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    This journal will account my many dreams!!! yay! Anyway, I have had so much amazing synchronistic occurrences around dreams. I have helped myself and a few others through my dreams! I am doing my best to find out how to live my life by my dreams.

    Main entities:

    Asuka: My dream wife. I am purely convinced that she's not another aspect of my mind. She exists separate from me. Lately I have been running into people similar to her in waking life. She's sweet, very kind, and has a strange sense of humor. She has a yellow aura.

    Nomad: The guy that got me into shared dreaming. He doesn't show up in dreams as often... but back in the day we dream shared lots. He got me into the dream lover thing and also has experience with meeting their twinners on the waking plane.

    Raven: My other dream sharing friend. She helps me and asuka a lot. I wish I could recall her more.

    Data: He maintains the shields in my inner world.

    Victor: My dream guide... though he hasn't shown up lately.

    Shawna: A soul that shared a body with a woman named Aeona, Raven's guide Q appointed me guardian of Shawna when she was separated from Aeona.

    Other dream children: Two babies between me and asuka and also two other orphans that now reside in my inner world. We are all like a dream family... Aren't I creepy?

    The dream plane:

    I look at dreams as a separate plane of existence. Our waking realities are dense energy that give the illusion of solidity. Next is the Astral plane that is just outside of our waking perception. The dream plane vibrates at a light frequency and consits of bubbles. Every person when not traveling out of body dream in their inner world. Anyone can shape what they want their inner world to look like, and also use it as a focus point for the law of attraction. You can invited other dream entities to stay in your inner world... but be careful, it may attract demons. Dream sharing can take place inside your inner world or the inner world of someone else. other dream places are bubbles made of less dense energy.

    1. most epic dream I ever had.

      by , 06-09-2010 at 12:28 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      01-19-2010 The Great Diverge
      wrote this dream in two parts:
      pt 1: http://dreamviews.com/community/show...&postcount=348

      pt2: http://dreamviews.com/community/show...&postcount=351

      The great diverge

      I don't know where to start with this one.

      I was sliding down a water slide. I reached the bottom and instead of splashing into the water I was suddenly in my room on my dream laptop.
      I was readinga message from Leo Zumi? That name was familiar. but not correct. The last name was off. Zagumi perhaps? no. Zagami. YeS LEO ZAGAMI! His message was hard to read. Damn dream words anyway. All i made out was "Under Attack". Under attack? who? him? or me?

      I found myself floating above outside a mall. 3 Women were standing in a triangle holding hands. I wondered what they were doing. As I was thinking this I was walking down a hallway in my house My mother was standing by the garage door which was also a bathroom. She yelled Inanities at me as i walked by. I stepped into the garage/bathroom. I went to the mirror and opened it. I didn't feel like looking at myself right now. I grabbed my toothbrush. I looked around the rest of the small shelves behind the mirror.
      No toothpaste. I closed the mirror and looked on the counter by the sink. Still no toothpaste. fuck it I thought and splashed water on my toothbrush. I'll bear the pain of no toothpaste. I began brushing. it was uncomfortable. At least i was getting the scum off... My dentist would be happy at least. I looked up at the mirror. I was hoping the scum on my front teeth was gone. But i wasn't looking at my reflection.

      I saw my laptop. I was sitting there at my laptop. Forget Leo's message I thought, i better check Mortal Mist and See if The Cusp Remembered my dream about him. maybe it was a mutual dream?
      I went to his DJ. He indeed had an entry about me. it read "I talked with Man of Shred in a dream. he had a lot of bogus ideas. him and his dreamshare crew are a bunch of idiots". At least he remembered the dream... as for the rest. what a prick. Fuck it. I'll add it to the dreamshare thread anyway.

      I was looking down at the outdoor mall scene again. The 3 women were standing in a triangle holding hands. I saw two people approach them. There were leaves swirling around the two people. the leaves turned into mist. They looked familiar. but i couldn't put a finger on it. It was a man and a woman. The woman grabbed one of the 3 women by the arm and tugged them tightly. The woman in the triangle wouldn't budge. The woman who was pulling said to the man. "He's caught in a love triangle he can't get out of." him I thought... Those are all women...

      My perception of the event change. I saw myself, Asuka, and Sydney sitting in the hallway by the garage door from the inside all holding hands with their eyes shut.. The door was left open.
      That's right! I thought. I had invited Sydney to my house before i fell asleep so that me, her and, Asuka could share energies to create an inner dream!... then why was i floating above them?

      I was in my garage/bathroom brushing my teeth. I saw something in my perphials. I looked to the door that entered the house I saw clouds of dark energy seeping into the garage. A voice in my head sounded. it said "Vex is wanting to dream with you again... she has questions."

      "Not now" I said to the voice speaking to me. "I don't want to expose her to dark energy. Critical stage... Dark energy would ruin it... Wait a minute... Why was there Dark energy in my inner world?"

      I was floating above myself, Asuka and Sydney. I saw two dark specters surrounding them. Sydey had created a tight forcefield around us, combining our energies, to keep the dark energy out. There wasn't too much dark energy surrounding the two people tho. I could make them out. It was A and P. My Old foes. I floated as a point of conciousness into the garage where myeself was stinding at the mirror brushing. I entered his body. I was now staring at the garage door where A and P were trying to pull me from the dream triangle. A said "They are creating a strong forcefield. I can't pullthem from the triangle."

      "HEY!" I shouted at them. They Turned and looked at me. A did a double take... "WHADDYA THIK YOU"RE DOING?" I yelled at her.

      "You fucking Bastard!" A screamed at me.Her and P then charged at me.
      We then had begun something like a Kung fu fight in my garage. Our arms sped up faster than the eye could see.

      But she had not charged at me at all. She was still standing there....

      "You've Got no Fucking right!" she yelled at me.

      "No, YOU'VE got no right coming into MY HOUSE and MY DREAM. Especially when I told you a bazzilion times to stay the hell out! That Child Sydney is already stronger than you. You can't even get through her force field. It's Game over... Now LEAVE!" I said. I was getting angry. VERY ANGRY!

      "No!" She yelled like a 4 year old having a Temper Tantrum. "You're hurting her. You're doing things to her... Worse than a snuff film!" She stammered.

      "What the hell are you talking about?" I said. "Look at her." A was Still transfixed on me. "LOOK AT HER!" I yelled. at A. "Does she look like she's being harmed in any way?"

      A looked confused. "What are you doing there?" she asked indicating to the three of us sitting in a circle.

      "We're creating an inner dream." I said. " I thought i had told you about that before... and BTW Before YOU showed up we were all dreaming about being at a Waterpark..."

      " BULLSHIT!" She yelled again. "You're doing MORE than that."

      "That's true." I said. "All three of us Are sharing our energy. It helps her get stronger... you know that. It helps my recall at times. Nothing wrong is going on at all. Asuka is sharing her Energy. Raven once joined in as well. Now Why are so fixated on me still? Is it Really about her?"

      "It's true, He's helping me" Sydney chimed in while she briefly broke out of trance.

      It looked like A was about to say something but she knew she was beat. But she Was stubborn. I cut her off and went into a rant. " BY THE WAY. I know for a Fact that she doesn't like P."

      "THAT'S RIGHT" Sydney Chimed in again.

      " And did you know that for a while. P unknowingly created his own false image of Sydney in his own inner world for a while and didn't know? That's right the one that he thought was confusing me with him." I put my hand over my mouth concealing a laugh."There's NO FUCKING WAY. anyone could confuse me with him. That would be like confusing a Toad with a Swan. You say That I am hurting her. I ask you to look at her again. When she was released from you she looked like a malnourished five year old. After a few months of my 'hurting her' She looks as healthy as ever. Her dreambody looks like she's pushing 10 years of age now."

      both A and P were both shaking with rage. I knew they were about to attack. "You got no Fucking right" A yelled again. but her words sounded empty. I made a pushing gesture with my hands and transparent Vectors shot out from each hand. The ends went into A and P foreheads and I lifted them from the ground.
      "Now what I wanna know." I said. "Is how you got released from your prison A". The vectors began probing their minds. I was getting images of a black monster trying to penetrate a shield with A encased inside. The black monster was now talking to Remote viewers. The same ones that had been harassing me and the rest of my dreaming crew.
      "so that's it. I said. "P made a deal with the Templars and they helped him get you released. Of course! It's what i put in my laptop. It all makes sense now." I then was reminded of when nomad failed to read what was in my laptop, before he took the hard drive out and put it into my head in his dream. I then noticed my Vectors were feeding back to me Dark energy. I became engraged. Two more vectors came from behind my shoulders and wrapped around them both. I then grabbed a hold of the vectors with my hands and began bashing A and P around the garage.

      I hit them against the ceiling, walls and concrete countless times. In another dream i was continuing the Kung fu fight. I did an overpunch at A. she blocked but i followed up with and under punch and hit her in the stomach. She held her torso and backed into the driveway. I then grabbed P's face and did a sweeping kick on him and I slammed his head on the pavement as he fell. suddenly i was still throwing them around the garage with my vectors.

      I dragged them outside. Dark energy was seeping into me. Nomad just came out of a portal. He did a double take.
      "DAMN YOU NOMAD!" I yelled. "If you would have just read for me what was in that laptop, instead of showing off none of this would have happened." I then threw A and P at him. He ducked out of the way.I could sense the dark energy was influencing my hatred. Just what the templard wanted. "I'll cuss you out another day nomad." And P were rolling on the ground but began to get up. "but first help me get them beyond the barrier that Raven set up." Just then a Wave emanated out of P. both him and A were floating up in the air now. The Wave hit us and knocked us back. A had thrown fireballs out of her hands and hit me. I was getting tired now. Would nomad be able to finish them off without me?

      "STOP IT RIGHT THERE!" I looked up. There were two tall green elves floating just beyond the barrier that Raven had set up. It was a and P from the time of Mu. Mu P threw a kind of bubble with a chain at P. which grabbed P. Mu P pulled him beyond the barrier. they dissapeared in a pillar of yellow light. Mu A had A by the hair and yanked her beyond the barrier.
      Mu A was furious. "WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO HURT HIM." She yelled. " YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Mu A yelled at A again. "Stop trying to hurt him". She told A.

      "Woah." nomad said. he seemed to have recovered a bit.

      "Woah is right." I told him. "I think we are witnessing the very thing that corrupted her soul... A dream time paradox of all things!" I said.

      "Don't worry." Mu A said. "I'll see to it that she'll never touch you again. You won't see me here for that matter again either." Mu A zipped off with A in a pillar of yellow light.

      "Sorry i yelled at you Nomad." i said. "It's the dark energy... I need healing."

      the alarm clock woke me up.

      here's what the vectors kind of looked like

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    2. I hate Brad Pitt

      by , 05-31-2010 at 01:38 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Chiu chi ling: I was outside a chinese building and Chiu chi ling (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQsNgQPGgfo) was there. He was complimenting my tiger and crane form. He was also giving me pointers and showing me things.

      False awakening: I dreamt i woke up and wrote the keywords from the previus dream down. when i went to write the rest of the dreams this morning there was no keywords

      Brad Pitt: I was in a room with Brad Pitt. he was telling me to turn up the radio. I kept fiddling with the radio but when i turned the knob anotehr station would drone in over it.

      Crash: I was with a brown haired woman. I was getting into her car but the doors were all messed up. I wound up ni the very back row of seats.
      She began driving on a road and minutes later we went crashing into a ditch. We hit a shed and suddenly both of us were in a basement. She said we should move out because a storm was coming soon. I said that this basement would protect us, but she insisted. We went out of the basement.

      later we wound up outside and discovered her car was still drivable.

      Wierd dream: I was at some corner store looking for a glass of water. I was handed some sort of hollow stick. I saw something giving off lots of steam, so i held the stick over the steam to collect the water that way. The stick began to fill up and i saw it was filled with chicken.

      I began walking out of the store and noticed i had a staff with me. I ran into Joe and asked him how he liked living in Carstairs. He said that the street he lived on was like it's own little town and that he felt a connection there. A friend with joe that looked like him argue since his street was in Carstairs that it wasn't it's own town.

      I looked towards the store and remember Jen was waiting for me to come back with my water. but she pulled out and decided not to wait for me.

      Fragment: i was in an apartment with someone.
    3. Lucid and other long dreams.

      by , 05-31-2010 at 01:36 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      The Blue ally: I was walking in an unfamiliar town. i met raven there (the kid who use to be my neighbor). We were walking and talking, and i don't know what were we talking about. I kept looking up and seeing this large blue object in the sky. It took over half the sky and was funnel shaped. I thought it might be a planet on a collision course with earth. But, The blue object shrunk and landed on the ground in front of me and raven. We both watched as the object morphed into a blue semi trailer. It started driving off. Me and Raven ran after it. It turned a corner. As we turned the corner the object stopped and then morphed into a sports car and turned another corner. As we turned the next corner, we say there was a path of destruction in it's trail: A 10ft high rubble mixture of trees houses and cars that went as far as the eye could see.

      Dangerous road: me and my dad were driving on a road late at night leaving a campground that might have been burnt timber. he turned a sharp corner and said "whew, that was close... but it's not as dangerous as this next part." The road turned and went into an almost vertical angle. we plunged into darkness.

      Moon: I was looking at a large moon like object in the sky. I knew I had seen it many times before, and that everytime it had came to destroy the planet. I knew i would lose conciousness soon, so i waited for it quietly

      Girl: i have a vague impression i was talking to some girl. I can't remember more, though i feel i am missing something important.

      breaking into lucidity: After i had woken up and jotted downt he first set of dreams I began drifting off. I entered a dream scene right away. I was looking at my feet! it was a change from hands. I was so excited i woke up. Then i concentrated more and saw my dream feet again!

      Street walk: I was walking down a street and was lucid. I was too busy enjoying my walking, so i thought i would try the right way of walking in dreams. I curled my hands and fixed my gaze on the horizon. I just kept walking. I felt peacefull as the dream ended.

      Epilepsy: I was in a room where H, the epilleptic man i lived with as a child, was eating a bowl of cereal. He started shaking violently and some guy grabbed him. I said "NO, he gets very violent after a seizure! leave him alone let him get through it" I watch as H tried to regain control of himself. But his body kept shaking and contorting. he was desperately trying to spoon the cereal into his mouth. He began splashing milk everywhere, it even projected from his mouth. I saw my mother standing at the other end of the table.

      "you looked after him for years!" i yelled at her. "do something". But she gave me a snooty look and walked past me. I ran to the other end of the room to avoid getting splashed by the milk. but he began splashing it at me. I ran around and behind him and he then regained control of himself.

      Basement: I was ina dream house. My mother was upstairs and i was up late watching "Zoolander" with my brother. My dad came downstairs and started watching it with us. "Strange" i thought. "normally my motehr would flip if he was here. We kept watching the movie. It was at the scene where zoolanders friends were throwing gas on eachother.

      Raccoon boy: I was in some sort of mall or public building. I entered a room where a boy was standing. He has rough grey fur all over his body, and his face resembled something like a cross between and Ewok and a raccooon. As soon as he saw me, he seemed to recognise me. He playfully adopted a fighting stance. He had sharp claws and we began fighting. I blocked a few of his attacks, but his claws kept getting caught in my shirt sleeves. He then stopped and fled the room.

      I chased after him and he was no longer a raccoon. He was a small puppy and he ran up to me. I picked up the puppy and cradled it. It was very affectionate and I put it down. A woman was the owner of the puppy and she said "he likes you so much why don't you keep him?" I said "naw he's yours i could never do that. The puppy ran into another room and i went to that room because that's where the exist was. He was in his raccoon form again with the same fighting posture. I sparred with him again. we exchanged a few blows. and i crouched into a left side horse with a right outside circle block. His claws got caught in my right sleeve and began tearing it to shreds. I stood up in my normal position and said "Hey, STOP! you just ripped my shirt. i have to fix this now."

      He stopped swinging at me with his other arm and froze. He looked me in the eye. I could tell he was fighting his most natural instinct to fight me. he knew i was right. after a few seconds he looked down and away. I took a few seconds to unhook his sharp claws from my sleeve. and he ran off. the sleeve was wrapped around my hand tightly. I struggled for a moment to undo it. when i was finished i saw he had cut my hand. He had pulled some flesh out below my right thumb and it was bleeding like crazy. i also saw a yellow substance in the blood.

      Fixing my hand: I was back at home. I got out of bed and my hand was still bleeding. I went out of my room. i saw my dad in the living room and my mother came out of her room asking for a smoke. I said "just wait a few minutes while i patch my hand up."

      In the bathroom i looked at my hand. the flesh under my thumb was still gone and it looked like there were 3 black slits from where raccoon boy clawed me. "that little twerp" i thought. I ran cold water over my wound and the bleeding resumed. I looked on the bathroom counter and noticed bandaids stuck to the counter. I went to open the cover to see if i could find fresh ones but i just woke up.
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    4. Small lucid and first shared dream.

      by , 05-31-2010 at 01:35 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      movies: I was watching a dream as if it were a movie. In one scene there were a bunch of Indians and chinese people in a war. Tho other movie I forget what it was about. But i could shift between the two different movie scenes at will.

      House: I was in my kitchen. It was very vivid. There was food and half rotten food all over the kitchen. I was hungry and trying to find something to eat. I reached in the cupboard and found a drumstick. I ate it and it was covered in all sorts of sauce. It was very sticky. There was someone else there. Maybe my mother.

      Trapped: Me and a few others were trapped in some sort of dangerous warehouse. A few ravens may have been there. We were walknig around the big rooms trying to find a way out. At one point i saw someone leap up to a window. I knew if they tried the window they would die. the person went out and their body dissapeared in a flash. I heard a loud whirring sound and it seemed as if the persons energy body was being consumed by something. There was a woman beside me, may have been blue dreamer.

      I started jumping really high to the ceiling trying to find out where one sound was coming from. When i got back down BD said a dead person or a spirit was trapped in a particular part of the ceiling. I leapt up again to see if i could hear it. and indeed i heard someone deep within the ceiling making some kind of noise. I got back down and said to BD "hey you got the inner ear!". she just kind of chuckled.

      Highest Ridge: me and my dad were driving to work but through a wooded area. The scenery began to change. first it was hills and then we were driving through high mountain peaks. They looked very spectacular. We parked up on a high ridge. My dad said "ok we have to hike down to the job." i said "impossible! there's a sharp cliff in every direction."

      Party At the warehouse: I was in a large warehouse where there was some DJ's. I went outside and it was daytime. A silvery haired man walked by and said hello as if he knew me. He invited me in and i said something like "My boss only gave me so much" he said "Yeah, i know how it is. a little money here and there, but never enough for everything." I said "yeah, I gotta eat first and foremost" He agreed and said it's important for one to always look after themselves.

      I think another man walked by. but the thought of food made me hungry. A woman and a man were sitting nearby with some food. The woman said "we have a large cake we are trying to get rid of." i tried to say "maybe my mom might like that more the me" But the words came out wrong. Something wasn't right. why couldn't i speak. I yelled "hey, can you guys hear me?" twice. They both shook their heads and said no. I sat down with them and started eating a bag of chips.

      later, I was inside the party sitting at a wooden table with some people i seemed to know from the Dreamviews forum. I think one may have been waking nomad. he seemed to joke around like him. He had brown hair and eyes. someone was with him who seemed to be his friend. He was teasing me about guitar playing. he said "You play great punk guitar". I said "I hate punk... why would I play punk guitar" we went back and forth like that for a while. I kept looking across the table and across from me was a beautiful woman with brown hair. she never spoke but always seemed to look at me whenever i looked at her. she never seemed annoyed and seemed to match my gaze. she had huge brown eyes and a child like face. but her eyes seemed much older. Her face was sometimes luminescent, as if she was trying to burn her image of her into my mind. Both her and waking nomad stuck out of the dream like a color character in a black and white film.

      I looked at the wooden railings and recognised Slayer's handwritting. The words spoke of synchronicity. I said to Nomad "so, you and slayer are friends now huh." he said "that's right." Then he harrassed me more about about playing punk guitar.

      Shamanic chatroom: I was in the chat a lonewolfs forum. GS was there. somehow he had hacked the chat and kept changing the color scheme. he kept laghing 'cause he made everything in chat look white. which made it impossible to see what i was typing.

      Small lucid: I realised i was entering a dream. I was outside a large warehouse floating to ward it. I grabbed onto a white pipe. I forgot what i had wanted to do and the dream faded almost instantly
    5. Short Lucid and DV member dream.

      by , 05-31-2010 at 01:34 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Dream 1: False awakening. I forgot I had gone to sleep and was outside with my brother haveing a smoke. We were both by the garage. My brother went away when i was distracted. so i peered around the corner and saw that he was taking a piss (it's still dark out at 6 AM.). after a minute he came back around the corner and went into the house.

      I paced around the backyard like i usually do when i smoke. Something caught the corner of my eye. There was a dog in the yard directly across from the alleyway. He moved into the street light a bit and i saw he was a doberman. i thought " wait a sec. There is a dog across the alleyway but it's a house to the left and it isn't a Doberman!". For a second i knew i was dreaming. The dog seemed to pick up my realisation and it leapt at me. As it was leaping at me i pointed at it and said "haha, you can't hurt me 'cause you're not real". I watched him vanish into mist in mid air! (note: I just realised i pointed in dreaming for the first time without realising it, and the pointing revealed a phantom image.).

      My slow rational mind thought " Well maybe the dog was just a hallucination, I'm not dreaming" What I should have been thinking was "dogs don't turn into mist when you point at them this really must be a dream!". But, Unfortunately I went through the rest of the dream this way.

      I then walked along the alleyway and turned into the street. I noticed something catch my eye. I went to pick it up and it was a can of green beans. i thought "who would throw a perfectly good can of food out?". And on I walked. I turned to the street on the right and saw that i was downtown. I thought "this isn't supposed to happen, downtown is still two blocks away... where Am I?". As i kept walknig downtown I noticed a McDonalds. I knew that there wasn't and Mickey Dee's in didsbury, so I concluded i must be in the future or something.

      I then went into a mini mall. Didsbury has no mini mall... I walked through one room and walked into a television news studio where people were preparing to start the news. i thought "Didsbury has no TV studio... where Am I?". I walked through the next door and came to another TV studio. I accidently knocked over a camera. No one was mad or seemed to notice. I walked through the semi circle of camera displays and noticed one guy in the directors chair was blocking my path. He then noticed me, smiled, and got up to clear the way. I thought " Why Am I being treated like royalty?".

      After the camera display there was a group of tables where people were sitting. I recognised one of my friends from Didsbury. So i sat at the table and said to him "hey man, I just had the funniest dream! i was walking around in didsbury and it had a mcdonalds, and the thing is: There's no MdcDonalds in didsbury! wtf" The whole table laughed like it was funny. They were laughing at me 'cause i didn't realise i was still ni that dream!

      Note: I'm going out no the town tonight. and if i see that guy i will tell him the dream! only maybe I'll finish with "... and then i sat down at a table with you just like this and told you the exact same dream!"

      Dream 2: I was in a clinic of some sort. I don't know what i was there for. But i saw "B". My cousins recent ex girlfriend. She had shaved her head and in the dream she looked really un appealing. I was talking to some people, and she walked by, looked at me, and ignored me. I thought "i guess i'm no longer her friend now that she's no longer with my cousin"

      Dream 3: I was on the DV forum reading a post by jeff777. As i read his post i could hear his voice saying the text in my head. He was saying something about the cusp!
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    6. lucid and other dreams.

      by , 05-31-2010 at 01:33 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Dream 1: I was in a city that was on a hill. I walked out of a house and I was on my way to see my old room mate Dan. But all I remember was going into another house and meeting his half brother Trevor. It was a long dream but i can't remember all the details.

      Dream 2: I was in a chinese store and was looking around. I went to a desk and said something. But the one man started accusing me of being racist. I spent a few minutes explaining what i had said. and That i meant no harm. I apologised and kept on this way until the people in the store calmed down. I went to leave but a display of chinese swords caught my eye. I was thinking "Isn't it a chinese proverb that a customer is always right" (i have no idea if that's a chinese proverb lol, but it made sense in the dream). Anyway I looked at a wooden kendo like sword. It caught my eye and was only $40. i was pondering buying it.

      dream 3: I was walking on a suburb street. I was on my way to meet a man with silvery hair and a round face (lonewolf?). I came by the house where he was supposed to live, but there was a couple of dogs at the house just before the one i was supposed to go to.. They noticed me and began to growl. one barred it's teeth so I crossed the street. I heard them growling behind me and dared not to look back. I came to the street corner and the meaner dog was in front of me. It leapt at me and bit right through my hand. It hurt so much that I yelled in pain. I Tried to yell "help me!" but my voice came out very weak and was barely heard by even me.

      Sometime later i was walking down another street i was thinking "if only i had my own dog to protect me." I think this dream was saying i needed some sort of shield to meet the man.

      Dream 4: I was in a corner store being run by East indian men. I remember the one man handing me my bag and i walked out. when I got out of the store i realised that i didn't have my bag with me. When i walked back in it was a different store and a different clerk. I saw my bag lying on the ground. "I'm dreaming!" i said to myself. I forgot my basic stabilization tasks like rubbing my hands and looking at them and other object systematically. But I remembered i was looking for C. I yelled out her name a few times, but as I was walking out the door, my vision went double and the dream vanished.

      Dream 5: I was in that calgary house again, the one from my first dream. I was walking on a board over a stair case. but it was weak and fell. I narrowly escaped falling down. I then Told my dad we needed a proper plank over the stairwell.
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    7. some dreams

      by , 05-31-2010 at 01:32 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Maze house: I spent a lot of time in a gigantic house. I walked throughout it several times. There was one room i would always walk by And i never went in Because i knew it belong to someone else. Anyway the whole place seemed like a maze. There was lots of people there. I felt a sudden urge to go to the other end of the house. I felt as if someone needed help or I needed to find something.

      I turned down one hallway and two children walked up to me laughing. The hallway began to distort adn I fell into a corner of it. I wanted to get away but the two children kept dancing around me. It was as If they didn't want me to get to the destination i was hoping for. I blanked out.

      The room: I was in the same house, or another one... And I walked by the room that belonged to someone. I walked by and accidentally saw my cousin and his gf having sex. I rushed into the kitchen and my cousin came out and said "sorry I didn't realise you'd be home early..." at least he could have kept the door closed!

      Broken guitar: I was sitting in front of some music sheets. I picked up my guitar and noticed the headstock had broken from the neck. The strings were still intact and I seemed to get entangled in them.

      Brains: I was in a hospital bed with a girl. I was holding onto ametal pipe that was sticking out of her head. I noticed the top of her skull was gone and the pipe was connected to her brain. I sat there moving the pipe from side to side. She seemed to enjoy it. I also noticed My skull was open too and a pipe was sticking out of my brain. She grabbed the pipe in my head and moved it around. It was a very strange feeling. I remember thinking: I must have such bad brain damage from this I don't even remember how I got here.

      Wolf: I just got back from a coffee house "tim Hortons" to a school. It was night and I think my brother was with me. We were elaning against a roudn wall when i noticed a giant wolf prowling around. It seemed to notice i was there, but chose to ignore me. I was frightened that i went inside the school and walked around the gymnasium in darkness then went back outside.

      Outside i looked and saw the wolf was still there.

      Hands: I awoke in some bright room, My hands were so tingly it was bothering me. I managed to bring them to my face, but they were covered in some wire mesh. It was cutting off circulation to my hands. I panicked and flung my hands about.

      Back to school: I went to some big college test. I sat in teh classroom area and everyone around me were jock adn very dumb like. I sat there for a few minutes just looking at everyone. I left To get a paper. When i returned to the classroom and Jock looked at me funny and slammed the door. I found a window i could crawl through. But when i went through I was in the lobby again. The place seemed empty and I still had a paper.

      I wanted to find a teacher to give it to So i went through a door that led into a hallway. I ran into a man with glasses in a white jacket who had a kind of Doctor feel to him. I was going to ask him about my paper but he motioned me into a room that appeared to be his office.

      I followed him in and he just sat at his computer, he seemed to be watching a conspiracy documentary. He then looked at me and said "Third shelf from the bottom" and pointed at a book case. I found the third shelf and a title seemed to jump out at me. It said "I'm still there"

      I realised the title was implying that I was in two places at once. That while i was "here" in this dream, really i was somewhere else. I woke up then.
    8. Lucid and DV member dream

      by , 05-31-2010 at 01:30 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Dream1: I was back in my old town of chilliwack b.c. I was standing at a plaza near my old elementary school. I was in front of one of the video stores looking across the street to the safeway. I noticed a large screen on the safe way nad concluded: This must be a dream. I stood stationary focusing on the images of the screen. I tried to will myself throught the screen. It seemed to grow larger and i could see images of war going on. It reminded me of some of the war video games that are coming out now. For some reason i couldn't enter the screen. So instead i tried to fly towards it. My body felt so real that it seemed impossible to fly. It tried to enlarge the screen to overtake me once more but to no avail. I remembered i should look at my hands. My hands rose to my face and i saw that they were mine. I began looking at other objects in my periphials in a systematic fashion to try and stabalise the dream. The dream seemed to speed up, cars passed by by so fast that i was getting lost in their movement. I went back to my hands as a starting point and tried the same system again. Everything seemed to stabalise but then suddenly faded out.

      Dream2: I was on a planet like ship. I was in a large hangar with some people i seemed to know. Somebody ran up to our group and started yelling "WE have to evacuate, We're caught in a gravity well of a large comet and we're going to collide with it in four hours." I said "I think we should start packing all essentials and leave immideately, Tammy Help me get this boat down." I climbed a ladder of a large crate and someone on the other side helped me take the canoes from off the top of the crate. After unloading certain things and packing for a while. our group decided to split up and collect our personal items and collect family members for escape.

      I decided my personal belongings weren't worht the effort so i went to look for people instead. I left the hanger and went on to the more populated portion of the ship. It was a huge glass dome with a city underneath it maintained by a false atmosphere. The town again resembled Chilliwack B.C. I walked along the streets towards downtown. I looked up into the night and saw a glowing red and orange object that seemed far off. I knew this was the oncomming comet. I enetered some sort of office building and began to look for someone. I recognised a design on the door. I knew it was the same symbol Solsky has in his sig here on DV. I went into his office and couldn't find him. So i ran out into the street. I ran into a woman who seemed to be looking for Solskye. So i ran along the streets looking in cars. people had stopped their cars in their tracks and some seemed to be asleep at the wheel.

      I saw Solskye asleep in his car. i was going to wake him. but i looked up for a moment. The reddish object was now 4 times larger than i had seen in perviously and concluded that a couple of hours had already passed since i last looked. I ran back to the hangar but no one was there. i suddenly ran into the other people who were helping me move stuff, and i said "Well is it time to leave yet? we're all gonna die if we don't move out now." We began moving to an escape ship and the dream ended.
      lucid , non-lucid
    9. 8 Dreams!!!

      by , 05-31-2010 at 01:29 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Dream1: I spot wolf on a mountain, for a split second it reminds me of xox, but then the dream just fades.

      Dream2: I'm in this huge construction complex made of concrete ceilings held up by loads of steel girders. In this dream i seem to be really tall, and that's not all in the next second I hear my name called I look and see this huge mecha man runnin at me. So I yank a steel girder out to protect me. But no avail, this thing comes at me as ruthless as a hard driven nail. I smack this guy again, and again over his metal head. This just makes him angry and he starts chasing me again. And then I kick out girders as I'm running along, then pick them up and throw them at him but before long He starts trippin over these things. So i pick up some concrete and smash it on head, 'cause i know if don't stop that I'll be dead

      Anyway i start to run away,He just gets up and comes faster, now with an arm blaster. He Tears out whole sections of concrete and steel, And starts rollin them at me like they is just big wheels. One pins me up against a wall, then it seems like i can't get up at all. Pretty soon I think I'm dead. But i climb up just enough to see him smash me over the head.
      (who says you can't rhyme and DJ at the same time)

      Dream3: I forget the next dream but the notes read:

      Robert R and Coastline? Oh yeah It was a vague dream i had he lived by the coastline.

      Dream4: I'm At the library and when i walk through the door. I see this whole line of picture books and them some more. So I, pull them to what it is they about. And No doubt One of them reads: Moonbeam. I think "no way Gee, this really can't be" So I flip through the book and I see Moonbeams smilin face, While taking care of some guy who looks like he's losing the cancer race. At the last picture he's lying in a hospital bed and he looks half dead, His skin is shriveled and looks really emasculate. It makes me sick, 'cause i seen enough guys die from it. But in the picture moonbeam just smiles on, I think it really takes guts to face death with that face on

      Dream5: K enough rappin of journal entries. this one took place in a mall I was walking And I ran into my Old roommate Sho. He had blonde streaks in his hair. he said "I'm here to get a cheque from your dad". We walk through some doors and into a foodcourt. I see my brother there. so me and sho ask him for money. but he has none Then sho says he has some coupons he can exchange for cash. So I begin helping him count them.

      Dream6: I'm outside a mall with my brother and my childhood friend gary. It's dark and you can really see the moon out. Gary is in this gravel parking lot. He starts doing kung fu moves and throwing rocks. I begin to go through my form. I get interrupted by my brother He's complaining his back is broken. I see him trying to push a two ton truck down the street I think "well no wonder".

      The dream switches to indide a train station. Me my bro And Gary are asking for this crime boss (I forget the name i'll call him Mr.x). We're sitting in this lobby, Being yelled at by some interrigator. Outside the door i see a Girl sitting with her sibling on a bench. for some reason her image completely stands out from the dream. The rest of the dream characters are all fuzzy, but this girl seems to be crystal clear. she gives me a kind of dirty look, and for a split second I was wondering if it was xox. but before i could complete the thought A booming devilish voice yelled at me "there is no MR X" and the voice came from this tall woman that was walking by. As soon as she passed and Exact replica of her came in through the other door. She had this fake smile, her skin was having a hard timing maintaining it's color. She looked like one of those changlings from the fifth element movie when they lose their form.

      The woman sits down across from us and says "I can arrange for you to meet MR. X" as soon as she said that i thought "holy shit i think i seen this movie, see the woman is really MR. X, The name MR X is a cover for her true identity. she's gonna invite us to some room to meet mr x, and then she's gonna reveal the truth and shoot us all in the head." so i said. "no thanks, we weren't really serious about finding mr x anyway"

      all I Remember is being chased by a car driven by "MR X" while in the background the theme song to Beverly hills cop is playing. I watch the car smash into a brick wall.

      Dream7: I falsely wake up I tell my brother about the dream. He still has back pains and i wonder if it was really a dream.

      Dream 8: I'm in a large sub urban area. I'm with my brother and for some reason i take his car and drive down the street. I seem to have no control over the car, i almost crash it, but luckily i park it. Then I get off the motorbike, and admire the it. I think back to the first time i ever heard of the phrase "crotch rocket". I heard it from my highschool friend dorian who rode motorbikes a lot. As soon as i think this. Dorian pulls up on his bike with his gf behind him. He says "hey man long time no see is that a sonata arctica shirt?" I go "yeah". His gf pipes up. "that band kicks ass but i dont like the singing sometimes" so i say "well if you think he's bad you should listen to stratovarius, the guy sings like he has no balls"

      they laugh, and we're all suddenly at a train station. I look up and i see the sky go scary. I see this gigantic rectangular UFO. I point it out to Dorian, he sees it and starts to run. I could see all of it's dimensions. It was like i giant mechanical rectangle floating in the air. Then it dissapeared. suddenly i saw this black hase coming from the sky. There were hundreds of seagulls flying in one direction as fast as they could. Even flying into eachother. Thats when it started to rain And all these people started running. The clouds we're coming in so fast teh sky bean to turn black. I watched them completely pile up and completely black out the sun in no less than 3 seconds. It was broad daylight out and now it was like night.
      I began to run for shelter but it was raining so hard i couldn't get out from the train platform.
    10. LD and a DV member dream

      by , 05-31-2010 at 01:28 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Dream1: Instant lucid. I was standing in a white place where all the DV members were sleeping. I saw one bed read: Amazeo xD. I suddenly remembered to look for R. I yelled out her name really loudly a couple of times.
      suddenly I was in a black space. I hear R call me back in the darkness. I called her name again.

      Her: It's too dark I can't find you.

      me: just keep moving you'll run into me.

      By this time i really had to pee so i decided to wake up.

      Dream2: I was at a nightclub. I was walking towards the dancefloor and recognised a black girl i knew from highschool. But she had a beard. I walked right past her and onto the dancefloor.

      "Arthur" I heard someone call out behind me. I thought "Oh no someone has mistaken me for my brother again". i couldn't see who was calling me so i went back up to the bar area. I hear my brothers name being called again.
      I bought a cheese bread snack and sat down with jeff777 at a table. WE ate our food quietly. He got up and i got up shortly after. I don't remember what happened after that, but suddenly i was in a boxing ring with jeff.

      WE were kung fu fighting for fun. The fight seemed to slow down and i could measure each counter to his moves. I blocked so many of his moves he just shrugged his shoulders and left.

      Dream 3: I was a wolf walking on a dirt road. I came a cross a T in tersection. It was obvious I was on a mountain. At the T intersection a large farming fence. Behind the fence were cows. They started running because a Bull was vicously attacking them. They stopped in their tracks, so did the bull. I looked towards the other ends of the road and standing guard were these incredibly large horned bulls. I sensed there was gonna e a slaughter and I was caught in the middle of it. Just then I saw a pack of Wolves huddled together and ready to defend themselves. I felt safe as soon as I saw them So i cautiously walked up to them and joined them. I knelt my head and waited for the battle to start.

      Dream4: I was on a busy street riding with people in a Car. I got out of the car and started riding a very large bike. The bike was so large that the scenery was small beneath me. It was hard to control and the brake handles were pushed in. I was dodging things carefully while pulling out each brake handle. When i succeeded i parked the bike in a ditch. And suddenly i was blocked somehow from all side of the ditch. i couldn't get out.

      Dream5: A brief dream where Dan And Jesse from Ontario came to visit. They were staying At my house. I noticed they had resumes with them. I told them "wait... you're moving in and loking for a job?". They both giggled and said "Yes"
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    11. Short Lucid

      by , 05-31-2010 at 01:26 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Short Lucids:

      I was standing in my living room by the couch. I realised i was lucid. I looked at me hands and flipped them over a few times. I heard My dad and my brothers girlfriend talking. I kept worrying wether i was standing up in real life for some reason.

      Everything went blank for a while. i noticed myself in my sleeping position then suddenly i was in my living room again staring at my hands. The scene faded but i was still in control of my dream body. I started going through The Openeing moves of the Tiger and Crane fighting set. I got p[assed a few moves and then woke up.

    12. First WILD

      by , 05-31-2010 at 01:25 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Anyway I had a Semi long LD.

      I Tried to WILD at 4 am this morning. The alarm went off and for once i remembered i should WILD. I was too tired to browse any forum pages or read.

      I layed back. closed my eyes and had my arms by my sides. I remembered something i should try from reading Claritiy's WILD tutorial. I went through the alphabet. Trying to Conjure and Image for each lletter. It was actually difficult. my mind wanted to sleep and i kept forgetting the letters in order.

      I'd go: A - Apple, B - Banana, C - canada..... What's next? ummm A, B C??? D!!. that's it!!! Dinosaur! Elephant. finger, Granola, Hypopotamous.....
      wait.. what's next? abcdefgh I!!!! Ignorant. etc.

      I went through the alphabet a few times when i noticed my arms were going numb. I relaxed more and waited for HI. Nothing came. but a few energy looking thingies. i tried not to focus too hard and let the images float by. Sometimes i would see a face or a landscape. But generally No dice.

      I focused on the sensation of my arms and relaxed more. It felt like a heavy blanket was being pressed down on me. My right arm slowly began to rise on it's on volition. I'm thinking "fuck! Arm catalepsy is a deep hypnosis phenomena, not for Lucid dreaming" But i took it as a sign anyway. My right arm continued to lift on it's own and then rested by my head. A few minutes later my left arm repeated the same movement.

      I suddenly got a bit of feeling back in my hands. The very tips of all my fingers had an itch sensation. this went on for what seemed like eons. I finally gave in and scratched the hell out of myself. i spent a few minutes scratching all over and then turned over. I no longer felt itchy. i thought i would try to WILD again in this position.

      I was suddenly aware of a dream being formed. I couldn't see anything. But i felt like i was in two places at once! I could either be in my bed asleep. or in this supposed dream. I sensed my dream hands in front of me. So i acted "As if" i were in a lucid dream and looked at them. i flipped my dream hands over a few times. I also tried gazing at other objects i couldn't see. The dream began to take over. but i noticed someone else was in the dream. I couldn't see but i sensed him somehow. I felt it was "Raven" my next door neighbor. So i yelled to him. "RAVEN! this is a dream, Just look at your hands"

      The dream took over completly. I was in a room with a few of my family members. I forgot it was a dream and i was interacting with everyone. There was music playing. I listened for a while and i recognised my favorite metal band "Wuthering Heights". I thought it was strange. My family hates my music.

      I Saw a shadow like vortex apear in the room and someone was trying to come through it. It was Raven. I tried to pull him into the dream but he was having trouble. I was gonna get the other dream characters to help. but i forgot about Raven as soon as I turned around.

      "It's morning isn't it?" I thought. I immideately went to breakfast. I noticed the music playing still. I questioned again wether it was a dream. I looked at my hands. They were my hands. Not deformed like in a dream. I felt the table and it was a real table. The music i heard was real. It was the song "Longing for the woods PT.2" It was in the middle of the lyric " I am A wanderer I've seen many a Shore.."

      My gut instinct still insisted it was a dream. "What to do what do to what do...." It occured to me i should try the lucid Task of the month. But darnit! I forgot what the task was. then i thought " I know i should go to DV in this very dream and find out. even if it's the wrong dreamviews task. i should read what it says and try it!" that thought startled me because ir ealised i was thinking and behaving exactly like i do in normal life. In fact the feeling was exactly like the times i had Taken LSD or ingested Mushrooms.

      I quickly ran down stairs and went into my room. It looked like my room. I grabbed my keyboard and looked at the screen. The webpage wanted me to sign in. i vaguely sensed it was strange since i have my cookies et to "Awlays logged in". When the page came it wasn't DV. The screen was blurry but focused. I was suddenly reading a Batman comic on the internet?

      I Typed in the Dreamviews webpage but i couldn't get my keyboard to work. I started getting popups on the screen of other comic books. I was losing control and forgetting all over again. The Dream became very nonsensical and i felt as if i was merging with my computer screen. When i was consumed i woke up!
    13. first dreams.

      by , 05-31-2010 at 01:24 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Man of Shred's New Dreams

      K time to start a new Dream Journal.

      Although I haven't updated any dream journal recently. I have been getting back into the habit of remembering them.
      I want to learn how to WILD, DILD and just plain LD better.

      Dreams from last night.

      Dream1: I was WILDing and i entered a dream. I seen Sho (the jap guy who is staying with us). so i ran up behind him yelling "Sho! Sho I'm dreaming!!!!"

      but when i went to the fron of him. his face was a black void. The rest of the dream faded out adn I woke up.

      I was half asleep and i heard a disembodied voice tell me that i could Either wake up or "warm myself up into dreaming".

      Dream 2: I was in the norht end of my twn sitting with my brother. On my right was a girl i think i know in real life. I said something about seeing a parade. She told me that was impossible because you could not see the parade from here. I said i saw the parade at the west end of didsbury.

      She then mumbled something about that i should make a move on her soon. I asked her what she had said. She repeated her statement but it was more garbled than before.

      Dream 3: I went to visit a highschool. I spent minutes just walking around and talking to some people. Suddenly Sho Showed up. He had a long black wig that looked like his hair. He nodded as if to instruct me to put it on.

      Dream 4: I was in the family car. My dad was driving. I was very snoy out and the roads were dangerously Icy. My dad kept trying to drive over birdges. but he kept going under them instead. There was icy cliffs under the briges and he drove dangerously close to a few.

      At one bridge he was driving on a metal part which began to slant down. IT was obvious we were gonna fall so i yelled "Back up and go another way"

      he backed up and then went to turn. We were on the side fo a steep slope now and he backed up too far. The cr began to tumble backwards. I was suddenly outside of the car whereit had landed on it's side. Mybrother was passed out along with everying else. I Opened the side door. and looked for the seatbelt Latch. I paused and thought "This must be a dream" i did a nose RC. no avail. I tried to pull my brothre up but he was still stuck.

      I looked in the back seat where Sho was. He opened his eyes and looked at me fo a moment and then clsoed them again. I woke up
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