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    may as well post some dreams. (Creepy dream synchronicity!!)

    by , 02-04-2018 at 10:20 PM (238 Views)
    Car WTF

    Just leaving a snowy trailer park in a car with my brother driving. The road we were on was suddenly vertical. Thought for sure we were going to fall to our death but my brother hit the gas hard and we made in up the road to safety.

    Waverly Hills

    Had a Dream I was traveling to explore Waverly Hills Sanitorium. I was in a city going over an overpass walking. I had the main key to get in. I got to the right bus stop. Suddenly I'm walking into the fence where Waverly Hills is and a lady from work was standing there and said rudely it was about time I got there. I looked at my watch and it was the right time.

    I opened the gate and let a whole bunch of people in with cameras. Some were close friends and another one was James from youtube. The place also was renovated to have personal hotel like rooms. Me and James dumped a bunch of stuff off in our room. He vanished for a while and then I found him hiding in a closet looking scared. I asked him if he was going to film a video with us later. He said, "No bro, I'm too depressed right now." Or something to that effect.

    Next Thing I remember was walking downstairs with my group of people. I noticed the halls looked newly renovated. It reminded me of the Omargoshtv video i seen of the place where he mentioned they were going to renovate waverly hills and turn it into a restaurant hotel. We all gathered in a dining room. I sat with Jamie, people were talking loud. There was an east indian girl sitting across from us but I recognized asuka in her. Asuka started yelling at me and Jamie and told J that I was very insecure about getting older and that I already have wrinkles so don't bother finding him again in waking life. Asuka had a mean look on her face. I got up and left the table and ran up some really strange stairs and landings that went all over the place. At some point I passed Aldosworldtv and noticed he had a g7x camera. I was back in my room Jamie was there. I Told Jamie that Asuka is lying I wasn't even worrying about any of that. Jamie kept saying, "I know I know, she's not well,"

    When I woke up. I Saw James had a new video of the stanley hotel. There's a part in the video where he goes to the most haunted room and hides in a closet where a ghost touches you apperently. And it was the exact same closet from my dream and he had the exact same expression. Here's his vid :
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Amazing how your dream sync with what happened in the video. I know most people go to the haunted parts of hotels to make the video more interesting but the closet part was unexpected so cool how you got that too.
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    2. Man of Shred's Avatar
      Yeah, that was definitely cool. Even the name similarities of the characters James/Jamie
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