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    Purse Bunny

    by , 10-18-2016 at 10:34 PM (339 Views)
    I'm at the mall. I am in the back hallway where all the shipments arrive and where the maintenance workers take the trash. There are doors along the hall for the different stores. I see some people up ahead, and there's an open door for Lucky Jeans. I walk in and start looking around, there are jeans all neatly folded in a wall. Then there's a curtain blocking out half the store. The store is skinny, with maybe room for a table full of clothes and then all the jeans in the wall. More like a boutique. I pull the curtain back to try to go see what's behind it when I hear some other people coming in, being kind of loud and rowdy. The person working at the door lets in a couple of younger girls who have little bunnies in little bunny sized purses. You can see their little bunny heads poking out the top. All I could think was how amazing it would be to carry a bunny around the mall and just pet it all day. I woke up wondering if someone had already invented the bunny purse.

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