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    13.5.2011: Upgrading my keyblade

    by , 05-13-2011 at 03:03 PM (1134 Views)
    Dream Lucid Me DC SG

    I was in a malls parking lot. I was already lucid, but my dream was fading away. Soon I couldnīt see anything but darkness. Then I somehow "rewinded" my dream. I could see the things I had done before getting there, (Walking out of the mall.) but backwards. I stopped rewinding at the point where I was in the mall. I tried teleporting away but, as usual, failed. Then some DC came to me and said he was a blacksmith and could upgrade my keyblade so it could create portals. It took a couple of minutes untill he was done. He gave me two keyblades. I pointed them at the ground and thought it would be fun to go to a beach. A dark portal appeared.
    I came out of the portal to some underground hut. I opened the door and saw a beach. It was silent. Then I saw a giant lizard coming closer to me. It had some metal pipe attached to its jaw and chest to protect its neck. I ran away from it and pulled my keyblades out of my pocket. The lizard breathed ice at me, but I was too far. I tried hitting it, but my keyblades bounced off the metal pipe. Then I heard a voice telling me that I was heading towards an area where most of them live. (I think it was the lizard speaking.) It also told me that 10% of the islands residents are giant lizards. For some reason I went to the water. (Probably because I was between a giant lizard and a whole village full of them.) It just laughed and said swimming was fine too and went after me. And another one appeared. They couldnīt get close because the back of their neck wasnīt protected and I could hit it. Suddenly I was standing next to a train track. Something said that I was out of energy and needed to recharge. I threw a box to the tracks so it could absord electricity from it. Then I made another portal leading to the clock tower from Kingdom hearts.
    I was standing on the balcony of the tower. But I wasnīt alone. There were a lot of people wearing black clothes there and they werenīt too happy to see me. I said I would leave and they didnīt need to attack me. But they did anyway. When they attacked the lights went on and I saw some wires leading to the top of the tower that were cut from the middle. I grabbed one of them and used it to jump around the balcony while hitting those people. (And I think there were some other people helping me.) When the fight stopped I remembered that I was supposed to try to share a dream with Shadow27, so I created a portal thinking it would lead to him.
    I was in a city. There was a tall tower apart from the rest of the town. And of course there was the giant dragon breathing huge fireballs at me. I started flying at it, but I woke up.

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    1. The Sandman's Avatar
      Rewinding your dream to see it for the first time. Very interesting.