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    by , 05-04-2024 at 11:44 PM (34 Views)
    Crazy bathroom

    Dreamed I was walking around outside a place with some giant archway door. Went inside and inside was a very large and fancy bathroom. Ceilings were super high. There was a fountain in the middle with a 30 ft statue of an angel in the middle of that. There were toilets but no stalls. I sat on one and after a while some guy walked in through the door and started staring at me. I told him to leave me alone and go about your business.

    When done, there was no place to wash your hands so I started looking in the other rooms. There was a picnic table place with some women at the table. There was hand sanitizer stations behind them. I asked if I could go and use some but the women angrily shoo'd me away. I found another section like that but with men and they had no problem with me using the sanitizer.


    I was in the bathroom with Jamie holding her hand. I won't say what else was going on

    Next two nights had trouble getting a full sleep.

    One fragment was with Jamie. We were walking through a city holding hands...


    I was in a house with some people. I knew Jamie was there and then I saw her come into the living room and sit near me. I was depressed or something. I said something to her but I wasn't very confident. She knows and of huffed at me and left. Spent the rest of the dream wandering the house sad.
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