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    boring dreams, super short lucid.

    by , 01-24-2018 at 11:34 PM (318 Views)
    Too Dark

    FA, in a strange room, Rc, by checking how light everything feels.The room is too dark I feel like I'm losing the dream. I find a spot on the floor lit by the window moonlight and place my hand there to incorperate more sense and maybe try time dilation. But before I do anything the dream fades. I feel my hand reaching out again before I lose the dream.


    Not lucid but I was walking with a group of people when it's sunny outside. I proppeled myself in the air and started floating down the street instead of walking. was lucid briefly but forget what happens after.


    I was on a youtube channel about urban exploration. Found myself outside somewhere. I was opening a door into a tunnel for urban explorers to get through??? This dream makes no sense.


    Long dream about watching a movie about friends i had from highschool. It wasn't very interesting. Something about my friend making a video game map and naming islands after his friends. I had my name by an island.
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