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    Barking Dog WBTB

    by , 01-12-2023 at 02:14 PM (216 Views)
    (crossposted from my DJ last night)


    Itís 3am, been awake for 30-60 mins, mind racing with worries about things. Forgot to do dream recall because im so preoccupied with these thoughts. A dog has been barking in the distance.

    i stop and think, none of these worries have happened yet. Why am i obsessing over them?


    Is there a barking dog? Is that just a sound distortion from my noise machine? A hallucination?

    I stop and listen carefully. Sounds real.

    I lift my head off the pillow to listen from another angle. Still real-sounding. I swear, it's as realistic as anything I've heard, not coming from my mind.

    But then I stop to think and realize it has been the exact same two barks every time. Dozens of times. The same two barks, spaced exactly the same, identical tone and pitch on repeat.

    Itís not real.

    I proceed to adjust the volume and sound of the two barks with my mind. The hallucination follows my adjustments. Still the same spacing between the two exact same barks, but I can slow it down, adjust the timing, and change the volume with my mind.

    There was never any barking dog.

    The things I'n worrying about arenít happening either. I still hear the same barking on repeat and my worries are still there, but I know what's in my mind and what's not. I'm going back to sleep.

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