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    Unreal World

    by , 01-04-2023 at 09:45 PM (343 Views)
    This dream was from the night before last.


    I was lucid through the whole night (WILDed back into it after each natural WBTB). Most of it was one big dream (there was one smaller lucid dream at the start of the night, but I forgot it).

    I traveled around a world made up of holograms. The people were real, and they had a system where if they wanted an object that they could pick off the land, they had to purchase it through a system. The purchased replaced the hologram with a real object.

    For example, if they wanted a to chop down a tree to build something, they had to purchase that tree for it to materialize fully.

    They had big cities for people to live, society, all built with stuff thatís real from past purchases off the land. It was mainly the rural areas that were holograms.

    The boundaries of the world were in the ocean. The ocean didnít get too deep, it just cut off at after a certain point and I could see the boundary's edge in the distance.

    The forests were symmetrical. They looked like normal forests, except the trees and the animals, everything in them was perfectly lined up. You can walk a certain number of steps and find the same bear next to the same rock next to the same tree stump on repeat. Each forest was shaped like a pie this way and had its own unique stuff on repeat.

    There were many different holographic landscapes. They were solid and I could interact with the holograms, but I couldn't use or take them.

    I at one point tested this by getting a bear to chase me. It only chased me a few yards before going back to its spot where it was locked in with an "invisible" tether.

    The people in the city were nice, good people, but I didnít like the way society operated. I forget why, but they had some sort of societal problems.

    I went off into the rural landscapes and found nomads living off the land on the rocks by the edge if the sea. They got by with what little they had. They had escaped the main cities and didnít want to go back, even though life was harder for them.

    I found a nice lake hidden away in a beautiful grove. The water was no more than four feet deep and crystal clear. There was a rainbow of beautiful rocks at the bottom.

    One of the nomad women rowed a small boat around the lake and I spoke to her in private, enjoying the scenery and company. She told me that entertainment, play, and any forms of self expression or leisure were frowned upon in society even amongst the nomads. They needed to work 24/7 and should not have nor desire anything more in life.

    She told me that she liked to come here to this lake to be at peace. This was her haven, a secret place she could escape to, and goof off. To live and relax. This was her freedom, no matter how small it was.

    I told her I wouldnít tell anyone, that I was from somewhere far away and this was my escape, too. Iím also just looking for somewhere to relax and be at peace. I told her how blessed I am to have this time to myself in such a beautiful world.

    I didnít tell her this was my dream since that usually gets complicated and I have to explain how that works, which I didn't feel like doing.

    But we had a nice time.

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