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    1. Self Hand Surgery (August 3, 2012)

      by , 08-04-2012 at 05:05 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Basic TOTM

      I vaguely remember being in a battle with a large black dragon. Larger than I am anyway. I think I've been fighting with the same dragon in recent dreams. I don't really remember the fight, I just know it happened. I also know that the dragon really tore up my right hand. He most likely bit it and tried to rip it off.

      So I was in a sort of forest biome. I was running, though I'm not sure if I was chasing something or running from something. Most likely the latter. I was holding my right hand which was of course bleeding and in a lot of pain. I stopped and kneeled down in front of a rock. I rested my hand on it and examined it. There were a few cuts and a large gash on the back of it. It also looked kind of deformed like the bones had been broken or displaced.

      I decided that I would attempt to perform surgery on my own hand right there. It wasn't exactly the right place or time or equipment to do something like surgery, but I felt like doing it anyways. I figured the cuts weren't as urgent as the gash that all of my blood was pouring out of. Since there was already a hole in my hand though I thought I might as well try to fix up the bones.

      Before I began I thought, "Am I really capable of performing surgery? Well I did have a few dreams where I was a doctor or went to medical school. I suppose 'dream doctor' is a good enough qualification."

      So the first thing I did was transform my left hand into a dragon hand. I used my claw to cut open the wound a little more. There were several broken bone fragments lying in the wrong places. I poked at them and tried moving them back to where I thought they belonged. When I moved a fragment back into place it kind of snapped back together with the other bones. It was a little more painful when I did that.

      After a few minutes I managed to get all of my bone fragments back into their place. I pretty much cheated for the next part of the surgery. I simply used my healing magic to close the wound in the back of my hand. My hand wasn't hurting much anymore and was fully functional. I can't remember much after that. I think left the other cuts alone and started running again.

      lucid , task of the month
    2. Sputnik TOTY and Advanced TOTM; Helen's Eruption TOTY (July 3, 2012)

      by , 07-04-2012 at 01:03 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Sputnik TOTY and Advanced TOTM

      The earliest thing I can remember is falling out of a portal and flipping onto my back. I landed in the middle of a forest on the grassy floor. My dream guide Krystal then hopped out of the portal and landed next to me. Portals, Krystal, and a forest were enough to convince me I was dreaming. I got up off the ground and asked her, "Where are we?".

      "Russia," she said.

      "Soviet Russia?" I asked jokingly.

      "Yes, and you'll be going to space," she said seriously.

      "Wait, what?" I said confused.

      She guided me through the trees to an opening in the forest. There was a launch pad located there. On top of the launch pad I could see some sort of pod or satellite that looked like a lot like Sputnik. Off in the distance I could see a couple towers. I was assuming the people in the towers were the ones who would launch Sputnik and observe it. Krystal climbed up a ladder to the top of the launch pad and I followed her.

      We walked under Sputnik and she stopped to give me instructions. "There is a certain book I need you to find that can only be found on an alien planet. The book will be marked with the symbol of a circle and a plus sign on the left side of the circle. This satellite will take you to that planet," she said.

      "Isn't this a little much for for a book?" I asked.

      "It's a very valuable and ancient book, so please do this for me," she said.

      "Fine, help me get into this thing," I said.

      She pressed a red button on the bottom of the Sputnik. A hole in the pod above my head then opened up. She lifted me up into the hole and I climbed in. It was a tight space full of wires, buttons, and screens. Krystal then summoned my cat and tossed him up through the hole. I caught him and he started purring.

      "Your cat is too much trouble, so he's going with you," she said.

      My cat hissed at her and she growled back at him before closing the door. After 10 seconds or so the Sputnik started vibrating and I knew it was about to launch. I held on tightly to my cat as I felt the G forces on us increase. It stopped after a few seconds and I had a feeling I was in space. I looked at one of the screens and it was showing what was outside of the satellite.

      We appeared to be revolving around the Earth pretty fast although I couldn't feel it. The sputnik flew out of orbit and started moving towards another planet that looked kind of like Earth. After a couple minutes we entered this new planet's atmosphere and fell towards the ground. As I started to fear a crash landing, I looked around for a landing button. I took a guess and pressed a yellow a button. The speed of the Sputnik slowed down a lot until it landed lightly on the ground.

      Now that I had landed I wanted to get outside and look around. I couldn't figure out how to open the door again though. The door then opened seemingly on its own and I fell out of it with my cat. I looked up to see that a girl had pressed the button on the outside of the Sputnik. She looked similar to a human, but there were a few differences. Her skin was a kind of pinkish purplish color. Her hair was a dark blue color and she had pointed ears like an elf. The girl also had a tail.

      "Hello?" I said to her confused.

      "Hi! Are you an alien?" she asked curiously.

      "Yeah I guess I am," I said.

      "That's so cool! But why are you here?" she asked.

      "I'm looking for an ancient book with a circle plus pattern on it. Can you help me find it?" I asked her.

      "I'll help you if you take me to the festival this afternoon," she said winking at me.

      I had a feeling she was hinting a date to me. I then remembered that one of the tasks of the month was to go on a date with an alien. So of course I agreed to go on a date with her.

      "Sure, I'll go with you," I said to her.

      She smiled and helped me get up off the ground. I looked around and realized I was in a forest. These trees weren't like Earth's though. They were full of all kinds of different colors and held many strange fruits. I won't go into detail though because unfortunately I can't remember them in detail. It would probably take me a long time to finish talking about them if I could anyways.

      My cat soon jumped on top of me and rested on my head. The girl then guided me through the forest and the dream scene skipped after about 10 seconds. We were now inside a town walking down main street together. The town looked very similar to Loudonville during the time of the fair. There were many people walking around and enjoying themselves at the festival. The women on this planet all had characteristics like the girl I was on a date with. The men were also similar, but they had blue skin and red hair.

      There were different kinds of vendors set up on both sides of the street. Carnival rides and games were stationed around town. There was a lot of confetti and balloons floating around in the air.

      We visited a food vendor that was serving a weird pink goo in a cup. I have no idea what it was called because their written language was different. The sign had 2 small circles with a triangle above them. I bought each of us a cup, even the cat. I pulled a silver coin out my pocket and handed it to the man. I'm used to buying things with silver or gold coins in my dreams.

      "What's this?" the man asked.

      "That's a silver coin. Silver and gold are very valuable where I come from," I said.

      "I'll keep it as a souvenir to remember this year's festival!" He said.

      We started walking down the street again while eating the pink goo. It tasted like cherry and it was a bit sour. We talked about some things, but I forgot most of what was was said. I do remember that she told me her name was Stella though. She also said she would now show me where I could find the book I was looking for. She walked inside a building that I assumed was some sort of library. She quickly came back out with a large brown book that had the circle plus symbol on the front. She handed it to me and I slipped it into a backpack I just noticed I was carrying.

      To be fair with her, I continued the date we were having. It was pretty fun. We walked farther down the street, we came to an intersection. A parade was taking place there. A lot of exotic music was playing as they went by. After about a minute though, one of the marchers saw me. He realized I was an alien and apparently he doesn't like them.

      "Alien!" He shouted and pointed at me.

      Everyone in the parade then stopped and stared at me. They too started shouting "alien!" and gave me angry looks. I had a feeling I wasn't welcomed by them and that they might turn hostile.

      "It was nice meeting you. You might want to run now," she whispered to me.

      I took her advice, held onto my cat, and started running back up the street. The parade chased right after me when I ran of course. I ran away a pretty good distance from them before my cat jumped out of my arms. He ran over to some girl who seemed to be taking in the scenery. The odd thing was, this girl was a normal human girl. She crouched down to pet him and he was happy about it. I wasn't too happy about it though because we still had to run. After calling him a few times he came back to me. I remember I ran back towards the forest, but the dream faded away after that.

      Helen's Eruption TOTY

      I was walking down a dark tunnel with an orange glow at the end. I walked closer and closer to the light until I came into an opening. I was inside a cave where in front of me lied a lake of lava. Some distance into the lake I could see a large piece of land above the lava like an island. This certainly wasn't an everyday thing and it caused me to wonder if I could be dreaming. I used my personal reality check where I simply try to feel whether I'm in a dream or not.It was successful of course and I became lucid.

      I activated my dragon sight ability to zoom in and look at it in more detail. Over there I saw a pink dragon sleeping next to a large treasure chest. She was only about 2 times my dragon size, so I assumed she was still young. There were many large crystal formations growing out of the ground on the island. I saw a man who appeared to be some old sage or wizard resting against a large crystal too.

      Past experience has told me it's not a good idea to mess with a dragon who's guarding treasure, let alone a sleeping dragon. I still found that island to be the most interesting thing in my dream however. Despite the dangers of it, I decided I would attempt to go over there and have a look around. I leaped forward over the edge of the cliff and transformed into a purple dragon. I then flapped my wings and started flying over the lava. I was aiming to simply turn into a black dragon, but I turned into a purple one with little effort somehow. I'm more powerful as a purple dragon though, so that's good.

      I flew over to the island and quietly landed behind a crystal structure. I wanted to be very stealthy as long as I was hanging around a sleeping dragon. When I stepped back out into the open, the dragon quickly awakened even though I didn't make a sound. She opened her eyes and stood up, looking down on me. The sage also awoke and he approached me.

      "What are you doing in my volcano?" the dragon asked me.

      "Just looking around and exploring the world I guess," I said to her.

      She growled at me and apparently didn't trust me at all. Probably a wise choice since I have the habit of stealing treasure. The sage then placed his hand in front of her to make her back off.

      "Helen, where are your manners? Hello, I am the great sage of this volcano. This is Helen, my dragon friend who is the guardian of the mountain."

      "I'm just a wandering dragonborn. It's nice to meet you," I said to him.

      He then came closer and whispered to me, "She's not the type to let you out without a fight. Look for a powerful orange crystal hidden in caves. It will make you powerful enough to defend yourself."

      He said this with the intention of helping me of course and to keep Helen from killing me. Helen has very keen hearing however and seemed to have heard every word of it.

      "Like I would ever give you the chance of defeating me!" she yelled.

      The crystals around the island started to glow brightly. Helen was clearly absorbing their power and planning to attack. Helen charged up her attack and then released a beam of energy from her mouth towards me. I quickly dove to the right and rolled out of the way. The energy beam appeared to be made out of plasma or lava. Very fitting for a dragon who lives in a volcano I suppose.

      Helen flew up above the island and started shooting more lasers at me. I was just barely able to dodge them and I was having a hard time planning my next move. Then out from behind a crystal structure my dream guide Krystal ran out into the open. She had two clones that she had made with her on each side. The two clones jumped up into the air and kicked and punched the dragon. The real Krystal ran towards me while Helen was distracted.

      "You do not know anything about stealth!" she yelled at me.

      "Sorry, I'm clearly not as good as you." I said.

      Helen swiped the two clones with her claws and they disappeared in a cloud of black smoke. I grabbed onto Krystal and started flying away from the island with her. Meanwhile, Helen started controlling the lava around the island and sent a large wave of it towards us. When I landed back on the mainland of the volcano, I quickly turned left and ran into a tunnel with Krystal. The lava started flowing into the tunnel so we kept running. After exiting the tunnel I noticed another tunnel higher above the ground with an orange glow. I grabbed onto Krystal again and flew up there to get away from the lava.

      We took a moment to rest in that cave. As we were resting I remembered that there was an orange glow in there. I looked around and found the orange crystal that the sage was talking about. I grabbed the crystal and absorbed its power. I felt a lot of energy inside me and felt confident that I could defeat Helen.

      "I'm going back to fight Helen. You should be able to find a side tunnel out of the volcano while I'm distracting her," I said.

      "Alright, I can sense light up ahead, so I should be able to find a way out. Please try not to die when you fight her," she said.

      "I'll do my best," I said.

      I ran back the direction we came from and Krystal ran further down the tunnel. I came back to the lake and quickly flew over it back towards the island. Helen was already expecting me and started shooting lasers again. It was a bit easier to dodge her attacks now that I had the freedom of flight. When I came to the island, I landed on it to dodge one of her lasers. I ran across the island towards her. She aimed another laser at me, but I countered it with a powerful ice breath. The collision created an explosion. I jumped through it while focusing all of the crystal energy I gathered into my fist. I punched Helen with an explosive force and she was launched into the wall of the volcano.

      It definitely wasn't enough to kill her, but she was dazed by the attack. This bought me some time to escape. I realized that the main exit of the volcano (the top) was actually right above the island. I started flying straight up above the island as fast as I could before Helen could get another chance to attack. Suddenly the volcano started to erupt and I still had a great distance to fly before I would reach the top. I soon did reach the top though and I climbed up onto the snowy summit.

      Just as I was starting to slide down the mountain, I noticed a very large bulge in the side of it. The snow started melting away over it and I realized I wasn't in a good position. I quickly surrounded myself with a shield of fury energy as bulge exploded. The shield protected me from most of the explosion, but the blast sent me flying down towards the forest below. I braced myself for impact and put all of my energy into defense and shielding. I crashed through a tree and hit the ground hard before sliding through the forest and knocking down several more trees.

      When I finally stopped rolling and sliding across the ground, I took a moment to regather my thoughts on what just happened. I slowly got up off the ground in pain, wondering how the hell I survived that. I was bleeding in several places and aching all over. I didn't die though, so I was happy for that. I looked back up towards the volcano and realized that it was Mount St. Helen. Everything suddenly made sense after that. I even started laughing because I thought that was kind of funny.

      I leaned back up against the tree and started healing my wounds. My vision was already getting blurry by this point though. I knew I would wake up very soon.

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    3. Basic TOTM; Television Transmission TOTY (July 2, 2012)

      by , 07-03-2012 at 05:59 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Basic TOTM

      I was walking down a dimly lit hallway in some creepy old house. From one of the rooms I could hear the sound of a man crying. It walked into the room and it was very dark. I saw the crying man sitting on the floor holding something broken. Though I never met anyone like him in waking life, I recognized him as a friend in the dream.

      The idea of crying over a broken object was completely silly to me. So I sat down next to him and started crying to make fun of him. His crying was contagious though and I couldn't stop. Another man who I recognized as a friend walked into the room and he also started crying. My crying turned into laughter for a moment because I thought the situation was even more silly. I quickly went back to crying however.

      Chris then came running into the room.
      I quickly became lucid after seeing Chris because I of course recognize him as my main dream guide. He had this really crazy excited smile on his face and looked like he was about to explode with energy. He ran in waving his arms and holding giant muffins. Chris then handed me a vial filled with an orange liquid that sparkled. I had a feeling he wanted me to drink it, so I removed the cap and took a sip. It tasted kind of sweet orange juice.

      I stopped crying and my vision started to get blurry and warped. When my vision became clear again everything was brighter and very colorful. I also got an extremely happy and funny feeling. As I started walking around this new world, giant muffins as big as my head started popping up out of nowhere. This is sort of what I imagine being high is like. My vision also reminds me a bit of the new "pyro-land" feature on Team Fortress 2.

      I looked at the other two guys and noticed they had also taken a sip of Chris's potion. They had really crazy smiles on their faces and I probably had one too. They were also prancing all about the room while collecting muffins. The mood of the dream was right for it, so I did the same as them. I started eating the muffins and they were very delicious. I think I ate about 3 of them. The dream began to fade as the effects of the potion wore off.

      Television Transmission TOTY

      Unfortunately I can only remember the later half of this dream. I was already lucid and I was walking around a dimly lit mall. It looked like it had been abandoned for ages. Not a single person was in sight. Everything was filthy and broken. Plants were also starting to grow into the mall from the outside.

      I walked up the stairs of an escalator that was no longer functioning to the second floor. It was most likely due to the building no longer receiving power. On the second floor an electronics store consisting mostly of TVs caught my attention. I peered through the window glass to look inside. It was dark and full of broken electronics and a complete mess.

      As I was looking through the glass I felt someone's presence to the left of me. It felt like Chris's energy. I turned to look at it and I saw Chris stepping out of a portal in the wall. We didn't say anything, but yet it still felt like we had exchanged greetings. Chris pulled out some sort of electronic panel out of a backpack he was carrying. He pointed it at the store entrance and pressed a few buttons. A blue particle field quickly formed in front of the store entrance.

      Chris mentioned something about this being a time field. It became obvious that he wanted me to walk through it. I probably would have walked through it even if he told me not to. So I stepped through the time field and felt a strange vibrating and tingling sensation. The store also change from dark and destroyed to bright and well tended. I looked at a sign that read, "Grand Opening!". I had apparently traveled back in time to the early days of the mall to when this store first opened.

      There were still no people around there except for Chris who followed me through the time field. I looked around the store and it looked like they were only selling very old TVs. Well old in our time anyway. Everything in the store seemed to hint to me that these were the very first TVs to exist. "Want to see the very first TV show?" Chris asked. "Sure," I said.

      Chris walked over to a TV sitting in the back of the room. He flipped a couple switches and then turned a nob until images started to appear. There was no color and no sound to it. It looked as if two ghosts were moving around the screen. I wasn't quite sure what they were doing. The transmission ended after about 15 seconds. Chris then pulled out what I assume was a checklist and marked something off. "Well that's another task out of the way!" he said. It must have been a list of the tasks of the month and tasks of the year.

      I wandered around the room some more and played with the time field a little. There wasn't really an objective in the dream anymore however. The dream started to fading after Chris marked the task off the list. I can't seem to stay in dreams long after completing whatever goal had been set in the plot.

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    4. Basic TOTM (June 2, 2012)

      by , 06-03-2012 at 12:08 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Basic TOTM

      I was in some old abandoned building in the middle of the night. It might have actually been run down version of my house. There were a few guys with weapons and armor standing in front of a large mirror. The mirror was located about where my backdoor would be, so I found that a bit odd. Odd things must be questioned so I did a reality check. I became lucid after my dream energy reality check proved that I was dreaming.

      Rather than picking up interest in those people and the mirror, I decided to look for something to eat. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a box of Lucky Charms and a jug of milk. I poured them into a bowl, grabbed a spoon, and walked back to the group of people. I sat down on an old chair and watched them while I ate. The image of a man formed in the mirror and jumped out of it. It was Chris I think. He showed everyone a fancy jeweled dagger and they all cheered. They put the dagger in a treasure chest with other valuable items.

      Seeing that there was treasure to be found on the other side of the mirror made me very curious. I guess it's a dragon's nature to collect treasure. I walked over to their group to see what exactly was going on. Chris was about to greet me but stopped and asked, "What are you doing?" "Eating a bowl of cereal," I said casually. "Why?" he asked. "Because they're magically delicious!" I shouted. "Fair enough," he said. "So what are you guys doing?" I asked him. "We're collecting treasure from the mirror world. Want to try it out?" he asked. "Sure, I think I need to do this for the task of the month anyways," I said.

      I walked towards the mirror and stared at it. It looked like a normal reflection, but my energy sense was detecting something inside it. It's hard to explain, but it was like the mirror was creating an extra dimension. I placed my hands on it and waited for something to happen. I tried applying a little energy to the mirror to get a reaction out of it. My hands and then my body started to become distorted and I was sucked into the mirror.

      I became a 2D image inside the mirror. I looked back outside of the mirror and saw Chris wave to me. The image of Chris and everything outside of the mirror then became completely distorted for a moment and reformed into a new image. Outside the mirror it was still night time, but I was now looking at a castle courtyard. There was a man who looked like a priest or monk staring at me. A castle seemed like a good place to search for treasure, so I decided to exit there. I placed my hands on the mirror's glass again and pushed through. I slowly stepped out of the mirror and my body returned back to its 3 dimensional shape.

      I was about to greet the priest and ask him to help me find the treasure. The priest pulled out a jeweled dagger like the one Chris brought back. He immediately tried to stab me, but I back flipped to a safe distance from him. I transformed into a black dragon in the middle of the flip. Even though he was a priest/monk there was a very sinister energy inside him. He charged towards me with the dagger again. I grabbed his arm and threw him over my shoulder.

      I heard Chris's voice say, "Be careful, he's pretty dangerous." I looked around and tried to figure out where he was. I looked at the mirror again and saw him standing in the house on the other side. "Really? He seems pretty weak," I said. The priest got back up and made some quick stabbing motions at me. I dodged his attacks and blocked the last one with my claws. I then grabbed his stabbing hand so he couldn't stab me anymore. In my other hand I focused that green nature/earth energy stuff. I threw a punch at his chest with this energy and it was powerful enough to shoot him to the other side of the courtyard.

      I thought that attack would have knocked him out, but he got back onto his feet. He then ran frantically up the stone stairs that lined the castle wall. "Wait! Don't chase after him. You need to stay close to the mirror," Chris said. I ignored Chris and chased after the priest anyway. It wouldn't be any fun to just end it all there. I also didn't think I should let this guy get away.

      I followed him up the stairs to the top of the wall. There was some sort of shop on top of the wall at the side. I thought that was a bit odd. I sensed the priest's energy inside the shop and my danger sense activated. The shop exploded and a huge flame shot out of the front towards me. At the same time of the explosion, I slid myself over the other side of the wall and grabbed onto the edge. I just barely avoided the flame.

      As I was about to climb back up, the priest jumped out of the flames and tried to stab my hand. I put my hand forward and let out a burst of ice magic. I froze our hands together before he could stab me. He karate chopped the block of ice around our hands to break it. He started running again while wrapping up his injured hand in his robes. Luckily dragons don't seem to get frostbite easily. I climbed back up to the wall and continued to chase after him.

      He ran into a room at the corner of the castle and slammed a heavy steal door shut. I focused earth magic at the end of my tail as I ran forward. I jumped forward and struck the door with my tail and the door fell down. The room looked as if it were a small library where valuable books and scrolls were kept. The shock wave generated by my attack caused one of the book shelves to fall over. It landed on top of the priest and seriously hurt him. Amazing how all it took was a book shelf to defeat him.

      I walked over to him to make sure he wasn't about to jump up and stab me again. He looked like he was on the brink of death to my surprise. He started to whisper something to me. I can't remember it clearly, but I think he was thanking me for killing him. He said something about a demon that had possessed him and forced him to do evil things. After he died I looked around the library. I picked out a couple tomes and scrolls for me to bring back.

      I jumped down the wall and glided back down into the courtyard. When I found the mirror again I walked into it slowly. The experience was very similar to the first time I went through the mirror. The dream started to destabilize as I went through all of the distorted effects.
      I woke up before I got back to the other side of the mirror.

    5. Advanced TOTM (June 1, 2012)

      by , 06-01-2012 at 07:25 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Advanced TOTM

      I was running in through a desert that I think was somewhere out west. I was already in my black dragon form and lucid. I'm either getting better at becoming lucid at the start of a dream or there were other events before that I had completely forgotten. I'm not even sure what my objective was in this dream.

      From somewhere behind me I heard the sound of a train's whistle. For some reason the idea of riding a train came to mind. I ran over to the edge of a cliff that was to my right. I must have been on a mountain because there was a valley bellow. I saw some train tracks nearby at the bottom and knew the train would pass through any moment now. When the train was close enough for me to see it, I started to plan and estimate my jump. When the train got closer, I slowed down time so I could make a more precise jump. I made a powerful jump off the cliff and landed near the back of the train. I didn't really land on my feet though and somehow broke my right wing.

      I slowly rolled over and sat up. It hurt to move around a lot and I was worried about falling off the train. I placed my hand over the part that was hurting the most and started to use my healing magic. After about 5 minutes of healing I was finally able to numb most of the pain. It was still broken though and it hurt to move it around a lot. I was about to work on healing it completely, but I started hearing some odd noises from inside the train cars.

      I used my energy sense to try to take a look inside the train car below me. I could detect a bunch of people inside trying to open the doors, but I couldn't make a clear image. I pulled myself back onto my feet and walked over to the side of the train. I wasn't sure if this was the type of situation where I should help them get out or keep them locked in. It wasn't long before they broke the lock off and the door slid open. My energy sense started to become more focused and I could tell that their energies were more dark and sinister. I stepped back to the center of the train car and took a fighting stance.

      These monsters that reminded me of goblins started to climb to the top of the train from both sides. I decided to wait for them to make the first move because I wasn't sure of how powerful they were. For some reason it was hard to use my energy sense on them. One of them drew out a short sword and charged straight towards me. I deflected his sword with my claws and pushed him back. From this I figured that they were actually very weak unless in large numbers. I then focused my energy sense on the other train cars and learned that there were two more with goblins inside.

      I returned my focus to the goblins from my train car. They were carrying weapons like spears, swords, and maces. They had already gathered around me and prepared to attack again. As they charged towards me I focused poison magic in my claws and slowed down time. I managed to slash about 10 of them with my poison claws. A goblin with a spear came at me from behind and I barely had time to react. I quickly turned into a shadow cloud and the goblin went straight through me. The goblins then gathered around close to me because they knew I didn't have any place to run to and that my shadow cloud would wear off soon.
      I actually did have an attack planned if something like this happened however. I released the shadow magic around me all at once. It blasted all of the goblins off the train or into the air. I then released a lightning surge above me and zapped the remaining goblins.

      That one battle had already used up a lot my energy, so I decided to handle the next two train cars more strategically. I ran up towards the front of the train and stopped when I heard the doors of the second train car slide open. There was a rope hanging over the side of the train. It felt very out of place to me, but i decided to use the rope to my advantage. I grabbed onto it and swung pass the open door. As I did this, I shot out a powerful flame from my hand and lit the inside of the train car on fire. I swung back to the top of the train and ran towards the final car.

      By the time I got to the final one, the goblins were already on the top of the train and ready to fight. I remembered my wind element and figured that it would be more efficient here. Rather than fighting them directly I could just knock them off the train. I let the goblins surround me as I focused on my wind element. When they charged towards me I let out a blast wind in all directions. They were all knocked off the train and I knew they weren't coming back up.

      I started walking towards the front of the train again to make sure everything was taken care of. I looked out in front of the train and saw a bridge ahead over a canyon with a couple goblins on it. It looked like they were piling dynamite in the middle of the bridge. When the train got close to the center of the bridge, the dynamite exploded and left a big hole in the bridge. By this point I had already started running like hell towards the back of the train. I was running up the train towards the back as it was falling over the edge. When I got to the end, I had to jump up high to try to grab the bridge. I flapped my wings once to give me a boost. It hurt, but it was enough for me to grab onto the edge of the bridge and climb back up.

      I sat at the edge of the bridge and went back to fixing my wing. As I was trying to heal my wing I could tell that the dream was starting to destabilize.
      I woke up as I was trying to fix my wing.


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    6. Confetti Storm (March 20, 2012)

      by , 05-12-2012 at 01:07 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Confetti Storm

      I had this dream a while ago, so it's a little more blurry and fragmented than other dreams. I was sitting at some camp sight with a few family members. We were having some sort of party. There wasn't really a lot happening until my grandmother pulled out a purple flag. She carried it up to the top of a hill and I think she wanted me to follow her.

      At the top of the hill she planted the flag into the ground. She then started to sing some weird song in gibberish. As she sang, the flag started glow a bright purple color. Eventually there was an explosion of energy around the flag. Out of the explosion came confetti. Lots and lots of confetti. The blast knocked me down the hill and I tumbled down to the bottom. I landed on my back and looked up at the sky. The sky was full of many different colors due to all of the confetti in the air. The air quickly became thicker and thicker with confetti and it became harder to see things clearly. It wasn't just a blast of confetti, it was creating a storm of it.

      When I tried to get off the ground, confetti started flying into my mouth. I could barely breathe because my mouth was filling up with so much confetti. Eventually I fell to the ground and started coughing out confetti.
      I became lucid at this point because it was similar to my vomiting dream sign. After coughing up some more confetti, I ran under a tree to try to shield myself from the storm. I started to look very closely at my environment to try to stabilize the dream. As I focused more and more on the environment, everything appeared more clear and realistic. If it wasn't for the monstrous confetti storm I probably would have lost lucidity.

      As the storm started getting worse, I decided I would need to get away fast if I wanted to live. I transformed into a black dragon and flew into the air. I looked behind me and saw a huge wave of confetti coming towards me. I started flying much faster. The wave of confetti was still getting closer to me. I gave it all the energy I had, and flew faster than I have ever flown before. Another wall of confetti then appeared in front of me though. I stopped and shielded myself with my wings as the two waves crashed into me. I'm not exactly sure what happened. I know I saw a lot of colors before I woke up.


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    7. Shamwow! (March 19, 2012)

      by , 05-11-2012 at 10:36 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)


      This was a very short and strange dream. I was taking a bubble bath and just relaxing. It felt very nice. After about a minute or so the water started to drain itself. I stepped out of the tub and tried myself off. After I did that I had the sudden urge to pee. I tried to pee into the toilet, but I somehow kept missing. I became lucid once the floor was covered in urine. "Only in my dreams would this happen," I grumbled. Even though I was lucid, I had the urge to clean it up. I'm apparently uncomfortable with not cleaning up my messes.

      While looking for something to clean it up with, the shamwow somehow came to mind. I put my hand behind my back and summoned a shamwow thing. I then started to clean up the mess with it. "Shamwow..." I said unenthusiastically. Lucky for me, the dream was very unstable and I woke up pretty soon.

    8. Ninja Body Guard; A Giant Snake Problem (March 17, 2012)

      by , 05-11-2012 at 08:23 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Ninja Body Guard

      This dream started off with me standing on the top of a mountain cliff with a girl. I think she said her name was Eriko. The dream was anime style and I looked like Naruto. I think I watched so much of it the day before that I started dreaming about it. I was on a mission to escort this girl to another village and protect her. I was walking near the edge of the cliff and I look down to see a bunch of people at the bottom. They were Leaf Ninjas carrying one of those things that kings travel in because they're too lazy to walk. They were carrying it towards the mountain we were on.

      Something didn't feel right about them so I tried to keep Eriko out of their sight. She wasn't happy with that though. She actually wanted to meet all of the other ninjas. She ran pass me and jumped down the cliff. She landed on a rock half way down and then jumped off again. I panicked at first because I thought that would kill her. I started thinking about how someone could jump off a cliff like that and not die.
      I became lucid after realizing the only explanation is that I am dreaming.

      I jumped down the cliff and chased after her because I didn't feel it was safe. "Hi!" she greeted them. "Are you ninjas too?" she asked. One of the ninjas pulled out a katana and ran towards her. I landed right behind her, picked her up, and jumped back before they could hurt her. She held onto me tight and was really frightened. The other ninja then pulled out their kunai knives and started throwing them at us. I used super speed and jumped back towards the side of the cliff. I started running up the side of it while holding onto Eriko and dodging knives. At the top of the cliff there were a lot of large rocks and boulders lying around. I hid Eriko behind a boulder and said, "Stay here and hide."

      I walked back into the open and prepared to fight. All of the Leaf Ninja and the Third Hokage appeared at the top of the cliff. The Hokage decided to sit down and watch while the rest of the ninja ran at me. I can't remember many details from this battle. I was moving at a really fast speed during the fight. For the most part I was punching, kicking, and using other martial arts techniques. I also remember there were many kunai knives and shuriken flying through the air. I had to block those with my own kunai during the fight. I was doing pretty well in the battle, considering I only got a little scraped up.

      After a few minutes of fighting, everyone stopped for a moment. The other ninja looked towards the Hokage, who was now standing on the opposite side of us, away from the cliff. He started laughing and powerful orange energy started flowing out of him. It was very similar to the nine-tailed fox's chakra. He looked like he was losing control, so me and Leaf Ninjas decided to work together to stop him.

      I made a plus sign with my hands and created four clones. The five of us surrounded the Hokage and tried to attack him all at once. He released a powerful burst of energy and knocked us all away. The clones were killed and I was launched into the boulder that Eriko was hiding behind. After I crashed into the boulder, I fell to the ground, and I started to cough some blood. That hurt a lot. Eriko rushed out from behind the boulder to see if I was okay. I decided that it didn't hurt too badly and got back up. "Don't worry, I'm fine. Just stay hidden." I said to her.

      I made a plus sign with my hand again and created a clone. I was trying to create a rasengan. Working together, me and the clone created a spinning ball of energy in my hand. When the rasengan was complete, the clone disappeared, and I ran straight towards the Hokage. He tried taking a few swipes at me with his orange aura, but I managed to dodge and flip around them. When I got close to the hokage, he moved all of his energy in front of him to shield himself. I struck the shield with the rasengan. I was slowly starting to break through his shield and energy was being blasted in all directions. I then gave the rasengan all the energy I had to power it up. I blasted straight through the shield struck the Hokage with it. There was a huge flash of light and I woke up.

      A Giant Snake Problem

      This dream started off with me being in my old home in Loudonville. Oddly, everything was scaled like 3 times bigger than it was in real life. Just like the last dream, I was Naruto again. I was standing in the living room with Sasuke. The two of us were just watching something on TV at first. Then I could sense something strange behind us. I turned around and there was a giant rattle snake slithering around the other side of the room. I tapped Sasuke's shoulder and pointed pointed at the giant snake. He then pulled out his sword and went into a fighting stance. It was around this point I became lucid.

      We both ran forward at the snake and it hissed at us. Sasuke tried swiping at it with his sword. The snake grabbed it though and threw him across the room. The snake then turned towards me and was about to attack. I performed the hand signs for the fireball jutsu and then breathed out a large flame in front of me. This damaged the snake a little and kept it at a distance for a moment. While I was breathing fire on it, I noticed that it was putting a lot of extra effort into keeping its tail safe. I realized that the end of its tail must have been a weak spot.

      "Sasuke! Try to cut off the tail!" I yelled to him. I then lunged at the snake, so I could give Sasuke some time to strike. I grabbed onto the snakes head and started punching at it. This was the best distraction I could think of. Sasuke did the hand signs for his chidori jutsu. He charged lightning chakra into his hand and dashed towards the snake. He swiped his hand over the tail and cut it off. The snake collapsed to the floor and died almost instantly.

      I somehow lost lucidity after that. I spent the rest of my dream chasing a small white mouse. That's all I can really remember now.

    9. Battle With Steggies; A Different Perspective (March 16, 2012)

      by , 05-11-2012 at 01:55 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Battle With Steggies

      It seems this dream started out inside a city. It wasn't like a modern city though, it was more ancient. It was most likely built like a medieval city. I was walking down a stone path in the middle of the city with my dream guide, the old man. Oddly, the streets were empty. He said something about the city being under attack and was guiding me towards the city walls. When we reached the walls, we climbed a set of stairs to the top to get a good view. Over the wall I could see a vast desert and some mountains off in the distance. Not far away from the wall I saw Chris, Claire, and a bunch of monsters surrounding a hole in the ground. Chris and Claire were in an intense battle with the monsters.

      After seeing 3 dream guides, monsters, and a battle happening, I started to think for a second.
      I quickly became lucid and everything started making sense. "Ha, I hardly had to say anything this time," the old man said. I believe this was a reference to his ways of helping me reach lucidity. When I looked back at the battle, I started to worry a little about Chris and Claire. "I should go help them," I said, preparing to jump over the wall. "Stay here," he said, "We have everything under control. There's no need to put yourself in danger."

      I stepped back and watched for a few seconds. It was starting to look like we were losing. I also didn't feel comfortable about not helping them out. Despite what the old man said, I ran forward and jumped over the wall. I morphed into a white dragon and started to fly towards them. "Dragonborn!" the old man shouted, "Come back! It's not safe!" I didn't care about what he said or how dangerous it was. I just wanted to help them.

      When I flew over the hole where the battle was taking place, I got a better look at the monsters. They were small little dinosaurs with golden spikes. Kind of like a mini stegosaurus, but carnivorous. I'll just call them steggies for now. I dove down and breathed fire on a group of steggies that were surrounding Chris. I landed outside of the hole, next to Chris, and felt a sharp pain in my feet. I started hopping around in pain and looked down at the ground to see what would have caused it. Those steggies had scattered tiny golden thorns all over the ground. It was really annoying at first, but I learned to deal with it.

      Chris jumped back a distance away from the steggies and summoned his bow. He then proceeded to snipe steggies that were surrounding me and Claire. Claire was fighting them off with her sword and lots of lightning. I was mostly just breathing fire and smacking steggies around with my tail. It was hard to fight them because of their sharp teeth and protective spikes. With each one we killed, more would just crawl out of the hole in the ground.

      I switched to using ice magic to see if that would work better. Using my ice breath, I was able to freeze large groups of steggies that Claire could easily break apart. It still wasn't enough though and more and more of them just kept coming out of the hole. Eventually the steggies cornered the three of us together and surrounded it us. "Get down!" I yelled to Chris and Claire. I activated fury mode for a few seconds and used the energy to fuel my lightning magic As soon as they ducked down I released a huge wave of lightning in all directions. The spikes on the steggies acted like lightning rods and zapped the hell out of all of them. We killed them all, but I lost my dragon transformation out of it.

      Now that there were no more steggies on the surface, I decided we should try to find the source. The three of us jumped down the hole together and landed in an underground cavern. I could then sense the energies of the steggies and could feel them in the walls. They then started crawling out of the cave walls and we started running. At this point there really wasn't a plan anymore and we just wanted to get away. I could see a light up ahead and knew we were almost out of the tunnel. Near the end of the tunnel though was a trap. It was a spiked wall slowly descending from the roof of the tunnel.

      I slowed down a little bit to try to stop the steggies while Chris and Claire ran ahead. I shot a few flames down the tunnel and then started running again. By the time I reached the trap it was low enough that I would have to slide under it. I dove towards the ground and slid a few feet, but it only got me about half way through. I quickly started crawling towards the other end as the spikes got closer. When I was far enough, Claire grabbed my hands and pulled me out before it could impale me.

      When I exited the tunnel I was standing in a field. I also completely forgot about Chris, Claire, and the steggies for some reason. There was a house in the field, so I walked over to check it out. There were many family members inside the house and they were having some sort of reunion. I got into an argument with my mother about something but I can't remember. After the argument I saw some people grab some wands off a shelf and walk outside. I looked out the window and saw them tossing a ball back and forth with wands. It looked fun and got my attention, so I grabbed a wand off the shelf and went outside.

      I followed them out to the field where they had 4 bases and a pitching mound set up. For some reason I didn't feel like they would want me to play, so I sort of just casually walked into the outfield. I was trying t look like I was already part of the game. The game started shortly after and everyone moved into position. The pitcher levitated a baseball off the ground with his wand. He then flung the ball towards the batter. The batter swung his wand and knocked the ball back with a magic blast.

      The ball was flying fast towards me and I started running back to try to catch it. I stuck my wand in the air and tried to catch it with a telekinesis spell. I managed to pull the ball towards me, but I accidentally dropped it. I levitated the ball off the ground with my wand again and tried launching it back towards second base. I somehow threw the ball at the wrong angle though and it flew towards third base instead. The ball hit the catcher at third base in the head and knocked him out. "Sorry! New guy with a new wand!" I yelled back at them. They decided to cancel the game right after that and help the guy out. I decided to walk away and pretend nothing had ever happened.

      I also decided that I should get some more practice with the levitation spell. I saw a small chest lying in the field and used that for practice. I swished my wand and flicked it while saying, "Wingardium Leviosa!" It slowly levitated a few feet above the ground and was a little shaky. I tried to lift it to face level, but it fell back towards the ground. I got a little frustrated that it failed and started to think about what I could do better. I then remembered how the Lumos didn't work, but my own Illumina spell did. I flicked my wand towards the box and shouted, "Levitate!" this time. It wasn't a fancy word, but it worked. I had much more control over it this time and could easily lift it up and down over my head.

      Out of nowhere I remembered Chris and Claire again. I realized that they might still need my help. I looked around the field and tried to find another entrance to the tunnels that we were in before. I found a small hill with a hole in it and I knew that was the cave i was looking for. I ran into the tunnel and looked and looked around for Chris and Claire. I ran into a few more of those spike traps from before, but I just rolled under them. I ahead I could see a large room where a bunch of men in robes were gathering around in a circle. I could also see Claire passed out on the ground. I started running faster and there was just one more spike trap to get past. When I tried rolling under this trap though, something grabbed my foot and tripped me.

      I looked down and saw a red rug under me that had wrapped around my foot. I tried to untangle it, but the rug came to life and started to attack me. It wrapped itself around me and started choking me. To make it worse, the spikes were still getting closer to me. I remembered the spell I had just been practicing earlier and tried to apply it to the rug. I shouted, "Levitate!" as I tried to wriggle my hand around. I then unwrapped the rug around me with the spell and and flung it up into the spikes. I tried crawling out from under the spikes, but there wasn't enough time. Right when I felt the spikes touch my back, someone grabbed my hands. I was quickly pulled out from under there and saved. It scratched the hell out of my back a little, but I was alive. The person who had saved me was Claire again. The dream pretty much faded away at this point.

      A Different Perspective

      I think this dream might have been a DEILD. Mostly because it was very similar to the last dream and I was lucid right from the very start. In this dream I wasn't really myself, but I was Claire. I was running through the tunnels again. This time I was trying to be a little more stealthy at first. I was still spotted though and these guys in blue robes started attacking me. There were maybe 15 of them. I used super strength to kick and punch them hard into the walls. It wasn't anything fancy and I just kept super punching and super kicking them. Sometimes I would use super speed to teleport to their positions and hit them hard.

      After I fought off all of these guys I came into a large room. It looked just like the one I saw at the end of the last dream. It was empty though. Suddenly, a bunch of doors appeared in the walls and men wearing red robes walked out of them. They surrounded me and a black robed figure appeared in front of me out of nowhere. It appeared to be a bunch of Draflams and a shadow man working together. I grabbed my sword from behind my back and lunged towards the shadow man. Before I could even attack, they had combined their powers and electrocuted me with one powerful lightning bolt. I fell to the ground and passed out for a moment.

      When I regained consciousness, my vision was blurry. As I focused a little harder, I could see the robed men gathering in a circle. They were trying to perform a ritual and it definitely didn't look good. Some sort of weird dimensional portal appeared above them. I think they were trying to summon something. I tried to move my body around a little bit and get back up. Once I was off the ground, I felt a little better and my vision became a clearer. I knew I had to do something to stop their ritual.

      I jumped between the group of robed men and charged up my lightning magic. Before they could even react, I launched a very powerful blast of blue lightning in all directions. Anything in that room the room that wasn't me was toast. It was the most powerful lightning blast I have ever produced. To be fair though, It was actually Claire's lightning blast and not mine.

      At this point I could feel that the dream was about to end. I didn't really mind it so much because I thought the story had ended. I then started to hear some noises coming from another tunnel. I held on to the dream a little longer to check it out. When I looked in the tunnel I could see me fighting with the magic rug. I saw me kill the rug and me trying to crawl out from the under the trap. I ran forward and tried to help myself out. I grabbed my hands and pulled myself out from under the spike traps. The dream ended just like the last dream, but through Claire's perspective. That's a very strange thing to think about.


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    10. Lucid Games, Dinner With the Humans, Lucid Protesters, Redirecting Lightning, (March 15, 2012)

      by , 05-06-2012 at 05:28 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Lucid Games

      Just a short dream fragment. I was at my grandma's house and watching TV with her. We were watching the "Lucid Games". I became lucid right after hearing about it. I didn't run off to do anything crazy though. I just sat their and watched the games. They were sort of like the Olympics, but for lucid powers instead. One game I do remember was a transformation contest.

      Dinner With Aliens

      It was the middle of the night and I was inside some farm house. I had the urge to go outside an look for something. When I went outside, I looked up at the sky and saw a UFO. "Holy shit." I said. I became lucid at this point for obvious reasons. Even though I was lucid, I wasn't in the mood to see aliens, so I ran. I ran back into the house and went through the back door. There was a cellar right outside there. I opened the cellar and could feel the energies of the aliens coming closer. There weren't any stairs to the bottom and it was very dark. I felt the aliens just around the corner, so I jumped down the hole into the cellar.

      The hole was like a giant slide. I just slide down the metal slope for about 10 seconds before I hit the bottom. I could still feel the aliens nearby and I ran around the basement looking for another place to run. I saw some vents in the walls. I was worried it could lead to a dead end, but I decided to take my chances. I jumped into the vent and started crawling through. I then fell into some room full of that fluffy insulation stuff. I ran around the room and looked for another place to run, but it was a dead end. At that point I decided to give up and face the aliens. It was just a dream, so I figured they couldn't be too bad.

      Two teenage girls then crawled through the vents and fell into the room. I put my hands up in the air to show that I had given up. Aliens that look like girls wasn't quite what I was expecting. One of them put a collar and leash around my neck for some reason. The other one then mentioned something about having dinner with the humans. So the dream skipped and I'm sitting at a dinner table with my family and the two aliens. I woke up shortly after this.

      Lucid Protesters

      Another fragment. I was standing in a crowd of people who were protesting against lucid dreaming. They were saying that it was dangerous to our society. So of course, this made me lucid and I flew straight up into the air to piss them off.

      Redirecting Lightning

      Once again, just a dream fragment. I was standing in the middle of an open field during a thunderstorm. I was lucid, but I'm not quite sure why. I saw that the lightning in the sky was becoming more active. I knew it was going to strike soon. I then remembered how Iroh could redirect lightning on Avatar. So I became completely aware and waited for it to strike. The a bolt of lightning then came down towards me and I pointed my fingers at it. I took my other hand and guided the lightning down my arm and into my stomach. I then pointed back towards the sky and released it into the clouds. It felt very intense and energetic.

    11. Jeep Crash, Recurring Game (March 14, 2012)

      by , 05-06-2012 at 04:45 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Jeep Crash

      There was quite a bit that happened in this dream, but I can only remember the ending. I was in the backseat of a Jeep. Claire was in the driver's seat and Chris was in the passenger side. We were driving pretty fast through a field. There was another Jeep chasing after us. The one behind us had a few shadow men and they were shooting at us. There wasn't really much I could do other than duck and shoot a few tiny fireballs at them. Claire was doing most of the work by driving and swerving away from the bullets.

      As the chase went on, the ground started to get very bumpy. Claire started losing control of the vehicle. I could tell that were were about to crash. "Claire! Use the brake!" I yelled to her. She slammed on the brake, but that somehow made as fly and flip through the air. "Damn it!" I yelled as we flew through the air. When we crashed into the ground, I hit my head on something and passed out for a moment. When I came back to myself, my vision was blurry. Claire was pulling me and Chris to a safe spot behind a large tree. Luckily, the bad guys usually suck at shooting and didn't hit Claire. I woke up shortly after reaching the safe spot because it was so blurry.

      Note: Don't let Claire ever drive again. It's not fun.

      Recurring Game

      I can't remember much of this dream either. I think I purposely chose to block it out of my memory. It was some recurring dream I've had about being inside a video game. It seems fun at first, but then you realize that certain things make it the worst ever. It was night time in the dream and I was walking around some mountain. A level of the game starts when you enter a cave. I entered the cave and fought with some little goblin monster things for about 30 seconds. That part was pretty fun, but I don't remember the details. After 30 seconds though, I was teleported out and told that it was a 9 minute wait until the next session. So I walked around for a few minutes and looked for something to do or someone to talk to. I couldn't find anything to pass the time though.

      I became lucid after the 5 minute mark. I realized that I've had this dream a few times before. I would always be bored for 9 minutes and then get kicked out of the dream when it was time to play again. This irritated me and I wanted to destroy this dream. I wanted to stop it from having the same ending. Amazingly, I was mad enough about it to go into a high powered fury mode. I turned into a purple dragon and started charging my fury energy. I spent the last 4 minutes of the dream I had blasting everything to bits with waves of fury energy. Literally everything. I even blew up a mountain with one powerful blast. I was having a lot of fun nuking the dreamscape. Unfortunately, I eventually hit the 9 minute point and woke up.

    12. Accidental WILD, DEILD Continuation (March 12, 2012)

      by , 05-06-2012 at 04:05 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Accidental WILD

      I'm not going to go into much detail with the pre-dream part. Mostly because I can't remember it well. I was in a car and I was trying to sleep because I only got maybe 5 hours of sleep that day. As I was trying to go to sleep, my body suddenly felt frozen and started vibrating.

      I could then feel that I was dreaming with the energy reality check. I took the jacket off my head and looked around. It looked pretty much the same as before I went to sleep, but I knew I was dreaming. I was about to take off my seat belt so I could get out and do some dreamy stuff. For some reason though, I was worried that I would take off my seat belt in real life and cause trouble. So I decided to stay still and wait for the dream to naturally skip.

      About 5 seconds later, the dream skipped to a scene where I was standing Loudonville. It was very vivid and realistic. More than I'm used to. I tried testing out my dragon morph in a highly detailed dream. I got into position and focused on transforming into a black dragon first. I succeeded, but it took a lot more effort than usual. I decided to try to go all the way to white and then a purple dragon. I kept trying to transform and I got a few flashes of white on my skin. It started to frustrate me that I was having trouble. I went into fury mode and transformed into a white dragon immediately. I tried reaching for a purple dragon, but I only got a flash of it before the dream destabilized and I woke up.

      DEILD Continuation

      When I woke up from the dream, I maintained my awareness and held still. It wasn't even 5 seconds before I slipped back into a dream.

      I sat back up and was sitting in the car again like before. Once again, I still had that problem with the seat belt. I didn't feel like waiting for a dream skip this time. I got the idea to just float out of my body instead. If I did that, I wouldn't have to touch the seat belt. I focused on my energy and then tried to wriggle it out of my body. It's next to impossible to explain how I did this or what it felt like. It was actually a pretty cool feeling though. I started to detach myself from my body and float up. I phased through my seat belt, so I knew this plan would work. I then flew towards the roof of the car, which was oddly very far away. When I reached the roof I phased half way through it. Unfortunately though, my parents started getting loud and disruptive in the real world. I got sucked back into my body, fell over into the sleeping position, and woke up.

      I imagine this is what people would call an out of body experience. I don't see it that way though. It was just another dream power to me.

    13. Illumina Spell, Some Upsetting Dream (March 8, 2012)

      by , 05-06-2012 at 03:40 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Illumina Spell

      I don't remember the first half of this dream really. Only the later half. I was walking down Main Street in Loudonville with a group of random teenagers. We were carrying sleeping bags and backpacks full of random stuff. I think we were preparing for a camping trip. We walked down to the end of Main Street and stopped at a store for camping supplies. It was dark and empty, so we assumed they were closed. We really needed stuff though.

      I became lucid at this point for no reason I can see. "Wait, guys, I think I'm dreaming." I said. They then started cheering for me and congratulated me for becoming lucid. "Yeah! Now things are going to get fun!" One of them yelled. Even though I was lucid, I was still focused on getting camping supplies. "How about we get supplies, leave money, and leave?" I asked. "It's too dark in there. We wouldn't be able to see a thing." One of them said. "Anyone here have a light spell?" I asked. "Oh! Let me try!" One said. He then made some weird motions and held out his hand, but nothing happened. "No dude, you need to say something for it to work." Another boy said. He then held out his hand and said "Lumos". It didn't work either.

      Everyone's attention shifted to me now. They seemed to think that it would be up to me figure out the spell. After hearing lumos, I thought more about Harry Potter. "Someone give me a wand." I said. "What makes you think I have one?" A boy asked. "Because dream characters have everything." I said. He groaned and pulled a wand out from his backpack. I took the wand and flicked it while saying, "Lumos". Nothing happened. I then tried charging up magic in the wand this time. When I flicked it I said "Illumina" instead for some reason. When I did that, I got a brief spark. It started to irritated me at this point and I went into fury mode for a brief moment. I focused the fury energy into my wand. I pointed it up into the air and shouted, "Illumina!" I bright purple ball of light appeared at the tip of the wand and it was a success.

      Everyone congratulated me on figuring out how to cast the spell. We then walked into the store together to get supplies. The story was pretty well lit now. I was looking inside some fridge for food to bring I think. Inside I found two tiny people dancing or something like that. The dream faded away at this point and I woke up.

      Some Upsetting Dream

      I don't remember much of this dream anymore. I was inside a car with my parents and sister on a road trip. I remember they mentioned something about going to Nevada. I remember the mood was very negative for me, but they were all pretty content. I noticed that my dogs weren't in the vehicle with us. They almost always go on our road trips. "Where are the dogs?" I asked them. "We had to leave them behind, so we killed them." My sister said. This really upset me and I got in a huge argument with them that I can't really remember.

      I remember somewhere in the argument someone said, "What are you so upset about? It's just a dream."
      I became lucid at this point, but I wasn't aware enough to think things clearly. It's also hard to think clearly when you're getting really emotional. At one point my sister finally said something that pushed me over the edge. I can't remember what she said. I went into fury mode and pretty much lost control of myself because I was so pissed. I transformed my hand into a dragon hand and put my hand in the Star Wars force choke position. A purple ring of energy then formed around her neck and I started choking her. When she passed out I regained control of myself and stopped. I decided to wake myself up from the dream because it wasn't going down a nice road.


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    14. Giant and Lizard Battle (March 7, 2012)

      by , 05-06-2012 at 02:48 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Giant and Lizard Battle

      I was standing on the side of a dirt road at the top of a hill. I knew there was supposed to be a village a few miles from there. For some reason there were hundreds of people walking along the road towards me. They had horses and carriages with them. It looked as if they were evacuating or moving to a new location. I stopped a woman so I could talk to her. "What is everyone doing?" I asked. "We're leaving the city." She said. "Why?" I asked. "Monsters have taken over." She replied before moving on.

      I became lucid at this point due to the mention of monsters. I was able to recognize it as a dream thing this time. The thought of hundreds of people abandoning a city because of monsters made me just a little upset and angry. I wanted to go over the city and stop the monsters. I used these emotions to go into a low level fury mode. I used this new energy to transform into a black dragon. I then took off into the sky and flew at a very high speed with the fury energy. I came close to where the village should have been in about 10 seconds.

      As I was flying I looked down and noticed there was nothing there but a large crater. The town had been completed destroyed and all that was left was a desert. I saw a grey giant thing sitting in the middle of the crater. I was about to attack it, but I sensed the energy of something flying towards me at a very fast speed. I quickly moved downward to avoid it and it stopped right above me. It was some sort of lizard raptor thing and it felt powerful. I put my hands in the air and created a large purple disc of fury energy. I then quickly threw the disc at the raptor. I thought he would have dodged it, but instead he blocked. It exploded when it hit him and damaged him only a little.

      The raptor quickly flew down and threw a punch at me. I blocked it and we got in a very intense martial arts fight while hovering in the air. Neither of us managed to land a solid hit and we appeared to be of equal strength. At one point though I did find an opening and I punched him as hard as I could. He fell towards the ground and created a crater where he landed. I thought I had defeated the raptor, so I flew towards the giant. I hovered in front of the giant's face and started punching and kicking at it. It was enough to irritate him, but it was generally ineffective. I sensed the raptor's energy coming up from behind again as I fought the giant. When the raptor tried attacking me, I blocked him again. I then had to fight both the giant and the raptor at the same time. It was a little too much for me.

      It wasn't long before the raptor found an opening in my defense. He kicked me hard and I flew up into the air. The giant then jumped up and punched me towards the ground. I used the fury energy to create a force field around right before I hit the ground. When I hit the ground, it created a massive crater. My shield broke when I hit the ground, so I was only able to absorb some the impact. It was just enough to save me from being killed. It hurt like hell though and I could hardly move. At this point I realized I wouldn't be able to do this on my own. "Where's Claire when you need her?" I thought out loud. I tried to get up, but I just couldn't. "Claire!" I yelled in desperation.

      Three seconds later, a portal opened in front of me. Claire came out of the portal with her sword and battle armor. I can't remember much more of the dream after this point. I know Claire fought both of the monsters at once to protect me. I also remember she use a lot of lightning bolts as usual. Although I can't remember exactly, I'm pretty sure she won the fight.

    15. DB Goal Attempt, Post Apocalypse, Short DEILD, Nuking an Alien (March 6, 2012)

      by , 05-05-2012 at 03:13 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      DB Goal Attempt

      This dream was very blurry and fragmented. I was standing outside a tower that was similar to the one I trained fury mode on. Chris was standing next to me and mentioned something about "60 seconds". At this moment I remembered the Dreamer Base goal of the month and became lucid. I quickly started running up to the tower because I knew there would be a mailbox at the top. A dragon was flying outside the tower as I was running up the stairs. It started shooting fire at me, so I shot fire back. I was assuming the letter would tell me how to defeat the dragon. When I got to the top I saw a green mailbox. I don't remember what happened next though.

      Post Apocalypse

      A blurry and fragmented dream again. I was running up Main Street in Loudonville. The city was abandoned and desolate. It looked like it had been nuked or something. I remember I was being chased by something. I think they were mutants. I ran inside my grandmother's house, which was surprisingly unaffected by the nuke. I ran into the basement, somehow thinking there would be a way to escape there. Much like the Missing Baby dream, there was an optical illusion down there that hid a staircase and hallway from view. Remembering how this happened in that particular dream, I did the nose plug reality check. I was able to breathe through and I became lucid. I ran into the hidden hallway and ran down the stairs. The dream was really unstable though and I woke up.

      Short DEILD

      I managed to remain aware of my awakening from the last dream. I kept my eyes closed, didn't move, and focused on the dream I just had. It was only about 10 seconds before I slipped right back into the same dream from before. I was lucid of course when I entered the dream. I was lying down on the floor where I had left off. I was having trouble moving at first, but eventually got past that. I started running along the dark hallway again. Sadly, something woke me up again. Maybe it just wasn't the right time of night for a stable dream.

      Nuking an Alien

      Yet, another blurry and fragmented dream. I guess it was just a problem that night. I was lucid right from the start and I think I might have used DEILD. I'm not sure though. I was on Mars and there were a hundred Aranian soldiers or more riding around on flying scooters. It was a very sci-fi styled dream. They were all flying around some floating alien and shooting lasers from their scooters. The alien was generating a shield and shooting lasers at the soldiers. I noticed that the alien had many crystals surrounding its body. It was gathering energy from them. That's probably one of the main reasons the Aranians were trying to take it down.

      I was just standing there and watching the awesome fight passively. The general then started to speak to me through a radio. "Dragonborn! We need your help!" He said. I then remembered that dropping a nuke was something I always wanted to do. I locked onto the aliens energy and then made a downward motion with my hand. A nuke then landed on the alien and blew it to pieces. Unfortunately the explosion was so powerful that my dream destabilized and I woke up.


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