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    Getting recall back slowly and Viatorem?

    by , 06-08-2017 at 11:24 PM (752 Views)
    Peanut butter cups are now my official recall aid.

    Ok computer

    In a weird room with some nerdy guy on a giant computer. I was trying to search for music but he ws stopping me. He went on some gaming forum and I was watching him scroll through it. Pretty boring.

    Wal mart

    I'm working wal mart again but all the workers i know from mcdonald's work there instead. We are trying to stop a flood from from the top shelves. We use Styrofoam stuff? not sure.

    I go to clean the vestibules and notice that the sisters from the north store are there, C and C. they are still young beautiful and up to no good. The taller one notices me and smiles. She waves. I shyly wave back and go in between the doors to clean. They keep popping their heads around the corner to get my attention. I find it funny.


    I was in the same area as the previous dream but I was in Trooper's car (he's a youtube Vlogger documenting his life in vegas as a poker player https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSKG_qk60r0) I have Bjork's music on in his car. It's a song I seem to know in the dream but I haven't heard it while awake. He gets in and starts driving he then notices the music and then violently shuts it off.

    Bus Terminal

    I'm walking on a street near the bus area in Lethbridge. I'm with some girl who's taller than me who has long black or brown hair around or past the shoulders I think, kind of thick hair and sporting large sunglasses. She's like a cross between Jamie and Kaomea. She goes up to a taller guy which may have been Data and asks him for something. I get mad at this for some reason (My dream self is extremely dumb in social situations and likes to run his mouth). I say something like she seems about as deep as a bowl of soup... lol I'm so mean for no reason. She starts protesting and walks after me asking what my problem is. I keep ranting myself for some reason, get to the curb and wake up. If that's viatorem I'm sorry, I don't really know what my problem was.

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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Lol Deep as a bowl of soup. I can't tell if that's bad or not because soup is delicious.
      Raven Knight likes this.
    2. Man of Shred's Avatar
      I think I meant it as she seemed shallow.
      DawnEye11 likes this.
    3. Viatorem's Avatar
      I don't recall that exchange, but I've been doing a poor job recalling dreams (working on it). Even if it was me I don't mind rudeness. I'm often awkward and rude for various reasons. It's okay if your dreaming self is reluctant to dream with me. I find it ideal to listen to our dreaming selves as they generally know what's preferred. I'll stick with Data until dreaming you is ready.
    4. Man of Shred's Avatar
      Don't worry about it honestly. I just don't know you well yet. As far as I know I'm never ready. my dream self is either super good at dreaming or in states where I'm as dumb as a door nail. All to varying degrees. We used to have another guy share dreams, Nomad. I would get pissed at him sometimes in the dreamstate but we always remained friends and helped one another out.
      Viatorem likes this.
      Updated 06-09-2017 at 03:49 AM by Man of Shred
    5. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Ohhh ^^
    6. Nefets's Avatar
      Things are getting interesting , if Only I could Lucid dream , I would try to join in :^)
      Raven Knight likes this.
    7. Viatorem's Avatar
      Many of my shared dreams have been non-lucids, Nefets. Lucidity is not a requirement to share dreams. In fact, being lucid shortens a lot of my dreaming and I've found it easier to just remain non-lucid.

      Lucidity is helpful in controlling and directing dreaming. Experiences don't always require control or to be directed; enjoyment is my goal. I mainly only become lucid if I'm in disagreement with something occurring in the dream.

      Though I've known many dreamers who put a lot of emphasis on lucidity. It is exciting to know that we have a spirit body and can use it to do cool things, I admit. Everyone finds their own way to dream and it sounds like Shred could use more dreaming partners