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    1. Lizard In Meadow (LD) 2 . The Bonfire of Syrano (LD)

    by , 09-17-2023 at 02:21 PM (129 Views)
    1. Lizard In Meadow (LD)
    I make my way to a bathroom in the Meadow main house trying to find a way to clean up liquid that's dripping all over. I pick up on a sense of worry and go for a nose plug.No way...maybe I'm not quite pinching...NO! It's a binary answer Eric, you're dreaming! I'm quite calm, but feel a sense of surprise this time...it all felt so...real.... I make my way to the balcony and begin to glide over the rail into the reception area as usual, considering dream goals. I phase through the glass window on the second story and drift down onto the front walkway in the night. The dream is a bit blurry, so I set my mind to stabilizing. I start with verbals:
    "I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming...I'm dreaming..."
    Then tactile. I start rubbing my hands all over the concrete. I start moving my dream body and begin doing a series of three burpees, feeling the sensation of the concrete on my palms. I then start doing some yoga asanas. I focus on lizard pose and feel my limbs stretching thorough the movements. It feels surprisingly like waking life. No wonder athletes talk about using lucid dreams for training.
    I look up and take in the view around the town in meadow. Everting is very...crisp...vivid. It appears to be a winter night with a slight sheen of frost over everting. I wonder if my mental acuity raised since my mind actually thinks I just exercised a bit...
    I see some lights on in houses down the streets and a few DCs standing in front. What were my dream goals again...oh yeah! I wanted to dilate time with an hourglass. I set my mind to advanced summon an hourglass as I bring my right arm in front of me while walking down the concrete walkway. It doesn't materialize. I fly toward the house across the street as the garage door begins to open. I imagine an hour glass around a bush, on the back side, but don't find one. Roughly five young dream characters begin coming out of the garage and heading down the driveway. I snap my fingers and go invisible. They glance in my general direction, yet look right thorough me and continue walking. Once toward the end of the driveway, however, the male in front, who appears to the leader, seems to have caught onto something. He begins to investigate in my general area, ruffling though the bushes. I crawl backwards to the bush behind me, not feeling like engaging the group of DCs. This is ridiculous, it's a dream...if they head into this bush, Im just going to pound them and move on. The leader heads toward the bush I'm in and the dream fades.

    *False awakening in which I'm explaining the whole LD to H.

    2 . The Bonfire of Syrano (LD)
    I make my way into the main area of the Syrano main house and suddenly become lucid.
    "I'm in Syrano and I'm dreaming...I'm dreaming! I'm dreaming!"
    I say it with a bit of a melody, it a sort of giddy mood. It was easy this time!
    The dream isn't as sharp as I want it to be, so I repeat a couple burpees, then a yoga asana as in the previous lucid of the night.
    The dream becomes a bit sharper. I consider what to do next. I could explore the area to the back again and check out the cliffs...and the sky island...no I should explore the front area; I've only done that once.
    I head to the front of the house. I decide to open the door manually rather than phase; I don't want to risk teleporting somewhere else. I open the door which has a thick, blocky metal knob right in the center. I expect to find a 'woodsy' area as in a previous dream but I find somewhat of a courtyard in the center of an apartment complex. There is a family lounging on a couch beyond the sliding glass door on the first floor in front of me - they appear to be having some kind of gathering. I turn to the right, and the main courtyard is quite beautiful. There is some green grass, a bit of lush green foliage, lounge chairs, and small 'nooks' to hang out in. I make my way to this area and see that roughly five to six stories of what appear to be apartment/condo style buildings tower overhead. I turn tot he right expecting to see the rustic meditation area and porch connecting, and I find it as expected. I see the fireplace set against the wall to the left and head in this area. I head into this area, then decide to explore beyond as I see very tall trees in a strip of forest ahead. This is the area that connects to the cliffs of Syrano. I float farther down, within small recess in the terrain. I set my mind to using mass telekinesis on the massive trees, yet they don't move. I then see a massive bonfire roughly one hundred yards ahead. It's burning intensely and is roughly eight meters in diameter. I continue to approach it, interested in checking it out. The dream fades rapidly.
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