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    Basic TOTM i (October 1, 2012)

    by , 10-02-2012 at 01:52 AM (1097 Views)

    Basic TOTM i

    I was inside a gas station with a few characters from The Walking Dead. I think they were Dale, Daryl, Andrea, and Rick. The front door was boarded up and had a refrigerator blocking it. All but one of the windows were also barred up. I peeked through one of the barred windows and saw many walkers/zombies wandering the streets outside.

    The four other survivors were busy gathering supplies. They were also arguing something about needing to relocate. I then looked out the unbarred window to get a better view of the area outside. I saw my mother running through the street trying to find a place to take shelter. A zombie then grabbed her and pushed her to the ground. Without thinking, I immediately opened the window and jumped out to try to help.

    I ran towards my mother while weaving past other zombies trying to grab me. I transformed my right hand into a dragon hand and pierced my claws through the zombie's skull and into its brain. I pulled my claws out and pushed the zombie off my mother.
    I started thinking again and I became lucid when I realized what just happened. I wouldn't be able to transform my hand if I wasn't dreaming.

    My mother got back up and I guided her back towards the gas station. A zombie came at me from the left. I pulled the zombie towards ground and then stabbed it in the back of the head with my claws. My hand got stuck when I did that. I put my foot on its head and started pulling. My hand broke free and half of the zombie's head came with it. I removed the rest of the head from my claws and wiped the blood and brain stuff off on my pants. It was probably one of the most disgusting things I've experienced in a dream, but I didn't really feel like it was a good moment for vomiting.

    Another zombie was standing in front of the gas station window. I knocked it to the ground and quickly stabbed it in the head. I then told my mother to go through the window first. Several zombies were already around us and I had to kick and punch them to keep them back. When my mother got through, I quickly crawled into the window. I felt a zombie grab my leg when I was half way through. I tried to kick it away and managed to keep it from getting a bite out of me. A second zombie came by though and bit my right leg. It then ripped out a chunk of my flesh and I screamed in pain. I immediately grew a dragon tail and swiped both of their heads with my tail blade.

    My first thought was, "I'm going to turn into one of them". I looked at my arms and I saw my skin was already turning gray. I still tried to crawl through the window though, but I was stuck. I wasn't exactly in the mood to be eaten alive, so I decided it would be best to kill myself. I summoned a gun directly into my hand. I pointed it at my head and said, "Time to wake up." I then pulled the trigger, heard the gun shot, and everything went dark.

    Although it went dark and dream seemed to have ended, I wasn't awake. I could still feel that I was dreaming. "Everything ended, but I'm not awake? What do I do now?" I thought. My vision soon came back and I found myself lying in my bed. My bedroom looked a lot different though. I really felt like crap and I had a massive head ache. I placed my hand on my head and felt bandages wrapped around it. As I did this, I noticed that my arms and hands were really gray like a dead person. Apparently I somehow survived the shot to the head, someone saved me, and I hadn't completely turned into a zombie yet.

    I heard people from outside the room saying something about currently treating my wound and the infection. It seems that the disease that makes you a zombie could be cured with medicine they were giving me. I felt like I should get up and take a look around. When I got out of bed I immediately leaned against the wall. It hurt to move my right leg. I looked down and noticed that there were stitches where I was bitten. I also felt very dizzy and my headache got worse after standing up. I questioned whether the headache was from the infection or from the bullet. I slowly made my way across the room towards the door. There was a mirror on the wall next to the door and I looked into it. I was wearing a hospital gown and really did look like a dead guy. It spooked me a little.

    When I opened the door I saw one of my dream guides, the old man, sitting on a chair talking to my mother. He was apparently the one who gave me the medicine. We talked about something but I can't remember what. I noticed that the stairs were blocked off by a bunch of furniture, so we were pretty much safe on the second floor. I heard the sound of a truck driving out back. I looked over in that direction and noticed that the wall was missing. I think it collapsed.

    I walked over there and saw Chris driving a blue truck around the field like a maniac. I think he was intentionally trying to piss off the zombies. I'm not sure if it was the dream or the medicine, but I definitely wasn't in the right state of mind in this part of the dream. I looked at Chris and gave him a double thumbs up. I then looked down and saw a few zombies below trying to figure out how to climb up. One of them jumped and managed to at least grab my leg. I fell and struggled to hang on to the ledge as the zombie pulled me.

    One of them tried to bite my foot. I kicked it and yelled, "Hey! Fuck off zombies!" A couple other zombies came by and started trying to grab my feet. I then started yelling, "Ninja kick, ninja kick, ninja kick!" as I kicked them away. Chris noticed that I was having zombie problems, so he drove through the fence and over the zombies. He crashed the truck into the house and I fell into the back of the truck. He then shifted into reverse and drove back into the field. I think I woke up after this.
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