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    1. room with a new view

      by , 02-23-2017 at 09:36 PM
      I dreamt I was in my room from when I was a kid. (It had a bunk bed I shared with my brother and a big window the length of the wall.) I found myself back in that room but I was an young adult. The room was all white furnishings (as usual), with a bed and a section partitioned off with a computer desk etc.
      Looking out the window, it was more like an advert for 4D TV. There was a scene that was everchanging. It was part underwater scene and part other interchanging/swirling. There was some kind of underwater fauna or debris blackish in colour on one side swirling and a underwater turtle. The swirl kept on going from left to right, turning into pink tree blossom with a great big cherry tree on the right. It was very vivid.

      After this the dream went fairly normal, someone was on the phone asking me to do some work stuff. I realised I should be at work. Then after searching for a computer that worked realised I didn't need to worry as I had left that job many years ago, lol.

      I take the dream as a sign of my perception changing, and see it as a sign of some light breaking through.
      The water representing emotions and the tree earth or abundance.
      Tags: pink, water, white, work
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. night 7 - Electric puffballs

      by , 01-21-2017 at 01:49 PM
      D1 - At my parents back door at night, the sky is pitch black and yet there is a dazzling white lozenger shaped energy ball, with lines of bright white, like little hairs coming off of it. It is the size of a bathtube floating in the air.
      I am zapped by its energy, and it does feel how i imagine a big electric shock would be lol.
      Someone tells me to stay away from it as its dangerous but I say its so beautiful.
      The sky becomes full of dazzling silvery white lines, coiling and uncoiling. Like oil on water maybe.
      Again a giant puffball is created and I take it into myself, bam

      D2 - I am leaning against a pen, made of white sticks. In the pen is a pack of pooches but as they are fed they turn in to ravening wolves, and very dark. Will they eat me?

      D3 - i am in a house perched on top a white banister, on a set of stairs. I am watching an electronic device being charged. It has lights and a long row of silver stripes that show the charging, they light up in random order.
      My attention is grabbed by someone who tells me I should be helping with the washing. I look down to see washing everywhere and go downstairs and start helping.
    3. Vivid nightmare and Lucid sky castle of eagles

      by , 12-16-2016 at 07:15 PM
      Went to sleep and dreamt of being in a bunk bed like when I was a kid. It was incredibly vivid.
      It felt very oppressive in the pitch dark, closed in by darkness and silence in the room.
      (When I was a kid and lived in the countryside it was silent and pitch dark at night).
      I could then see myself 3rd person view from above, looking stark white in the dark of the room, huddled up.
      In my head I was thinking "come on bring it on, do you worst!" whatever you are. And tensed for something to strike me. Nothing happened.
      It was all so vivid and intense that when I woke, my mind was awake but i was still half a sleep.

      So when I went straight back to sleep I was lucid.

      I was inside a broken down school, there was a dark corridor with a pipe broken spraying water everywhere and broken masonery. Two boys in green school uniform were heading towards me, hands in pockets.
      I thought to myself last time I was lucid I couldn't control much, so I took direct action.
      Grabbing the first boy that came towards me by the face, I said take me to see the person I want to see, now!
      He didn't have much say in the matter,looking at me wide eyed, he complied. We moved on and through some double doors met a giant man about 8 to 9 feet tall, wearing a blue medical gown. We were now in a hospital. He was blind and I could see wounds where his eyes had been. He was very strong, I could feel power pouring from him and without speaking I went with him (there was no need to speak).
      We went along a corridor which which led into the front reception area of a large hospital.
      There a large number of patients were sat in wheelchairs, in front of a row of glass doors to the exit.
      The sun was shinning brightly into the entrance foyer.
      The person I wanted to see was there in the closest wheelchair, her hair was fine and blonde hanging straight, she wore a silky white robe.
      She got up from the wheelchair and took my hand. The giant took my other hand and we left the hospital and went out into the sun.
      The site before me I will never forget. The sky , a beautiful greek blue, and the sun dazzling.
      Above was the most amazing site, towering dizzily high above me was an immense floating castle.
      The highest towers were in the shape of gigantic eagles. All parts of the tower were so black that it was almost hypnotic to look at them. I don't know if they were black because of the shadow from the bright sun or something else.
      We flew together up, higher and higher with a feeling of great power, security and happiness washing over me. The giant was in the lead pulling me higher, then me, then she.
      We went higher and higher, this bit went on for a long time, hard to describe but it was wonderful

      Had two false awakenings where I tried to write dream up in journal, but was only dreaming it lol

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    4. dog gorn it

      by , 11-26-2016 at 05:51 PM
      At my parents house, it is evening time and all the lights are on. There is a giant ant or maybe a few roaming about. I find them terrifying, like dr who from when i was little.
      A dog appears from nowhere and snaps them up. Ir is a small daschund like dog, although it has fine shiny hair all over and is more light brown than dark. I don't usually like dog or am at least wary of them.
      When I was little our neighbour had an irish wolfhound and a scottish deer hound that were both as big as them, in the end they put them down as they got to feirce. Anyway they used to chase us and sometimes would jump over our fence into our garden Oo this was very scary for me as I was only little at the time and they were at least twice my height. We did have a black labrador when I was a toddler, this dog reminded me more of that.
      The dog went and laid on my clothes in a chair, I went over and felt compelled to hug my face into its fur. It did not move. I felt warm and protected.
      Next a girl appeared, again from nowhere and acted nonchalant, as she helped herself to food. We never used to lock the front door, so I assumed shed just walked in.
      She spilt a load of water when making coffee, but it was more like a flood (emotions?).
      We went for a ride in a car, the girl and I, it was now daylight.
      I can't recall what happened next but I was looking for where a lady lived, flying high up in the sky.
      I spyed her house on a small street that was a mews of converted properties.
      From above I could see steps cut from rough hewn stone, like they had been cut out of a mountainside. They're was an arch the length of the property with a metal grid underneath (castle style?).
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Tower

      by , 09-05-2016 at 09:09 PM
      Trouble sleeping night before back to work, woke 1.15am tried to recall dreams but unable to recall anything.
      Then not only could I not remember dreams but I couldn't remember who I was or anything. Was real weird.
      I had a thought that it was like reincarnation, my mind was a blank slate and I felt like I was floating, observing. Anyway was revelation time for me.
      Had a horrible sore throat and cough which brought me back to reality.

      D1 - In a rocky bay surrounded by cliffs, it was dark and the water was dark. In the middle of the bay high, high up above me was a gigantic knarled dead tree (as big as a skyscraper), its branches touching the sky. It was suspended above a frozen cascade of water, which touched the sea.
      [After dream I felt this represented the Archetype of the tower from the tarot]

      D2 - I am engaged with some others in anti-government operations and am inside the house of parliament.
      We are leaving but first must take a video tape with us. It is white with a stip around it.
      Needing to get away we take it hurriedly only to see that the 3 editors are looking gleeful, showing their teeth. When I enquire why, I find it is because unless they finish the procedure the tape will be wiped and useless within an hour. So we wait pensively for 4 mins and 19 seconds, then leave hurriedly.
      Outside it is night, and we can see all the lights of the city.
      I got a lift from hagrid (out of harry potter) on his motorbike up into the night sky. He was able to protect me from lightning.
      [lightning is link to tower again]

      D3 - Anne is asking at a dinner party whether to like a drama series as the ending is not the sort she would usually like.
      I say that if she likes it it is because a part of her likes it, either he adult or child self and she should give it attention.
      I ask her tentatively if she like the Highlander historical fantasy series.
    6. Lucid at last, Friday night

      by , 08-13-2016 at 05:43 PM
      Side Notes-Purple
      Competition Notes-Blue

      Had read patiences dream journal last thing and tried copying her mantra before bed.

      Had some dreams, usual repeating stuff and woke up at 3.23am was real pissed of that I couldn't recall much, went through a mini crisis
      and prayed for some improvement, finally got off to sleep at about 5am
      WBTB trying to relax as patience had specified.

      It worked! I got 2 lucids.

      D1 - In an open plan office with lots of long desks with computers on them and swivel chairs. I came back from lunch to find I had no desk of my own. I walked around feeling sad then sat down next to someone.
      I used my powers to create my own virtual screen that was connected to their computer and started typing away. They looked around looking quite perplexed.
      Another worker joked with me and laughed at what I was doing.

      D2 - Back in the office with the guy joking. He showed me some paintings his son had done. Next I was at his house and it was nigh time. Downstairs, I am with the kids in the hallway. They want to play and I am lucid, the three kids have there coats on, hoods up. I ask one "Where are we going?". He says something I cannot understand as he is only little. I ask his big sister and she replies "Garden" (Interact with a Dream Character). I head out the back door but it is very dark and cold. The children follow and immediately one starts howling as either it is to cold or to dark to play out and they are upset .I fly (flying) up into the night sky and wonder if I can change it to day so we can play out. The sky changes from all dark to the top half day and the bottom half still night (Unspecified Dream Control).
      I look around and see a supermarket in the distance with its lights on, no fun there I decide and turn around in the sky. I see a music venue open and fly to it. When I get inside there are 3 glamorous young ladies dressed in tight fitting trousers and tops.
      I turn to see they have 3 partners in the same outfits with stars on. They look like they are in a dance competition or something.

      Infact they are in the section where there is a pool table and a section above where people are looking down. I make the pool cue fly into my hand then I make the cloth that is attached to it fly around like a whip gathering up all the balls making staccato clacking noises (Use an Ordinary Object to Perform Dream Control). I then use telekinesis to make all the balls line up in a long line down the middle of the pool table (Mass Telekinesis).
      After all that showing off, i am about to begin the match...when I wake up.
      (First DILD of the Night)

      D3 - Some boys have been causing trouble at some shops and my little kid brother (kid from dream two who howled (Chain a Lucid Dream)) is banging sharp pens into them stapling them to a building as punishment. A security guard comes along. i realise I am dreaming and grab my little bro and fly up with him to the top of the building. The guard is still waving up at us crossly. I decide to fly across to the shopping precinct across the main street below. I dive off the building but instead of flying I go into freefall and panic. The little boys extra weight makes me think I can't fly with him. I almost hit the pavement hearing the guard looming closer and closer but pull out of the dive and zoom up into the air. I land down the other side of the street. We are still being chased and I zoom into the upper gallery of the shop. It is all metal and glass. For some reason it is night again now and we have become small. I fly from room to room hiding from the guard who follows us into the building. We escape outside.

      D4 - I am back in the office from D1 and am looking at the outfit a woman is wearing it is incredibly vibrant. She is wearing all dark brown and I can see minute scales making up the surface of her blouse. She also has a little cap and mini skirt of the same material.
      She has blonde wavy hair, we start chatting and giggling. We are working together opening some large envelopes with lattice style labels on them. She goes over to the door and when the boss is not looking makes funny faces at me. We are clearly getting on well and arrange to go for a drink later.

      D5 - Outside the shopping precinct on a sunny day. I find the woman from D4 but she is a kid. And from the looks of things she is not human but more like a rag doll with a green polka dot dress. We are looking around and I see suspended above the pavement a large card. It is white with writing in brown ink and decorated with pink icing. It is a birthday invitation. I read it and then think maybe it has some other significance and that the dream is giving me a message so I try and read it again. It now says something completely different but nothing that seems important. I take the girl/doll under my arm and we fly to her cottage in the brilliant sunshine. I am still worried about the guard from before and fly low over the flowery grass to her place. I see other kids making their way there too.

      D6 - I am working in an office looking at student application forms. There is a strange form for photos which has spaces for about 30 photos. There is confusion about where your photo should go. Someone says it depends on what country you are from. I say it is to do with the council number of the place you live in. Lol very exciting NOT.

      Tags: brown, fly, student
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    7. Spellbee2ís Summer Competition Day 8 - Nightmare 3 imaginary boys

      by , 08-09-2016 at 06:17 PM
      Nightmare - I am only a small boy in my dream. At a garden fete, i'm making serious choices about cake. Then I wandered off up a path it reminded me of Japanese town scape. I went up some stairs then through shrubbery. I suddenly feel a presence, I feel pressure from all around. I look up to see people closing in. They are wearing old style tank top think jumpers and have lank long hair but no face.
      I feel immediately that they are not happy bunnies I feel a cold chill from them. I try to escape but they are much bigger than me, in their late teens and tower over me. They are pressing closer and closer silently. I feel they are smiling maliciously.
      I make a break for a house (again Japanese, multilevel house) . I am swallowed up with hopelessness.
      Again I break away and get out the back door and then scramble up onto the roof and again higher.
      I wake myself up.

      I feel I should go back into the dream and face them but can't get back to sleep. I ponder a lot on significance of dream.

      Tags: faceless, fear
      nightmare , memorable
    8. more Survivors

      by , 07-28-2016 at 05:22 PM
      D1- Sisters wedding planned for next day, itinery includes cookie making competition. I plan out some receipies , making large choc chip cookies.
      Wedding is out at some large farmhouse in the countryside.

      D2-There has been some kind of apocalypse and I am out scavenging. I go to my old house and search through things for usable items. I already have utensils/crockery etc at new place but feel sad about leaving these yellow ones behind. Also sorting through what food remains, I dont want to leave old food there to rot it seems wrong.
      As I am spending so long being regretful?nostalgic? and sad this gives a man and a woman who are in the house time to emerge. I had thought both of them to be dead killed by some virus. One is me and I dont pay him much attention. The woman makes me feel overwhelmed with emotion, I am so grateful she is alive I had missed her so. She looks very wasted and sallow. I pull a track of some kind of cord out of them, out of their throats, this is part of the cure that happened to me also.

      D3- At school I have a new class, I plan for them to go over their previous lessons work and correct/finish it then start watching spirited away with the remaining time. To my suprise they have done very well with their work and are a very nice class. I then see an old boss of mine who was horrible but in the dream is nice and also supportive, they are wearing light clothing.

      nice to have, positive mood/outcome
      also second dream very emotional.
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. orange lucid

      by , 07-20-2016 at 04:14 PM
      I was at some aunt's house and thought it was christmas for some reason.
      Anyway something was repeating over and over again. I was trying to do something, gymnastics? yoga?
      then I was transformed into a form of energy, I could see third person view my outline in this strange yoga position
      but inside I was an orange flowing energy, quite runny like orange honey or lava but not hot. It was cool feeling and nice.

      Then it dawned on me that I was in a dream and I said "I'm dreaming!" a little too excitedly. I was perplexed at not being human in my dream but being this wonderful but unusual energy.
      My mind started to race, "Quick what should I do while i'm lucid","Fly!" I thought. So I flew but I moved within the outline only, so it was more like everything else moved and I stayed still, "Zoom" then I thought um, what now? and was happy and wondrous of the energy.
      then BOINK! I was waking up.

      Last lucid was caused also by slow dawning due to physical sensations of a repeated event (key turning).
      Thanks Elainey! for giving me the intention, again
    10. A key to lucidity

      by , 07-03-2016 at 01:48 PM
      Lots of syncs corresponding to something in my dream, so I don't know whether it also symbolises something else, probably

      D1 - I am at my parents house all is dark, its a wintry morning. I'm wearing a quilted jacket and am in their kitchen then locking up before I go out. I am scared of something unseen a presence/feeling. I double back and check they are a sleep. They're door is closed signifiying they are still a sleep.
      I take a small steel key to lock the back door, I feel the cold of the key against my fingers and fiddle with the lock, checking and re-checking. This action is slowly waking me up in the dream. As I feel vague stirrings of my consciousness, as if a mist is lifting or becoming less foggy headed.
      Outside the ground is frozen with a light snow. In the distance I can see children surrounding two cats that appear to be fighting.
      I preceive that the childtren are in some way encouraging or in some way to blame for the fighting.
      The cats are jumping into the air as they fly at each other.
      Two of the children walk in my direction, I am scared and angry at the same time.
      I finally realise it is a dream, and say to myself are i'm dreaming. I wonder what to do and can think of nothing except to release my pent up emotion by kicking one of the children up the butt.
      The other child has a funny blue and white, thick woolen jumper and matching woolley hat. He has long fair hair and looks on bemusedly.
      I remember that I need to stabalise and rub my hands frantically together but then I wake up.

      The action of touching the key in the dream clearly triggered my surfacing from the normal dream state.

      D2 - Long dream where I am working with another teacher in a large lecture threatre, preparing stuff for later. I am interrupted by a manager who askes where a painting has gone missing. I pretend to look for it, in the hope she'll go away.
      Similarly, I try and escape from an office later on some pretext or other in the hope of not being found out.
      Tags: cold, dark, key, parents, work
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    11. hair raising

      by , 06-29-2016 at 03:55 PM
      D1 - At an office with lota of and lots of files bound up with string and some in leather. K is best employee and is showing me how to do something. We then go into the main office with and old desk and chair (no computer, it is pre-computers).
      When I use the old landline phone and go to put my mouth to the phone a woman with wavey hair kisses me repeatedly. Its nice and warm and soothing.
      mini-chain - somewhere else in the building a man (looks like a old police canteen) is being given a custard pie then a meat pie for his good work?

      D2 - In a game world (repeated dream). The world is vast and outside in large fields. I am following a path through the levels.

      D3 - I am in a cramped house/apartment but it just constists of a small hall which leads from a room which is like a changing room with benches to a bathroom. My partner leaves and I am left with Mr B . I go into the bathroom as I am late for work.
      I look at the hairs on my face, not in the mirror but all around me, as my hair is standing out really long, from my face and head.
      It is suspended as though either there is no gravity or it is alive. But infact it has the energise of the universe pulsating through it, causing it to be directed in certain directions like many millions of medusa snakes.
      This hair sequences is oh so incredibly vivid.
      non-lucid , memorable
    12. Tried FILD

      by , 06-20-2016 at 04:52 PM
      Programmed myself to wake after every dream, which I did but I find it very much like coming up for air then plunging back under the murky waters, quite disorientating. So lots of chaining.
      Also I tried FILD a lot.

      D1 - Escaping from my father I travel across europe. I am being traced by a chip sticking out of my iphone.

      D2 - Staying in Ireland, in a farm house. Waking up early in a bedroom, with double windoes overlooking the farm courtyard. I am a child but do not want to go visiting the farmyard animals with the other children.

      D3 - I am a child again and I am unable to stop the bathroom tap running (a phobia of mine when I was younger). I am yelling for my My mum to sort it out.

      oooo I don't really remember having dreams where i'm a child before Oo, must be deeper.

      I had about four false awakenings LOL
    13. At sea or at home

      by , 06-14-2016 at 05:28 PM
      D1 - In a large dinning area with lots of tables with white cloth on with a few people around. The hall was L-shaped with double doors at one end. All the food seemed to be horrible seafood, grey looking creatures. My daughter and I didn't know what to do as they're was nothing palatable to eat. Feeling nausea

      D2 - In an apartment feeling calm and peaceful, a warm feeling of tranquility washing over me. There are square windows without frames, it looks like a place I used to live. It is early morning but I am not rushing, I am laughing about something with a friend.
      I lay in bed and look at an ipad, it has a function to encode the video I am watching from Irish to English, I laugh at the absuditiy of it, as the people only had a sligh accent LOL.

      I realise I haven't felt like I have a home for a long time. Not having anywhere to call home is not a nice feeling, hence the nausea.
      Tags: home, peace, sea sick
      non-lucid , memorable
    14. Work dream and Wake back to bed

      by , 05-21-2016 at 02:27 PM
      D1 - Annoying boss is trying to fool me into doing some work, complaining that my work is not up to standard. She is sitting side saddle on a desk, talking total crap (no change there) to a trainee. I ignore her comments and walk off.

      I try wake back to bed, focusing on last nights dream, about being in a large house
      D2 - I see the white kitchen door in my dream. The paint on the door starts to flake as if time is speeded up or under the heat of a flame gun. The bumps and undulations of the flakes turn into folds of fabric, transforming the door into a light emerald green almost see through fabric. It is now a door but also a green blouse being worn by a lady, with long black hair. There is a brightness, from within maybe causing the see through state of the blouse. The door is now a double door and swings open as I am filled with joy, as it is the persons chest and heart opening to me.

      I awake with the vision still in my head, feeling very emotional. I try to get back to sleep but am now wide awake, it is about 4am.

      I pulled these tarot cards today, which are relevant to yesterday's dream and possibly this one.

      The embrace card has a plant growing from deep underground!
      and the manifest card as a snake like white energy

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      Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Why Darwinian Evolution Is Flatly Impossible-clarity-beliefa.jpg   Why Darwinian Evolution Is Flatly Impossible-psychic-tarot-heart-embrace-200x300.jpg   Why Darwinian Evolution Is Flatly Impossible-1-manifesta.jpg  
    15. Opening up and digging deep.

      by , 05-20-2016 at 12:26 PM
      D1 - I had a recurring dream (long term) of being in a large house. The house was incredibly familar though it was not one i've ever been in the waking state. It was a sunny day and the house had a load of rooms all on the ground floor. I was trying to stop someone from getting in, with a great feeling of vunerability. The house had a main front door which was easy enough to lock but the back door which was way back in the kitchen (seemed to remind me of a house from my childhood, my Aunties) had a wooden fairly plain white door. I knew the lock very well and kept trying the small silver key in the lock but it was just turning and not locking it.

      D1 Part 2 - In the same house in the front room standing with a girl next to a padded red sofa. We are talking about new beginnings and that if you are serious you need to sow your seeds deep. Only then will things be deep rooted and survive the tests of time.
      So we start a journey down into the depths of some subteranean place, deeper and deeper, it is all very red and purple down there and dark. We eventually get deep enough in that other world and plant our seeds. On return I find that plants? of some kind are growing out of my dna and sprouting from my arms, this is good apparently. Things have taken root at a deep level.

      D1 Part 3 - In the same room in the house, the girl is gone and a boy is their, I am now on a white sofa talking to him. he has blonde hair compared with her black hair. We are talking about synchronicity.
      At this point the phone rings, it is a white corded landline. I change my talking voice the sound of the phone making a strange melody
      then the doorbell rings, it is the girl. And I continue my melody adding the new electronic sound, like a strange magpie to my existing melody. The sound would be very hard to describe lol. but is very clear in my dream, a trill whir of lots of high pitched sounds melded.
      I see the pattern as a three dimensional shape of many sides, snake like, its sides have shades of white flowing through it.

      I have a great fear of opening up to people but obviously would like people to come into my home and have visitors, if they are safe.
      It is a lonely existence hiding.
      I am hoping to make a fresh start and build relationships with people in my life.
      I see synchronicities everywhere.

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