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    1. Sale Candy, Secret Stairs

      by , 11-07-2019 at 01:38 PM
      I was downtown at the VCU campus and I drove up to an empty parking lot to park the car. I got out of the car and started walking up to a building. There was a fenced in area that I didn't notice until someone called my name. Behind the fence were people and dogs, like it was my doggie daycare that I drop Elle off at a few times a week. I think Elle might have been there but I remember thinking that Ryan is going to pick her up later. I say hello to the people and keep walking.

      I end up at a 7-11 and there is a display with Valentine's day candy that's on sale. There are chocolate roses in boxes and other small chocolates. I grab a ton of it and put it up on the counter and check out. I pay for it, then look at the receipt and see that it was $90!! I told the cashier that she didn't discount the candy and she said that it was shift change and she couldn't help me. Also there was a rush of people suddenly standing in line to check out. I'm patient, so I walk around waiting my turn to get my money back. I walk to the back of the store and look down and see that it's wood floors and one of the floor boards is loose. I pick it up and it's all loose and some of the floor turns into little blocks of pine wood and I keep pulling them out and finally I uncover a secret underground stairway. I think "nope, nope, nope! lord knows what's down there!" so I cover everything up, put the floor back and go back to the register where the lady says that the mayor has left to do his mayoring job and I won't be able to get my money back. I guess the mayor owns the 7-11?

      I leave 7-11 and somehow I end up at a fast food place trying to get some food, obvi. No idea what was going on in this part of the dream, but then I end up at someone's house and there is weed buds on the floor in front of the couch. I think that's weird and hazardous to any dogs that might be around, but I realize that we're not in any danger of any dogs eating the weed bc there's no dogs where I'm at.

      Then my alarm went off and I start thinking about everything I just dreamed and "Ms. New Booty" by Bubba Sparxx came into my head. I told it to go away because I'm trying to concentrate on remembering my dream! Every morning lately I've been waking up with a song in my head! Yesterday it was "Love it if We Made It" by The 1975 and the day before it was "Social Cues" by Cage the Elephant. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS??? So I went back to sleep for a couple minutes and then "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter was in my head!
    2. Rapping Dance Off

      by , 06-05-2014 at 12:25 PM
      I'm trying to remember my dreams better in general... I guess I kind of "lost it" when I quit writing in my journal every day.

      Last night I dreamed that I was in a room that was all mirrors on all the walls and it was filled with people. I think they were all teenagers, I must have been in high school. Then all the lights go off and we have to battle this robot that looked like a vacuum cleaner. One guy grabs the vacuum cleaner and puts it on like a backpack and now instead of being a vacuum cleaner it's a power washer. He starts washing the floor. Then music comes up (there are like really dim lights on at during all this) and I start rapping. I wish I could remember what I came up with because it wasn't from a song or anything, it was all freestyle and I feel like it was pretty good. Then everyone started dancing and everyone forgot about the robot we were supposed to fight.

      I woke up and fell back asleep and I was in the backyard with the dog and I had to take the trash to the curb. I remember the back gate was open and I mentioned something like, "that gate has been open all week, I'm surprised she didn't try to run away. She must really love us."
    3. Helpdesk Tickets

      by , 11-25-2013 at 03:44 PM
      UUUggghhhh. I was dreaming last night that I had to answer help desk tickets about the Christmas lights that I just put up in the front yard. I had to troubleshoot them because they weren't working. It was terrible! I kept waking up all night about it and I couldn't just tell myself to stop thinking about it because there's nothing wrong with the lights.
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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Retail, Performance Anxiety

      by , 09-02-2010 at 01:07 PM


      This wasn't much of a dream. I'm working somewhere that seems like a mix between the school bookstore and PacSun. I have some 3/4 length sleeve hoodies to hang somewhere but they don't seem to fit with the theme of the displays on the walls. There are cabinets that have like small banners around the center of them with names of what goes in the cabinet sort of by theme. Upon closer inspection, it seems that it's a toy store theme and the things that belong in the walls are legos and various video games. But it's clothes hanging up there instead. In fact, one cabinet had VCU tye-dyed hoodies with patches on them of various alcoholic beverages. If I could draw, these were amazing sweatshirts.

      Then, of course, I have to go to the bathroom, but I don't remember what happened on the way to the bathroom, just that I woke up and went to the bathroom.

      Performance Anxiety

      This was from Sunday. I'm in the bathroom and there are people in my stall waiting for me to go to the bathroom and I can't go! Which isn't really that weird because I hardly ever actually *go* to the bathroom in my dreams.
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    5. Covert Ops

      by , 09-02-2010 at 01:05 PM

      Covert Ops

      I don't know how I got where I was, but I was driving and I ended up in a parking lot in front of a Circuit City. It was dark out. Kind of rainy. I parked my car in the front row where there were only a few cars in the parking lot. But I didn't go into Circuit City, I went next door to an abandoned building. I kept checking around to see if anyone was watching me. I get to the abandoned building and it's like warehouse huge inside. I look around and find a stairway leading down. I go downstairs and find it's a secret hideout... for who I don't know. All I remember seeing is a tv and someone playing video games. Then someone else tries to hand me a Nintendo DS game. It's a Mario game and I open the box to find that the cartridge is the size of a digital camera memory card. I hand it back to whoever it was that gave it to me and left.

      I am outside looking for my car and there are tons more cars in the parking lot now. It's still dark and now it's pouring down rain. I see a car that I think is mine, but the license plate isn't mine, so I keep looking. I finally find my car and get in and leave the parking lot. I feel like I'm being followed so I morph my car into a bike. So now I'm riding my bike in the rain and I'm at a stop light. I see along the sides of the road there are lasers that can detect movement. There is a cop behind me and I turn right so I can try to shake him. I hop my bike over the motion detector laser and keep riding down a dark alley. The cop follows me, then I see another cop coming at me head-on. I skid out to the right and into a hole in a chain link fence and hide behind a dumpster.

      Then someone comes up to me and congratulates me on getting away from the cops. I now feel like I'm in third person and writing this as a novel. In my head I can hear myself narrating saying something like, "what they didn't know was that I was pregnant with another man's child." Apparently I was being picked up at a check point by my "boyfriend" and his mother. Bizarre!
    6. Spanish Market, Andrea's First Lucid

      by , 09-02-2010 at 01:02 PM

      Spanish Market

      I'm logging this late, so I don't remember a whole lot about this even though it was pretty neat when I first woke up. I'm at like a tourist market looking at stuff on this table that people had for sale. I'm speaking in Spanish to a guy who's selling something that is I think a variety of drugs to enhance sex. We're laughing about them because I say something like I can't believe people believe this stuff will actually work and he says he can't either, stupid tourists! I ask him where I can find the game that has to do with the rings that I saw dangling from the power lines that were next to the road that I walked down to get to the market. He tells me to keep walking to see some other vendor in another tent.

      I get to this tent and all I see is a box of flags of different countries... but not full sized, more like that little toy that has a wound up paper on the end of a stick that you flip out and it just retracts the paper... I think it's called a Chinese yo-yo. I pull one out and unravel it and it's a flag from a combination of Canada and Spain. The other flags were made up of different combinations of countries. I remember them being very expensive.

      I kept walking and found a scene where a woman was throwing stones into a barrel outside of a house. There was a group of people watching. Something made me think that her doing this was not a good thing. It occurred to me that the more she did this, the more something bad was happening inside the house. I decided to pick up stones and throw them at the stones that she was throwing to knock them out of the way of getting into the barrel. It must not have worked because a girl came out of the door of the house covered in what I think was soup. I immediately went up to her and took her by the hand and rescued her away.

      I woke up at about 4 in the morning and went to the bathroom and decided it was too cold, so I turned up the heat. At that point, Andrea started to have trouble sleeping. I know this because at 6 she woke me up and said, "I think I just had a lucid dream!"

      Andrea's First Lucid Dream

      She's running around VCU looking for me. Then she realizes that she's barefoot. She looks down at her feet and feels that she's in grass. She can feel all the blades of grass under her feet. She remembered me saying that when I become lucid I try to look at my hands to stabilize. She could feel the excitement building and her heart racing at realizing that she was dreaming, so she went to look at her hands. She brought her hands up from her sides and she felt like they were going in slow motion. She stabilized and decided it was time to fly! So she crouched down like Neo in the Matrix and shot up into the air. She went up into the atmosphere through all the layers of the atmosphere and could feel herself going through them all. She decided she was up too high and went back down to Earth. On the way down she could see her sister and her mom. Her sister said to her that she found some sparkly shoes she wanted her to see. So Andrea jumped up onto her sister's shoulders and ran her fingers through her sister's hair. She could feel all the hair running through her fingers. So her sister took her to where the shoes were, but all Andrea saw were sparkly tank tops. She went to go look for shoes, but then she woke up. She said what woke her up was her heart-rate increasing. She said it was really an amazing experience. I'm SO excited for her!!!!
      Tags: rescue, sex, spanish
      lucid , non-lucid
    7. Another Snake Dream, Adoption?

      by , 09-02-2010 at 12:58 PM

      Another Snake Dream

      What I remember is being in a huge field planting trees. Tons and tons of trees. Like I'm starting an arbor with some people. I keep taking these skinny baby Bradford Pear trees off a truck and bringing them to be planted two by two, with one in each hand. The next thing I know, I'm at what seems to be the house of the property I was working on. I was about to go out the back door when I notice the deck had been sealed recently and I shouldn't go out there. Right as I realize this, a woman yells at me to not go on the deck. Then I look at her, then back outside, and the sky opens up and starts to pour rain on everything. I look around the backyard and I see a HUGE moose out there. I shut the doors to the deck as fast as I can because I'm afraid the moose will get in the house.

      I must have made it to the garage somehow because that's where I end up and I'm looking for something. Instead of whatever I'm looking for, I find an angry snake. He's about half as long as I am tall and I catch him somehow and grab him by the head and shut his mouth so he won't bite me. I call for help and someone comes over and I tell him to get a shovel and cut the snake in half in the middle of him. So the guy that came to my rescue does this and then I tell him to cut the head of the snake off the top half. He does this, too. I don't remember anything after that.


      I remember being in someone's garage (again?? another garage scene in the same night??) and I'm flipping through a packet of papers reading what looks like a contract. I eventually sign it and the next thing I know I have a little girl who's about eight or nine years old who's ready to go home with me. I can't remember what she looked like or anything, but I remember feeling like she was my child. (which is weird because I don't really want kids!! what's even more strange is I woke up with a Kylie Minogue song in my head: Cruise Control)
    8. Not Our House Anymore, Semi-Lucid Lost Ring Saga

      by , 08-11-2010 at 03:01 PM

      Not Our House Anymore

      I'm in this really nice home. I look around and see that there are two kitchens. This makes me really happy because apparently Andrea and I are moving in with other people and now we can have separate kitchens.

      Next thing I know, the other people we're living with are getting really shitty with me and tell me that I have to move my car out of the backyard. Andrea gets upset about this, but I tell her, it's ok, she sold the house to them and they make the rules now.

      I got out to move the car and there's a huge snake coming after me! He chases me into the street and I can't remember anything after that except that I went back into the house and chased the new owner around the kitchen smashing her fingers into the floor with a coffee mug.

      Semi-Lucid Lost Ring Saga

      So we know that I'm still "whatever" about my lost ring. Well, I'm in a house that I think someone is showing me to see if I want to buy it. I feel like the house is familiar and that I've seen it in another dream. I realize I'm dreaming and run into the backyard and start looking in this pile of dirt for my ring because I'm convinced that this is where it is. I say I was only semi-lucid because that's not where my ring was, so I don't know why I would be looking for it in a pile of dirt.

      Then I lose lucidity and I'm in a car passing by a train that's lit up like it's a Christmas decoration. Then we get out of the car and I'm walking down a dirt path and there are hills of dirt with huge neon signs on them. Someone tells me not to touch them because the lightning activates them and it's about to storm. (???)
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      lucid , non-lucid
    9. She's Too Young!, You Wanna Throw Down?

      by , 08-11-2010 at 02:34 PM

      She's Too Young!

      I'm somewhere at a beach or river... a body of water. I'm in the water with my clothes on. I get out and there are two cars full of people who in my dream I know but I have never seen them in real life. I walk up to someone at one car and ask for a towel...

      scene change... I'm walking through the front door of the house of someone from the cars. There are two young girls living there. One walks from one room to another wearing only a towel and flashes me! I follow her because she winks at me. I go into her room and realize that I'm in sort of a dorm room. There are posters on the walls, but what catches my eye is a big display of tacky tourist magnets from tons of different cities and states. One in particular is from Myrtle Beach and looks like a key chain that I have. Something happens in my brain that makes me realize that if this girl has this magnet, she must be twelve or thirteen years younger than me... making her sixteen or seventeen years old.

      I ask her where the magnets all came from and she covers my mouth with her hand. I kiss the palm of her hand and then wake up. I really wanted to know where this was going, so I tried to go back to sleep, and sort of ended up in the same place, but can't remember what happened.

      You Wanna Throw Down?

      I am running through a dark alley and I run into a couple of friends. I ask where they're headed and they say the name of a girl, which I can't remember, but they say not her house, but the bar that's named after her. I run off...

      I jump down a flight of stairs to a restaurant and almost knock down some girls coming out of the bathroom. They get shitty with me and follow me back into the bathroom. One goes into a stall and I kick the stall door open and see her sitting on the toilet giving me the biggest "boo" face I've ever seen! She was so sad that I opened the door on her! Then her friend got shitty with me again, and I said, "You wanna take this outside and throw down??" Instead of going outside, I wake up and go to the bathroom.
    10. 11/23/2009

      by , 08-11-2010 at 02:32 PM
      So last night was just one after the other craziness. It was like a film festival of five minute short films.

      First thing... I'm in like a front yard of a house out in the country, but I feel like it's a video game I'm playing because I have a pistol in my hand and I keep trying to reload it like how you reload your gun when you're playing the arcade game "House of the Dead" by just pointing your gun down for a second. But it's not working. When I finally get it to reload, the bullets don't reach the target I'm aiming at. They just sort of fizzle like fireworks gone bad. It's dark out.

      Then a guy pulls up in his car and I get in and go back to his house with him. His parents are asleep, so we have to be really quiet. We're up in his room doing I don't know what and then he goes to sleep. I go downstairs to the kitchen and start to cook something. I remember what is in the pot looking like salsa, or maybe chili, then I tasted it and wanted random guy to taste it, too, to see if I needed to add the can of tomatoes that was sitting on the counter or not.

      Then I'm in the lobby of a big apartment building that seems like it's in New York City. In the lobby are all the residents' mailboxes. On the floor, there are these things that look like they could be money, but they are more oval than round, and some are copper, some are silver, and some are gold. They have egg-shaped holes cut out of the middle of them. I look up by the mailboxes after picking up a lot of these "coins" and see that there are posted lots of lists with things highlighted on them. I see my name and it says that I owe $14.40 still on my rent. I'm outraged because I'm sure that I've paid all my rent.

      In another lobby somewhere I'm in a hospital. I am holding a baby (!) which apparently might have measles. Everyone in the hospital is telling me I shouldn't be holding this baby (duh!). Then my friend who used to live down the block from me, now a nurse, comes up to me and takes the baby to run some tests on it. There was more to this but I don't remember.

      I'm in a car and I'm yelling out the window to someone that my password for something is 69. I'm saying, "no... s-i-x-t-y and the number 9!!" It's dark out.
      Tags: dark, hospital, money, rent
    11. House Party

      by , 08-11-2010 at 02:30 PM

      House Party

      I'm in a car talking to someone and I find out that my mission is to find the girl at this house party that is wearing as some part of her outfit probably on her breasts the halves of 2 gold plastic Easter eggs. (OMG!! how weird!) The other halves were in a box that looked like a small box that pantyhose came in, which is weird because pantyhose also come in little egg shaped plastic containers as well.

      So I get out of the car and walk up to the door of this really nice mansion-style house and walk in the door. I'm faced with a set of stairs going up to the second floor with a bunch of teenagers talking to each other on them. Suddenly I see this very attractive girl with short curly blonde hair and I tell her that I have got to have sex with her. She is very enthusiastic about this idea and I take her by the hand and walk up the stairs to find a bedroom.

      In the bedroom that I find, a black couple is getting ready to take their clothes off and get into bed. I tell them, "we deserve this more," and get them to leave the room. I have the feeling that I know this girl and am somehow luckily reunited with her. We have sex and finish and then I remember I have got to find the girl with the plastic gold Easter eggs on her breasts.

      I walk down the stairs and start looking at everyone I see to try to find the girl in this sea of people. She's not inside, so I go outside to find people are hanging out by a pool in bathing suits. There are girls with just electrical tape X's over their breasts hanging out and swimming. I cannot find the girl I'm looking for.

      I go back into the house thinking I had missed something when I find a Chihuahua. (Now this is really strange...) I am very attracted to this Chihuahua and take her upstairs to the bedroom. She is a talking Chihuahua who is actually what I believe to be a person trapped in a dog's body. So of course I have sex with her, but the details are a little fuzzy. I wake up wondering what the hell is going on in my subconscious.
      Tags: easter eggs, pool, sex
    12. Two Backpacks, Fucking at a Restaurant

      by , 08-11-2010 at 02:28 PM

      Two Backpacks

      I'm in a classroom at my old high school. There is a girl sitting next to me playing on a laptop. She turns around her laptop to show me her facebook page. She asks me if I know Shane (from the L Word) and if she's my friend on facebook.

      I guess a bell rang because everyone is getting up to leave. I have two backpacks and I'm trying to figure out how to put them both on. I'm walking awkwardly with these two backpacks trying to get to a classroom. It dawns on me that I am a teacher in a new school and no one has told me what classroom I need to be in. I'm starting to panic while I'm walking around. It's a campus style high school and I'm outside walking on sidewalks in front of all the classrooms with students in them... with these two backpacks. Suddenly it dawns on me that I'm not a teacher yet and why do I have these two backpacks? I gain lucidity for a split second when Andrea rolls over and wakes me up.

      Fucking at a Restaurant

      I'm sitting at a large C-shaped table at a nice restaurant with a bunch of girls. I can see outside above the heads of the people directly across from me and it's nice outside. Everyone is eating soup and talking. Then the girl sitting next to me makes a gesture for me to follow her somewhere. I think we may have ended up in the bathroom at the restaurant and we are having wild and crazy sex! I don't think I've ever had as awesome a sex dream with a girl before. It was like porn, but I was the star. Awesome.
    13. M&M's

      by , 08-11-2010 at 02:26 PM


      I'm in a pick-up truck bed with my mom and some various junk, like garbage cans and stuff from cleaning up someone's yard. At a stop light, a trash can lid blows off one of the trash cans, so I jump out of the truck bed to go get it. I hop back into the truck and realize it's my arch-enemy Jen Euler driving the truck. The light turns green and she drives away, but the truck bed has become detached in the middle of the intersection and is now veering to the left to a house.

      Apparently, I have survived what I think would have been a horrible crash. It's now dark out and I walk up to the front door of the house I'm at while I'm calling someone on my cell phone. I feel like I'm calling an old friend of mine, Emily K. to come get me. The next thing I know, there are a bunch of my friends in the middle of the street in this strange neighborhood eating M&M's. They're all complaining that the colors are all new, but all I see are black M&M's.
    14. Slots with Chris Tucker

      by , 08-11-2010 at 02:24 PM

      Slots with Chris Tucker

      So, let's start from as far back as I can remember. I'm in a department store. There is a sale and there are tons of people in the store, but the only thing anyone is looking at is jeans. But they're really horrible jeans. Old, stone wash, like 80's hair band jeans. And everyone is trying them on in the middle of the store instead of going into fitting rooms. And none of the jeans fit anybody! They're all way too tight, but everyone thinks they look so good in them. I think about telling everyone they look stupid but think better of it.

      I leave the department store and walk out into the mall. I suddenly realize there is a casino in the mall and head for it at full speed. I head left and see the fountain in the middle of the mall. I'm on the second floor and I see the escalators. I go down the one escalator and at the bottom almost run into a wall. I've got to make an immediate u-turn and go right back up another escalator. I remember thinking this is a most ineffective way to get to the first floor.

      After I get off the escalator I walk to the left again and see some slot machines. On the end of a row of machines is Bill Murray. He's walking away and has left the machine running with some money in it. I go to his machine and discover that it's a penny machine. Instead of putting money in it, you have to put tickets in it like the kind you get from winning skee-ball. Bill Murray has left a big line of tickets so I run it into the machine. A slot attendant comes by and looks at me funny because the machine is rejecting some of the tickets, and I tell him they were left here and they aren't mine.

      So I sit down and finally just start hitting the max bet button over and over again mindlessly. Then some kids walk up and want to see what I'm doing. They have pizza, so we're now having like a pizza party at my slot machine. I look down and it's not like a touch screen like slot machines usually are, but it's not an old school reel slot either. It's strange because I know it's a slot machine, but I've never seen one like this before. It's just like a plastic surface with lights embedded in it that light up and make numbers appear in a bunch of different colors. There's no real rhyme or reason to how you make winning combinations. So while trying to figure this out, a female slot attendant comes up to me and hands me $200 in one dollar bills. I keep playing.

      The next thing I know, the kids and the pizza party are gone, but they left behind all the empty pizza boxes. Now there's a guy with his face right next to mine and he's got a cell phone to his other ear talking to someone. I don't even look to see who it is and I ask him to please take his nonsense elsewhere. (!) He starts to walk away and says I'll regret that and then I realize it's Chris Tucker! I scramble to tell him, no no, he can stay if he wants, my girlfriend loved him in the Fifth Element and would want his autograph. He says "we'll see" and walks away.

      After a while, he comes back and says he's changed his mind and would love to hang out, where do I live, and what's my number, so he can put it into his cell phone. I tell him I live in Richmond and he says, "no shit, I live like seven minutes away from there!" Then Andrea walks up and I cash out of my slot machine and we walk towards the cashier. Suddenly everything is in slow motion as I see that behind the cashier is the biggest stockpile of fireworks I've ever seen. I'm taking very slow steps at this point and I finally make it to the cashier and ask her if I can cash out in fireworks. She says "of course" and I turn around and ask Andrea if she'd like to pick some out. She says, "you know I don't care about that shit!" and then I turn back around to the cashier and wake up.
    15. Being Chased

      by , 08-11-2010 at 02:22 PM

      Being Chased

      I'm in a neighborhood and I'm being chased by some guy. He's totally shooting at me and trying to kill me. I run away from him and go up to the porch of this one house and ring the doorbell and run away, hoping that the person who lives there will come out and see this guy chasing me. Then at the next house I open the door and get into the house and no one's home. I run up the stairs and find the guy who is chasing me has crawled into the upstairs window. I run back downstairs and can't find a door to get out of. I yell "Where are all the doors in this place??!" and finally find a door to run out of. At the next house I get onto the roof and am looking inside to see if anyone is coming to get me. Next thing I know I'm on an awning of another house and it's raining. Then I'm at a restaurant and see some guys that are apparently also trying to kill me. I can't remember anything after that and wake up.
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