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    by , 07-30-2019 at 03:03 AM (84 Views)
    Not sure where to start.

    No jamie dreams this week. First week in a long time. C stole the show but I dealt with that.

    Not posting in color because I just want this entry in and want to forget about it.

    Dream 1: C comes to visit me at an art gallery and tells me to calm down or something.

    Dream 2: Before I fell asleep I was having some major stress because I was supposed to meet up with C. In the dream she gave me a big hug, I've never felt so healed from a hug ever, I woke up feeling really good... Stood her up anyway.

    Dream 3: after standing her up, I dream I get a call from C and it sounds like she's crying... instead of talking normally she starts reading one of my messages back to me.

    IRL life C and her sister start sharing angry memes at me on facebook. *sigh* Time for a damage control letter. "I have some serious emotional issues to work on so It's best to be your friend from a distance." It's not a lie it's actually true. Hopefully she won't be bothering me anytime soon. If at all.

    all other dreams were too foggy to recall.

    I want my dream Queen back dammit. Jamie where are you?
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