weren't shops, it seems the tent people like a good bargain. Later on, old friends invite me to a turkey dinner, and I wonder if the turkey has synthetic hormones.

    Then I wake up!

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