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    Possible lucid dream with a discovery about stabilizing

    by , 05-20-2022 at 04:52 PM (315 Views)
    It all started with me doing something that I knew I couldn't do in real life
    or so the sense of limitlessness was the main hint for me

    So when I came to, I tried my usual routine of trying to stabilize
    I was at home ofc, and it didn't work, the dream started to fall apart, the usual "fog" started to take over
    That's when it randomly came, Instead of tactile I focused on visuals, the colors and the detail around me
    And it all came back
    and for the first time in my dream-life , I left my house
    And it tried to fall apart 2 or 3 times until I got to the streets but I did the same again, and it worked
    after that things got blurry for me for a minute or a half, and somehow I was at a meat factory that was supposedly in the next street
    I met my old friend there, he was working there, and he was younger now, looked totally different than irl, more like when we were in high school
    I was like "man , this is a dream ,this is not real, stop for a moment look at me, this is a dream", he was kinda suprised and a bit annoyed, as if I'm hallucinating or something
    then we went out, I observed the streets , it was night, the sun was about to rise, but the stars were still shining bright, I looked at the cars passing by, it was kind of vivid.
    That's when I woke up, after 4-5 minutes of time I bought with this trick, the fog now took over, and I felt that I have to wake up now.

    note: potential discovery is that focusing on the visuals around you might stabilize dreams or bring it,and yourself back from the waking process
    although I can't tell if that was a full dream or a very late morning hypnagogic session, it was over 10 am so I can't tell if it would work in a mid REM dream the same way
    also somehow I just can't seem to find the ideal time to try lucid dreaming, in teh morning, whether I wake up at 4-5-6 am, I'm just always unable to go back to sleep if I dont completely let go of myself
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