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    Guardian Angel

    by , 05-22-2023 at 10:40 PM (68 Views)
    I'm on the couch where I slept. I'm on my belly and I'm wondering if it's real life or a dream, in a half-coherent sort of manner. I continue to slide forward off the pillow and over the back edge of the couch. I figure I'll test if I'll go forward more, and if I do, I must be dreaming. I reach halfway, then two-thirds, and I become lucid. I'm start going diagonally down, then stand up. I find myself in Serrano, next to the cabinet against the wall. I walk over toward the kitchen area and consider some dream goals. I decide to search for my guardian angel. I look in front of me with some expectation, imagining with some visualization what it would look like. Nothing happens. I head toward the fridge and decide to get some chocolate! I find some dark chocolate in the usual spot in the drawer. I once again try to imagine finding my guardian angel to speak to, yet nothing materializes. I figure if I head to the front and possibly outside, the dream will reveal it. I begin heading in that direction, but the dream soon fades.
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