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    finally a dream.

    by , 04-22-2018 at 06:07 PM (243 Views)
    Earlier these weeks only had a couple Jamie dreams. In one i was wandering around toronto looking for her. In another i was playing a chopin waltz on piano and she was nearby. Others were kind of too personal to post.

    Not without my dog.

    A dream of going on a giant boat ship. I realized i didn't have my dog with me. The dream rewound and I was in a house with my dog. I ran around looking for his leash. I go on the ship before it left but somehow my dog got left behind again. I went to the captain's deck and told them to go back for my dog. The guy said ,"yeah yeah."

    It rewound again and i got my dog on the ship and we took off.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Wow, you must be amazing on the piano if you can play the chopin waltz. Its great that the captain went back for you to get your dog too. I thought he was going to say no and keep on going.>. <
    2. Man of Shred's Avatar
      No. I used to be able to play one of his easy ones. But I actually started learning the one from the dream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8uIoQEtV_c
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    3. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Oh. I use to play piano too. When you don't play for a long time you do start to forget the notes.That one in the link sounds lovely though. It looks easy as i watch her hands flow playing the subtle change of notes but its going to take a lot of practice. Good luck~ : D You should be really proud of yourself when you completely memorize it. I especially like the little fluttering like melodies in it.
    4. Man of Shred's Avatar
      Yeah I was playing seriously for a few years, but quit. Trying to relearn a really long piece. It's great because some of my old muscle memory kicks in after going over each passage a handful of times.
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