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    Apocalypse Drill

    by , 05-05-2016 at 05:32 PM (495 Views)
    Driving down a winding road in a truck with some packages. Coming at me is a very large, brown, prehistoric looking spider. It’s in an 8 shape and the legs are on the front and back of its body, not the sides. It freaks me out so I swat at it but it won’t die. I learn that it’s called the Amazon spider (as in amazon.com) and hangs out in their warehouse. I get home (more like my mom’s house) and there’s a party. Donald Trump is there. I put on my shoes because I’m bored and decide to go outside to take a selfie with a giant crashed government airplane before they move it. Donald Trump bends down and starts tying my shoes for me. “Oh thank you. Could I get a picture with you?” He agrees and then hesitates. “Why do you want a picture with me? You’re only here to make fun of me.” “That’s not true! I live here. My room is right there!” I point. Really, I just wanted to share with friends and family that Donald Trump tied my shoes, because nobody would believe me otherwise. D comes just as things start falling apart. We hear that there is any army invading the other part of town and civilization starts to collapse. D has things to take care of in the house and someone asks me if I could help find certain seeds and I agree. I go to the other side of town and basically just follow this scientist around, holding items that they need to salvage before all hell breaks loose. We go into the back room of some industrial building and grab a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush. I have to connect something to the tip of the toothbrush but I can’t because I’m shaking so bad. The political situation is worsening very quickly and I start becoming extremely upset that D and I separated. If he died while I’m gone I will never forgive myself. I would rather die with him than live without him. When we leave the room we find the building is on lockdown. All the offices are empty with the lights turned off but we hear men shouting orders in the other rooms. We quietly move through one room and hide behind a desk, looking through the glass of the door. I didn’t feel safe there and wished we were a few desks or even another room back, but we needed to see what was happening. One of the girls in the room ahead of us dropped a blue pencil and I knew that meant it was the daughter of my scientist friend. She was upset and went to save her daughter. By doing that, we learned that the invading army was a benevolent force and all of our families were safe. I was so relieved to see my husband’s face (but it wasn’t really his face). Everybody started cleaning up after all the chaos but D and I went to the gym and went swimming. I was practicing my dive, which required me to fatigue my deltoids by hanging on to the pool ladder before diving. I dove in, hit the bottom, and sprung back up in only a matter of seconds. A man said, “That was a great dive, sweetie!” D and I left to look for food. We wanted Mexican food but the best place in town was closed, so we looked around. We went to a hotel and someone we knew handed us some of our items (like area rugs) from the “drill” earlier but we just left them there.

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    Tags: fear, spider
    non-lucid , memorable


    1. lunagoddess's Avatar
      I just realized it's Cindo de Mayo and I spent the last part of my dream searching for Mexican food. That's awesome.