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    1. B&E, Poussey, Video Game Casino, Stand Up Karaoke

      by , 07-17-2015 at 12:15 PM
      The strangest. weirdest. dream I've ever had probably.

      I remember fragments, and I have to write this down quick because I have to get ready for work, and let's be honest, I probably won't get back to it today.

      It's like I won a strange lottery or something... but not until the middle.

      First thing I remember is being with a group of people at night in a neighborhood and going into someone's house that I don't know. I don't think it was my neighborhood, and at first I didn't think the owners of the house were at home. It's dark out and inside the house as well. It's a pretty nice house (this is probably because my cousin gave me pictures yesterday of the new house he bought). Then I'm alone and I'm upstairs and I see that the occupants are home. It's an overweight man and his not overweight wife. maybe in their late thirties, early forties. I feel like I have to get out of there before they see me. so I head to the door and meet up with the people who I broke into the house with and we just walk out the front door. there was an elderly lady, though, that we saw before leaving, and she didn't make it seem like we were in any trouble for being there.

      Then we're in a van (maybe because we were talking about vans and the Buick Enclave I want while we were at Busch Gardens yesterday) and driving around a "neighborhood" and I use that term loosely because it was more like a backlot tour at a movie set, but it was kind of creepy. it had the feel like we were in a video game, but I didn't know the objective. I can't remember anything more than feeling that it was weird. it's like we were on a tour. it was still dark, but then it's like we were going through different terrains (I've been playing Terraria) and it was turning into a snowy area, the I feel like there was fire, and maybe muddy at some points.

      then I remember walking into like maybe a casino or a gigantic arcade. I was in line with people and when it was my turn I asked for this device that you wear around your neck and it clamps down on it on either side and it has speakers in it and it vibrates like a video game controller, but you feel it all throughout your body. When it activated, I could hear someone say something through the speaker and it was like it was in my head, not a peripheral sound from inside the arcade. (I had a little while ago, maybe a month ago, been playing Fallout using headphones.) I enter the arcade and see all these games, tons of them, in rows like at a casino. Then I run into Poussey from Orange is the New Black and she's so excited and she grabs me by the shoulders and says, "it's like we won the lottery!" I can't find any games I want to play, though.

      Then I see this lady sitting on the ground or in a beach chair talking to a group of people about selling... cars... electronics... something, and I start talking about how I would sell the shit out of whatever it was we were talking about. I was pretty excited about it, and it seemed like she was, too, like she wanted to hire me.

      Then somehow I don't have my shirt on and I walked up to someone that worked at wherever I was at and told them, and she said, oh it's no big deal, show off that six pack! (I do not have a six pack... but I *am* losing some weight!) so I straighten myself up and stand tall and walk around like it's NBD.

      Then I'm outside and I'm walking around in the snow and I can see my footprints. At this point I become lucid for a brief moment and think that I can go do whatever I want now because I realize I'm dreaming. but something startles me and I lose it. I haven't been lucid for a very long time. Maybe stressed out at work, I dunno. Then I see my wife go walk off into the bushes with another woman and I feel really upset, like, that's my wife! what are you doing?

      then I'm in a group of people and we're walking through what feels like a haunted house, except it's outside and there a guy and a few girls with me. I feel like it's a game and people are watching us (like Cabin in the Woods). Then we get to a swimming pool/lazy river and we all get in. we float over to a section where there's a man asking what we want most. one of the girls says she wants a spoon with caramelized sugar on it and I say I want a "marijuana cigarette" which must have been a big no-no to ask for and the girl and the guy asking the question's eyes got really big ans so I said "haha, I got you, just kidding, I want to do stand-up comedy!" and so then I'm on a big stage and the curtain opens and the song "I don't wanna lose your love tonight" comes on, but I sing the words "I got my first real six string... bought it at the five and dime... I don't know the rest of the words... I just wanna shake my ass for you!!" and then I'm on these gymnastics parallel bars and I do some really sweet routine.

      then my alarm went off.

      damn. what a night. I need to take a shower.
    2. Spanish Market, Andrea's First Lucid

      by , 09-02-2010 at 01:02 PM

      Spanish Market

      I'm logging this late, so I don't remember a whole lot about this even though it was pretty neat when I first woke up. I'm at like a tourist market looking at stuff on this table that people had for sale. I'm speaking in Spanish to a guy who's selling something that is I think a variety of drugs to enhance sex. We're laughing about them because I say something like I can't believe people believe this stuff will actually work and he says he can't either, stupid tourists! I ask him where I can find the game that has to do with the rings that I saw dangling from the power lines that were next to the road that I walked down to get to the market. He tells me to keep walking to see some other vendor in another tent.

      I get to this tent and all I see is a box of flags of different countries... but not full sized, more like that little toy that has a wound up paper on the end of a stick that you flip out and it just retracts the paper... I think it's called a Chinese yo-yo. I pull one out and unravel it and it's a flag from a combination of Canada and Spain. The other flags were made up of different combinations of countries. I remember them being very expensive.

      I kept walking and found a scene where a woman was throwing stones into a barrel outside of a house. There was a group of people watching. Something made me think that her doing this was not a good thing. It occurred to me that the more she did this, the more something bad was happening inside the house. I decided to pick up stones and throw them at the stones that she was throwing to knock them out of the way of getting into the barrel. It must not have worked because a girl came out of the door of the house covered in what I think was soup. I immediately went up to her and took her by the hand and rescued her away.

      I woke up at about 4 in the morning and went to the bathroom and decided it was too cold, so I turned up the heat. At that point, Andrea started to have trouble sleeping. I know this because at 6 she woke me up and said, "I think I just had a lucid dream!"

      Andrea's First Lucid Dream

      She's running around VCU looking for me. Then she realizes that she's barefoot. She looks down at her feet and feels that she's in grass. She can feel all the blades of grass under her feet. She remembered me saying that when I become lucid I try to look at my hands to stabilize. She could feel the excitement building and her heart racing at realizing that she was dreaming, so she went to look at her hands. She brought her hands up from her sides and she felt like they were going in slow motion. She stabilized and decided it was time to fly! So she crouched down like Neo in the Matrix and shot up into the air. She went up into the atmosphere through all the layers of the atmosphere and could feel herself going through them all. She decided she was up too high and went back down to Earth. On the way down she could see her sister and her mom. Her sister said to her that she found some sparkly shoes she wanted her to see. So Andrea jumped up onto her sister's shoulders and ran her fingers through her sister's hair. She could feel all the hair running through her fingers. So her sister took her to where the shoes were, but all Andrea saw were sparkly tank tops. She went to go look for shoes, but then she woke up. She said what woke her up was her heart-rate increasing. She said it was really an amazing experience. I'm SO excited for her!!!!
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    3. Not Our House Anymore, Semi-Lucid Lost Ring Saga

      by , 08-11-2010 at 03:01 PM

      Not Our House Anymore

      I'm in this really nice home. I look around and see that there are two kitchens. This makes me really happy because apparently Andrea and I are moving in with other people and now we can have separate kitchens.

      Next thing I know, the other people we're living with are getting really shitty with me and tell me that I have to move my car out of the backyard. Andrea gets upset about this, but I tell her, it's ok, she sold the house to them and they make the rules now.

      I got out to move the car and there's a huge snake coming after me! He chases me into the street and I can't remember anything after that except that I went back into the house and chased the new owner around the kitchen smashing her fingers into the floor with a coffee mug.

      Semi-Lucid Lost Ring Saga

      So we know that I'm still "whatever" about my lost ring. Well, I'm in a house that I think someone is showing me to see if I want to buy it. I feel like the house is familiar and that I've seen it in another dream. I realize I'm dreaming and run into the backyard and start looking in this pile of dirt for my ring because I'm convinced that this is where it is. I say I was only semi-lucid because that's not where my ring was, so I don't know why I would be looking for it in a pile of dirt.

      Then I lose lucidity and I'm in a car passing by a train that's lit up like it's a Christmas decoration. Then we get out of the car and I'm walking down a dirt path and there are hills of dirt with huge neon signs on them. Someone tells me not to touch them because the lightning activates them and it's about to storm. (???)
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    4. Two Backpacks, Fucking at a Restaurant

      by , 08-11-2010 at 02:28 PM

      Two Backpacks

      I'm in a classroom at my old high school. There is a girl sitting next to me playing on a laptop. She turns around her laptop to show me her facebook page. She asks me if I know Shane (from the L Word) and if she's my friend on facebook.

      I guess a bell rang because everyone is getting up to leave. I have two backpacks and I'm trying to figure out how to put them both on. I'm walking awkwardly with these two backpacks trying to get to a classroom. It dawns on me that I am a teacher in a new school and no one has told me what classroom I need to be in. I'm starting to panic while I'm walking around. It's a campus style high school and I'm outside walking on sidewalks in front of all the classrooms with students in them... with these two backpacks. Suddenly it dawns on me that I'm not a teacher yet and why do I have these two backpacks? I gain lucidity for a split second when Andrea rolls over and wakes me up.

      Fucking at a Restaurant

      I'm sitting at a large C-shaped table at a nice restaurant with a bunch of girls. I can see outside above the heads of the people directly across from me and it's nice outside. Everyone is eating soup and talking. Then the girl sitting next to me makes a gesture for me to follow her somewhere. I think we may have ended up in the bathroom at the restaurant and we are having wild and crazy sex! I don't think I've ever had as awesome a sex dream with a girl before. It was like porn, but I was the star. Awesome.
    5. Some Lucids

      by , 08-11-2010 at 02:18 PM

      Some Lucids

      I have been really busy in the past couple of weeks, but I've been lucid three times! Not for very long, but it still counts for me!

      I was in a mall in a store and I walked up a flight of stairs. At the top of the stairs was a baby gate or a pet gate. It was hard for me to get over because I'm short and I didn't want to knock it down. Then out of nowhere I just said to myself... don't go over it, just go through it. I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was on the other side. I was totally amazed and lost lucidity.

      I was in a middle school. I know it was a middle school because of the ages of all the kids. I said to myself, I'm not in middle school and became lucid. I remembered the task of the month subconsciously and walked up to one boy sitting at a lunch table and tried to kiss him. He got all freaked out and ducked away from me and ran away. Then I realized that I might lose lucidity, so I started patting myself down which is something I've never done while lucid... but it didn't work and I lost it. (Maybe next time I'll just rub my hands together!)

      Last night I dreamed I was in high school, which I know I'm not, so I gained lucidity and looked around a bit at all the people in my class. Then I saw my friend Kelly K. who also happens to be my apartment manager. When I turned and saw her, I also saw someone coming up from the back of the room with a big birthday cake (my birthday was Friday) and when they walked up to my desk it said Happy Sweet 16 (I just turned 29). I think I lost lucidity at that point because I don't remember much else.

      Seems to me like lucidity is coming more frequently, I just have to learn how to hold onto it for longer!!!
    6. Shane in the Pool, Lucid in Tennessee, Fund Raising, Hotel Pranks

      by , 07-30-2010 at 03:03 PM

      Shane in the Pool

      So I had a lesbian's wet dream last night. I was in a pool with Shane from the L Word. I'm totally not going into details except that when I was underwater I could totally breathe which was very beneficial.

      Lucid in Tennessee

      I was driving around pretty fast through a neighborhood. The houses were all different, then they started looking similar, then a bunch of them were like smurf blue. I slowed down and stopped the car to get out and take a better look at one of them. I approached the house and all of a sudden, I realized that I was in Tennessee. I realized I was dreaming and in that instant it began snowing and I felt very cold. Everything just became crystal clear. Then I thought that I'd rather be in California and it was like a blip in a movie reel where a picture of some palm trees flashed in front of me, then I was looking at the Tennessee house again. I noticed a big spider about the size of the palm of my hand crawling on the house. Then I lost it.

      Fund Raising

      I'm in a van with some people and we're getting dropped off one by one. I'm really excited to be in this neighborhood going door to door. I get out of the van and someone hands me a plastic bag with papers in it. I walk up to the first door I see on what I think is an apartment building. I knock on the door and a girl answers, opening the door pretty wide so I can see inside. There are three other people in there, two girls and one guy. There are bunk beds and desks and it's just a room, it's not really an apartment. I tell them who I am and that I'm collecting money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund. I start fumbling through my bag to show them some proof that that's what I was there for. They all seem very interested in what I'm saying and are very supportive. I try to go into a spiel, but I realize that I have no idea what I'm talking about. The people I'm talking to tell me to calm down because they see that I'm getting flustered. I bullshit my way through and tell them something about trying to get new equipment for research. I don't remember much after that.

      Hotel Pranks

      I remember walking down the hallway of a hotel on my hands. I'm really pleased with myself because I've figured out a way to do this really fast without falling down. I've got my legs over my head in such a way that I have perfect balance. I see a girl from high school (Christina R.) in one of the rooms with an open door and I walk in there to see her. Then I bump into something and fall down.

      Andrea woke me up getting back into bed at like 6 in the morning. She couldn't sleep so she had gone downstairs and watched a movie at like 3am. I couldn't concentrate on anything after that because she was talking to me and all I wanted to do was get back into lucidity again!
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    7. It's been a while...

      by , 07-30-2010 at 01:07 PM

      OK, so school, life, etc. happened. But I was in Spanish class the other day and someone mentioned having "one of those dreams where you wake up and go to the bathroom and go back to bed and then you really wake up." Yes, totally, a false awakening, right? Yeah, that's what it's called! So I realized I totally miss my DJ. Here's some catch up dreams:

      Lately I've had a few dreams where I've been really pissed off at my dad. In one dream, I recall he had something really hot and pressed it to my face and was burning me with it and I was screaming at him that he doesn't even know what he's doing!!! In other dreams I'm just frustrated and mad at him.

      Last night I dreamed I had a fight with my sister on the phone. She said she was moving to Quebec. I told her I don't believe her because she lies all the time (true), I can't trust her (true), and I wish I didn't get stuck with a shitty sister like her anyway (also true)!!! It felt so so good to get that off my chest, even if it was only in a dream.

      I had a lucid where I couldn't gain control and I just remember it being a strange situation so I just rolled back into normal dreaming.

      OK, here's a weird one: I'm in a pet store like digging hamsters or guinea pigs out of the dirt in the floor... but they're in habitats and they're really hungry because they've been underground for so long. I try to get them some food when I walk by a wall of aquariums of various exotic fish. They look prehistoric. One tank has the lid off and there's what appears to be a tiny shark spitting water at me!! Then I hear a voice overhead saying that the end of the world is coming and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

      I have some more dreams of being in the bathroom and people walking in on me as usual.

      I had one last night or the night before about being a bird... and having a bird buddy with me watching some other birds hunt for worms. We decided they were from the Philippines. Then one little bird who was hurt was looking for some worms and I felt like he was scared that the other birds would attack him. So my bird buddy and I went and scooped him up and brought him to safety. The little hurt bird thanked us and said we should smoke with him. So we started smoking what looked like some thorny stems of plants and I don't even know how we lit it but we were smoking it! (I love the uncomplicated nature of dreams sometimes!)

      Anyway, I've had some pretty bizarre dreams as you can tell, and I hope to get more into my DJ on a regular and get into have more memorable lucids!

      It's good to be back!!
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    8. Lucid School

      by , 07-30-2010 at 01:05 PM

      Lucid School

      have to actually *get* to school. more on this later:

      money at the cash register

      money on the floor

      lighters on the floor

      stupid boys

      magazines on T

      I'm sad I never went back to fill in this entry. I remember a little bit about it, but I don't know how I became lucid. I know I sometimes find money in my dreams and pick it up and put it in my pocket. I think I was finding money everywhere, and then I was selling magazines in a neighborhood. I really wish I could remember.
    9. Underprivileged Kids Camp, Slot Machine Hunting, Lucid Casino #2, Spiderman @ the Mall

      by , 07-28-2010 at 01:43 PM
      Underprivileged Kids Camp

      I'm at some event. Like I'm in a hotel and there are all these other people there I guess training to be camp counselors. All the hotel rooms are enclosed in glass instead of walls so you can see everything that's going on in the rooms. I've lost the person I came there with. I'm looking all over the hotel for them. I walk to the end of this hallway and there's some people on a couch and I recognize one is this girl Beth who I was seeing briefly before I got together with Andrea. I think nothing of it really and I go peek my head into the room at the end of the hall. Inside this room are four people playing video games. One is my ex Missy! I ask them if they saw whoever I was looking for and they said no so I left and kept looking. I saw Beth get up off the couch and go into the room I was just in.

      Slot Machine Hunting

      I leave the hotel with the camp counselor training and now I'm in a casino. I've got a device that is pointing out where the loose slot machines are. Funny, it seems like I'm in a computer lab from school because of the way the machines are set up. Every machine that my device pointed out (it was a little electronic circle that beeped louder and faster when it detected a good slot machine) had someone sitting at it already. So I just hung around and waited for someone to get off their machine. Finally this one girl walks away and I notice that the machine still had nine dollars left in it. I barely sit down and the girl comes back saying she had just gotten up to get a drink. So I get up and apologize and she gives me some money. It's foreign.

      I walk around and try to find a place to exchange this money for American money. I walk up to the cashier and tell him of my dilemma. He has behind him a big board telling the exchange rates of different countries' money. I don't know what country my money is from, so I just hand it to him. He says he can't exchange this money because it's from a communist country. I'm sort of upset and he says just kidding. He looks at my money a little more closely and tells me that it's worth $1500. I think, well, I'm only going to be here for two days, why not give me half of that and I'll keep the rest here in the bank. So he gives me some paperwork to fill out with a fancy pen that writes in purple glitter. I had it back to him and he gives me the money.

      Next thing I know I'm with my mom, dad, and sister and we're on the way into the casino and I think we have to cross the casino floor to get to the parking garage. I'm telling them I'm going to get the car. In order to get into the casino, they're doing some sort of security check and you have to take your shoes off and they give you slipper boots instead. Like Isotoners. I'm arguing with the security woman and some lady breaks through the line and she looks like she's insane. She's just running back and forth trying to get out of the casino and she can't figure out how to go out the bank of glass doors. The security lady tries to stop her and when the woman runs back my way I try to tackle her. I end up not getting the slippers and I walk toward the man in the cashier booth.

      Lucid Casino #2

      I approach the cashier desk. Behind the counter are two men and a huge vault that requires both of them to open it. One of the men is wearing a white button up dress shirt and boxers but no pants. Once the doors are open money starts pouring out of it, but it's like huge coins the size of frisbees. They're not making any clanking noises as they're spilling out onto the floor. I realize that because of this, I must be dreaming. I hop over the counter and confront the guy in the boxers. I realize that he's just a dream character and I can do whatever I want. I must have been feeling particularly naughty so I tried to grab his package and realized it was abnormally small. I felt bad for him and went over to the other guy. I think I went inside the vault and there were packages of baseball cards all over the place. I was mentioning something about how I used to collect baseball cards and then I look at the guy and realize he looks like Anthony Edwards from ER. I asked him if he wanted to put his hand in my pants and he said yes. Right as he was going to, I felt myself slipping out of the dream and I woke up.

      Spiderman @ the Mall

      I fell back asleep and had another lucid dream! I'd never had more than one in a night! I have a hard time remembering how this started, but I was in a mall, and I remember something about Spiderman being there. Like visually I remember him, but not in what context. So I get the idea that I can jump all around from floor to floor in the mall. I remember thinking, "wow, this is what my subconscious thinks a mall looks like." I'm performing some crazy acrobatics and gravity defying maneuvers. I was looking over the railing from the second floor and I just hung over the edge and my feet slipped and I was falling, but I made invisible wires come out of nowhere to anchor me to the ceiling so I wouldn't hit the ground. I remember a big Christmas display. Then I was jumping through what looked like a Halloween display. I think this was my longest lucid so far.

      Porn Store Klepto

      I really wish I could remember what this one was about. I think it had something to do with stealing sunglasses.
    10. Breaking into Victoria's Secret, Michael Cera at Toys 'R' Us

      by , 07-28-2010 at 12:30 PM
      Night of 2/5/09

      Breaking into Victoria's Secret

      I wish I could remember how this started. I was just so stunned when I woke up from this that I could only focus on the end.

      I'm in Victoria's Secret at a mall. I think I was shopping for something, but I'm wearing my new pajamas (that I just bought from Victoria's Secret yesterday!!). I look at the door and it's two glass doors that are closed and locked. A mall security guard comes up and opens the doors and comes in. He doesn't see me, so I sit down in a chair and pretend I'm asleep. Or a mannequin. I don't know which. I think my eyes are open though, so I see what was going on. The security guard comes in with a guy and a girl and they're both wearing dangly earrings.

      Next thing I know, I'm being interrogated by the security guard and the guy with the earrings on and now he's only got one earring in. The security guard asks me how I got in there and I said, "I don't know, I'm dreaming, I must have dreamed myself in here!!" (Makes perfect sense, right? Like I knew VS was a real place and I could really be in there, but not after it was closed. I'm stuck with not knowing whether this counts as lucid or not.)

      I go on to explain that, "All I know is that this guy was looking for his earring and he had two before and only one now. Then you start interrogating me about how I got in here." I was so confident in my answers. I'm amazed that this happened in my dream... that I told someone I was dreaming.

      Michael Cera at Toys 'R' Us

      I'm at a toy store riding a BMX bike around. I ride around until I find that there's an event going on. My boss comes up to me and asks me to introduce the pro bike riders who are doing a demonstration. I get off my bike and grab a microphone and there are bleachers and people sitting everywhere. There are a couple of pro bike riders going up ramps and doing tricks. I walk down into an area that's kind of like a big box. There are no ramps, just walls. It's a special area where the bikers can go straight up a wall without a ramp or anything. I'm not even saying anything into this microphone, I'm just watching. One biker rides into the wall, goes up it and launches into the air. He does a flip and it looks like he's going to land on his side, but as he lands, he lands on a peg on the back wheel and just spins around parallel to the ground.

      I leave this area and walk around looking at the crowd now like I'm security. A few other employees and I are talking when we see a biker, who is now on a motorcycle, crash into a little girl who is walking with her mom and little sister!! I run to the store manager, who can't be bothered about this, and she tells me to go find Jeff. I find Jeff and I'm yelling his name cuz he's in the area where the demonstration is and it's hard to hear because the crowd is cheering so loud. So I grab him and bring him to where the accident is. As I'm walking there, I accidentally step on the little sister's hand because she was crouched down with her mom checking on the girl that just got crashed into. She freaks out and screams, "I'm going to need an x-ray!!!!" And starts crying. SO I walk away.

      I go down the aisles and I see people in brown uniforms putting stuff on the shelves. I figure it's the overnight crew. There are some Oakley sunglasses in a box by the baseball bats, so I grab a pair and put them on. They're like fake plastic little kid sunglasses. I should have known. I push them up onto my head. I see some employees by the cash registers talking and walk up to them. At one of the check out aisles, I see little tubes of M&M's and have a moment of clarity and realize I'm dreaming, but it fades as soon as I grab one of the tubes of M&M's and open it and pour some into my hand. I turn around and one of the employees is Michael Cera from the movie Superbad. I look a him and ask him point blank in front of everyone else if he would like a blow job. He looks so surprised. So I grab him by the hand and lead him to the restrooms. We go into the handicapped stall and he unzips his pants. He looks down and seems embarrassed because his penis is so small. I turn around and see that there's a mirror on the wall. I look in the mirror and see Michael behind me and now he has a penis growing out of the front of his neck. It is the worst penis I have ever seen. It has like polyps all over it and is bumpy and just bad.

      Next thing I know, Michael and I are in the parking lot outside and I'm telling him I just couldn't do it, and I'm sorry, but I think he has an STD. He says, "STD stands for Southern Texas Defense!! I don't have that!!!"


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    11. 02/01/09

      by , 07-23-2010 at 06:39 PM

      1.) In an airport. At the check-in counter. I think I was a spy. I was trying to re route my trip through 23 different cities so that the people following me couldn't find me. Then I walked out and found my mom and dad in a chauffeured car and we went to a copy shop. I said I needed a notepad for my planner.

      2.) At my parents' house. In the kitchen. Danielle, Jen, and Jen's girlfriend Heather are there. Danielle's phone's T9 isn't working so she hands it to me to fix. Then I get mad and throw her phone at Jen and tell her she needs to get out of the house, I don't even know why she's there. So I go to punch her and she dodges it. So I put her in a headlock and bring her to the front door and tell her to leave. She and Heather go to the car and Jen's just generally bitching. It's pitch black outside. Then everyone from Jamie's house across the street come outside and start heckling Jen and Heather. I look down the road and see a horse drawn carriage pull into someone's garage and some kids on a swing set. Then a mack truck comes down the street. The front says "Richmond Times-Dispatch." On the side, it says www.bearbackers.com. Then Jen comes up to the front porch and sets off fireworks. A cop driving down the street does a u-turn and chases after her. I turned to Danielle and asked her, "Is this really happening??" It just seemed like it was too much going on. I feel like I was lucid for just a moment because I figured out that I was dreaming.

      whatever you do, don't go to that website!!!
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    12. 01/21/09

      by , 07-23-2010 at 03:15 PM
      Photo Shoot With Ellen

      I'm on a stage. Like on a talk show. I realize that I've switched places with Ellen DeGeneres and she's in the crowd like where I should be sitting. She gets up and plays it off like it's a joke and comes up on the stage to do her talk show. I'm so floored that I'm up there with Ellen that I ask if someone can take a picture of us together. Someone from the audience gets a camera and asks how many shots I want. I'm concerned that this is a once in a lifetime event and I want to make sure the person working the camera gets a good picture. I ask them if they know how to work "wide and tight" on the camera to make sure we're both in the shot and it's properly zoomed. The person (I don't know if it was even male or female, probably female because the audience is mainly female.) gets indignant and says, "Of course I know how to work a camera, I'm a tourist, aren't I?" Oh. Well. Fine. So I say I want twenty shots of Ellen and I and the person begins taking pictures. They hand the camera back to me and there is not one picture of Ellen and I. Instead it's all pictures of Jen and I think Audrey and Danielle.

      Renee's House

      I'm walking down a street in like a downtown area (that I recognize from previous dreams). I have no idea what my motivation is, but I need to go to my sister's house. I think I'm motivated because I hadn't seen her in a while and inherently I really want to make sure she's all right. So I find her house and the address is 2800 something street. I knock on the door and go on in. I see my sister and I expect to find that the house is a terrible mess, but it's mostly clean. She's living with three other people she says and that's good because the rent is $2800. It's even spray painted on the walls on the stairway up to the second floor.

      Everything is particle board. I feel like the stairs are going to break when I walk up them to check out the upstairs. She told me the landlord just built the upstairs and added two bedrooms for the other people living there. It looked like there was indoor/outdoor carpet stapled to the floor. It was actually like four different colors of carpet in squares on the floor, not even overlapping but just next to each other with gaps of like three inches in between. There was a dog upstairs. He was in a box with no top on it and he jumped out and ran away to the back of the house. Someone was downstiars doing dishes. I found it hard to believe that they were paying so much for such a shitty house.

      Ice Hockey (again)

      I was watching some people play ice hockey and I guess I had skates on, too, and I was trying to play. I was talking to the goalie and she told me to tell the best player on the team to practice making goals on her. She wasn't wearing a helmet or any gear. I told her that she was in danger of getting a puck to the throat and never being able to talk again. She said there's no way that would ever happen because she's a better goalie than the best person on the team.

      I skated over to the biggest looking guy I could find and told him that the goalie wants him to try to score on her, even though she's not wearing any gear. He was surprised but he gets in front of her and starts shooting. I'm watching all this and he's got like unlimited pucks and keeps shooting but all the pucks are going up above the net. Finally, the worst happened. He shoots on right into the girl's mouth and breaks her two front teeth. She's all bloody and busted. Before I could tell her I told her so, the dream faded.

      Lucid Mike B.

      I'm in the woods and there's a path winding through all these trees and cabins. I don't remember what it was that made me realize I was dreaming, but as soon as I became lucid, it was like an explosion of color. Everything became like high definition. I know my friend Mike is kind of outdoorsy, so the next thing I saw was him. I was talking to him about something, and then I remembered I wanted to look at myself in a mirror in a dream. So I left Mike and ran and ran on a path thinking about a mirror. I can upon one and just as I was going to look into it, I lost lucidity.
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    13. 01/19/09

      by , 07-22-2010 at 08:59 PM
      OMG. So finally I wore myself out completely after running errands all day yesterday. When I went to bed, I was telling myself that I would remember my dreams over and over like a mantra and more often recently I've been looking at my hands and telling myself to remember to do that in my dreams. From the lucids I've had already, it's not the realizing that I'm dreaming that I was having trouble with that I need to do RCs all the time, it's the stabalizing that I need to work on, and I know looking at your hands helps. Also when I was falling asleep I thought about the nature of dreaming in general and that I'm a whole person in my dreams and I never really have gotten the chance to realize that in a lucid. Ugh. I better add goals to my signature. Anyway, I had another lucid last night!! YAY!!

      The Skank is at my House

      We were in a house that doesn't exist IRL and the skank went out the window to smoke a cigarette. I crawled out the window and sat on the roof with her.

      The Lucid Bookstore and the Dorm Room

      I'm at the bookstore that I work at and I am walking through the area where the textbooks are kept. I keep seeing money everywhere, just little piles of cash, sometimes change. I'm picking it up and I take a look at the bills and they're not your typical denominations, they're like $4 bills and stuff. This makes me realize that I must be dreaming, so I become lucid. The first thing I do is get a sense of myself and look at my hands. Then I look up and walk out of the bookstore and into a college campus. There are people walking to a dorm building and I follow them. I open the door and go up several flights of stairs following this one guy to his room. In his room he has some beakers on his desk like from a chemistry set. As I was going to ask him to remove his clothes (just to see if I could while I was lucid) I lost lucidity.

      I think so far that's the longest I've been lucid.
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    14. 01/07/09

      by , 07-22-2010 at 03:16 PM
      The Hotel Room and the Missing Board Shorts

      So I'm in a hotel room and my parents have left to go somewhere but have not told me when they'd be back. There's someone else in the room on the bed but it's no one I know. After a while of just looking around, I get the feeling that they've left me and aren't coming back at all. So I start packing up all my stuff. Into a suitcase I'm putting all my clothes from the vacation. Shorts, t-shirts. I must be somewhere beachy. So I'm thinking... I really want to go to the pool or the beach. I start looking for my board shorts because when I look down I'm wearing khaki shorts and gym shoes and I just can't go swimming in that. I look in the bathroom thinking maybe they were wet and hanging over the edge of the bathtub... not in there. I look through everything I packed... not in there. Then I look under the bed... there are two Pez dispensers, but no board shorts. I look in between the bed and the nightstand... there are two pairs of Adio shoes, my grey ones and my black ones... and a glass of red wine... but no board shorts. I start finding all the shoes I own currently in the hotel room and I put them all in a silver Express bag. I go through my stuff again and find the board shorts!! They're black and white, but I was looking for purple ones. I pack them. I walk out of the hotel room.

      The Lucid Casino

      I'm walking out of the hotel room thinking, maybe I won't go for a swim, but I'll go to the casino. Mom and dad are gone, they won't care. I think on the way that I've left my player card in between the mattress and box spring back in the hotel room. It was fleeting though, because I kept going to the casino. I get there and look in my back pocket and find among other things my player card. I walk up the the first slot machine I see and put in my player card and choose to play all reels. I see that I only have like three dollars left, but it's on my player card, not on a slip of paper. Anyway, I play once and win like $20. Which is awesome because I am pretty sure I'm only playing penny slots. So I play all reels again and... I hit the jackpot! Something comes up on the screen that says it's just going to give me cash. I look down and sure enough there's a dispenser spitting out ones... then fives. I have a stack of almost all five dollar bills like a foot and a half tall. On the top the last bill to come out is a $50,000 bill. I look at it and it's from the casino, not real money. It says I'm in a drawing to win ten million dollars and the odds are three in twenty. Not bad. So I think I need to cash this in for smaller bills. I go to "customer service" and tell the lady that I need to change this out. It was really hard to walk with all that cash. I put it down on the counter and the stack tipped over. She was surprised at all that cash and asked how I wanted it. I said fiftys and hundreds. Then... I tried to text Andrea to tell her I just won $50,000!! I look at my phone and it's like a sidekick. I don't have a sidekick. Texting her didn't work. I was thinking, am I in Vegas or Atlantic City? My heart is racing... and I think... this oh no, this is all wrong... this can't be real... I'm dreaming this. And I think I told the lady at the counter, "This isn't real, is it?" And I just thought, FUCK. I really wish this were real. I got so angry and I started telling the lady, "This is $50,000. I was going to pay my car off, my student loans, all my bills!" The logic part of my brain kicked in. But for a moment, everything was so life like. I really felt like I was standing at the counter there, feet on the ground, counting all that money. I was too upset to try to do anything now that I was lucid. I was looking at my phone that was all wrong, trying to tell myself, this isn't a dream, this is real!! I was trying to convince myself that I really had just won all that money. The lady asks me if I was on machine 258 because she was reading the stats this morning and that one was supposed to pay out today. I said I didn't know, and then in the middle of the stack of money was a paper with the machine info on it. She looked at it then showed me and sure enough I was on machine 258. Then the lady hands me a touch screen thing to sign for the money and I asked her didn't she want to see my id. She said no. Fuck. I'm really dreaming. So I'm losing my lucidity. I take the thing to sign and it's so hard to write my name with this stylus she handed me. Then I look at it and my last name isn't spelled right. I go into some options screen to change everything to times new roman and fix my last name but it doesn't work. Then Andrea's alarm went off.
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    15. 01/01/09

      by , 07-22-2010 at 03:04 PM
      The Amazing Christmas Lights

      I was driving down the street leaving my parents' house when I look up and notice there is a tree that's about 400 feet tall with Christmas lights all over it. They're LED lights, not just your normal old school lights. I know this because I drove into the neighborhood and found what street it was on. All down the street there were more trees like that one, just not as large. I must have gotten out of the car somewhere along the way because the next thing I know I'm in someone's backyard on their deck overlooking a lake sitting in a chair talking to them telling them about the lights. Then I look up in the sky and there is a beautiful fireworks display. I told the people I was with to look out on the lake to see the reflection of all the fireworks.

      The Lucid Beach

      I was at the beach looking out into the ocean. There were people there in the water and I see sharks coming. I thought to myself that's unsafe. So I changed the sharks into dolphins. The waves were crashing and the dolphins were jumping in and out of the waves. I raised my hands above my head and the waves grew really tall! I put my hands down and it wasn't like my other beach dreams where they get out of control when they crash. They just kind of shrank back down to normal. I raised my arms again with emphasis this time and the wave grew as high as the sun was up in the sky. I put my arms back down and the waves went back down again. That's when it hit me... I'm making this happen... I'm dreaming this!!

      So I thought of everything I had read on DV and tried to stay calm. The first thing I did was rub my hands together. I could actually feel myself rubbing my hands together. It was bizarre. Such a different feeling than anything I had dreamed before. I had never felt something like that. I looked around and I was still on the beach, it looked a little bit more stable and a bit more clear. I really felt like I was standing on the beach. I wanted it to feel even more real, so I said, "Clarity now!!" Never before in a dream had I felt and heard myself say something. I just kind of felt dialogue, but this felt like I was awake hearing myself say something. But, it didn't make anything that much more clear. I think I was too excited about how it felt to be lucid. I remembered one more thing I wanted to do. I tried to spin. I closed my eyes and thought not about being somewhere else particularly, but just not being on the beach anymore. The first thing I came up with was kind of a construction site, but I didn't want to be there, so I tried to spin again and I ended up back at the beach. It was then that I lost lucidity. I think I was either too excited that it was actually working or frustrated that I ended up back at the beach. I probably should have just stayed there anyway. I can't wait to try again!!

      I just remembered.... I felt at some point like I had woken up and Andrea came into the bedroom from the living room where she said she was looking up recipes. I was sleeping at the bottom of the bed instead of at the top. When I actually woke up I asked her if I said anything in my sleep and she said she didn't hear anything and I was never at the bottom of the bed. I wonder if that's a false awakening. I'm going to read about that now.
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