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    Grandpa Boat Story

    by , 05-06-2023 at 05:29 PM (149 Views)
    Was listening to my grandpa tell a story about how he purchased a boat to escape enemy forces during wartime and helped a bunch of other people escape, then built his house out of the lumber from that boat.

    The whole thing seemed pretty out there and I thought to myself "Am I really going to believe that any of this is even remotely feasible when I wake up."

    But I kept listening and made a mental note to remember it, nodding my head until he was done. Blood started coming out of his mouth and he lulled his head onto the table when he finished the story.

    So I was like "Alright. Later, GP." and exited the dream. I was still asleep with all my senses shut off but was thinking about the dream to make sure I'd remember it. Then I heard the noise machine in my bedroom and played around with the volume, making it sound louder or quieter, just because I've been practicing lately.

    Eventually woke myself up and immediately realized how dumb that story was.
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    Tags: boat, noise, war