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    Forgive Yourself

    by , 11-09-2022 at 04:26 PM (360 Views)
    The world was fragmented into chunks. Many people were gone, post apocalypse.

    Some of the remaining people were hang gliders, which allowed them to survive traveling between fragments, but it was getting harder and harder to survive since more and more land was destroyed every day and a constant storm picked up.

    Most of the remaining fragments were pieces of ocean that flowed into an abyss with raging currents because of the storm.

    Hang gliding was a death sentence at this point, but so was staying in one spot. This was the end of the world. A lot of people were ready to go one last time.

    One of the hang gliders and handed me a blank piece of paper and a pen. He had another piece of paper in his hand that he attached to the hang glider with something written on it as he prepared to take it for one last deadly spin.

    I asked what that’s for.

    “Freedom. You write down all of the things you forgive yourself for.” He said as he got ready.
    He then took off.

    I went my own way. I knew it was a dream, so every time I fell, I rewound time and did it again.

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    1. cedwards105's Avatar
      Interesting. I kind of wonder what was in the abyss? Did you die by falling and hitting something, or was it just implied that being swept into the abyss was death?
    2. Nerefa's Avatar
      These are a recurring element of my dreams. I rewound time before hitting it. If native dream characters touch it, they die. Certain entities who are aware of the dreamstate can survive in the abyss, but I try to avoid touching them. It's like walking into electricity and bizarre things happen when I touch them (that I associate with a type of death).
      Updated 11-09-2022 at 09:57 PM by Nerefa
    3. AcidicBeing's Avatar
      That's beautiful. The dream character's explanation of the pieces of paper actually brought a tear to my eye. Thank you.
    4. Nerefa's Avatar
      You’re welcome. I thought this was a really lovely one.