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    Chronicles of Ethos

    Basic TOTM (September 28, 2012)

    by , 09-29-2012 at 04:33 AM (874 Views)

    Basic TOTM

    I was in a restaurant sitting at a dining table. I saw a lot of my family members there and it looked like we were at some fancy dinner party. There was a motorcycle leaning against the table. I became lucid when I saw the motorcycle because it was a theme in a dream I had just before this one. Immediately after becoming lucid, I morphed into a dragon to test my dream control.

    I remembered that I was wanting to complete the tasks of the month. I decided to do the task that was to shrink yourself to the size of an insect. I felt like I was in good control of my dream, so I decided to try shrinking myself by just willing it to happen. My body started to glow a bright blue. I also unintentionally made the motorcycle next to me glow. My vision switched to third person view and I saw me and the motorcycle quickly shrink. My vision returned to first person and I somehow teleported onto the table.

    I stood up and leaned against a giant blue bowl full of giant oranges. Everything around me was huge. A giant hand came down and took a swipe at me. Apparently I was mistaken for an insect. I ducked out of the way and then got on my motorcycle. My first thought was to drive away before another person tries to smash me.

    I drove across the table while weaving around dishes, silverware, and people trying to squish me. I then ran over some crackers that were lying on the table and my dream started to fall about. Everything started spinning and I was driving down a spiral stair case made of crackers. All of the crackers crumbled apart and I fell. I woke up at that point.

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