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    by , 04-20-2024 at 08:06 PM (52 Views)
    Seems Jamie is back to normal.

    Jamie 1

    Brief flash of driving in the country with Jamie in a white vehicle. This was daytime

    Jamie 2

    Brief dream of slow dancing with Jamie in a living room. There were disco lights flashing. Asuka seemed to be the DJ. The song was a really old song.

    Jamie 3

    I was in a backyard by a garden during the daytime. My dad was there and he said, " the girl that's arriving has borderline problems like you. You two would be a good match," not his exact words but something like that. In a muddy driveway a white pickup truck arrives and I see Jamie in the passenger seat. The driver I can't see but I feel it's her dad.

    Losing control

    I was in the backyard again. I was exploring a shed. I looked out a crack in the wall boards. I started tapping my chest hard. Not sure if it was an RC or not. I stepped outside the door and started getting dizzy. I began falling over but kept trying to pull myself up. I just kept fading more and more no matter how hard I tried to stay conscious. I was panicking.

    Woke up and the Jamie voice asked if I was okay?

    Fake Jesus

    I'm walking in a tunnel inside of a big tower with a maze to the top. At the entrance is standing Jesus in a red robe. He looks like a guy cosplaying Jesus. We make small talk and begin the maze tower. Suddenly he's a British woman. We are jumping on these blocks that take us up the maze. I'm talking to him and almost say , "god dammit." When I miss a block. I say, " Oh wait, that's a sin right. Please forgive me." The British lady says, "Yes, that's a sin.". I jump and make it to the block . It looks like Jesus again and he's standing on a rotating block, so he has to jump to stay on it when it turns on it's edge. I can't make the jump so I ask him to pull me up. He hesitates and I insist he's supposed to help me. He grabs my hand but the block turns over and he falls on me and we both fall down the shaft.

    Last night: no recall. Stress from getting into an argument with my dad where he thought it was okay to shove me. I had to go for a drive to olds to calm myself down until I was done with reliving all the trauma. Spent half an hour parked at the McDonald's and watching Tik Tok.
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