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    Chronicles of Ethos

    Ripto's Lab (April 30, 2011, Dream 2)

    by , 05-03-2011 at 01:54 AM (536 Views)
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    This was the second dream of the night I could remember. It was kind of funny. It was also a little creepy because the cake fallowed me...

    Ripto's Lab

    This dream started with me standing at the bottom of a grassy hill. I wasn't really thinking much about anything until a man called for me. I looked at the top of a hill and I saw a man that looked a lot like Ripto. He was short, orange, and had a horn on his head. Close enough. He was also wearing a lab coat, which was a little too big for him. "Would you mind coming to my lab and running some tests with me?" he asked. "Sure." I answered without thinking.

    I ran up the hill, and as I reached the top, I saw apiece of cake on the ground. It was just like the cake from the last dream. I ran past it at first, but then I ran back for it and took it with me. I ate it as I fallowed Ripto to a group of metalic blue buildings. They felt kind of sci-fi. He led me to a very tall building to the right. There were 3 doors to the building. There was also graffiti on the wall next to one door. It read, "Attention workers! This door is now uncool from over use. Use the one to the left now." I looked at the one to the left. There was a sign on the door that read, "Out of order." I started to laugh at how retarded both of these signs were, but I used the 3rd door anyways. This door led to a large elevator that took a very long ride to the 3rd floor.

    To break the silence, Ripto started to talk about the meaning of life. "You know, the concept of life is quite a remarkable thing. I remember when it all started! The meaning of life..." Once we were on the 3rd floor and walked out the elevator, we were suddenly seperated. I then heard Ripto's voice say, "Solve the maze to find the giant tv screen." I looked in front of me and the giant screen was just down the hallway. I walked up to it and Ripto appeared right next to me. "Very good. Now onto phase 2..."

    Out of nowhere I started to play pokemon. I was in a double battle against a spearow and diglet. My pokemon were turtwig and sphinx. Diglet used earthquake and nearly killed spearow, but not my pokemon. "Haha! Stupid diglet!" Spearow then used some move callled "feather" after that. Feathers flew by, turtwig and sphinx were paralyzed, and spearow got all his HP back. "No! No! No!" I said as I watched sphinx's hp drop. Sphinx lost all his hp and died. "BULL!"

    I woke up after that. The main thing on my mind now was why cake? I rolled over and saw a plate covered with cake crumbs on the floor. "Oh yeah... I ate cake before bed..."

    My Thoughts on this Dream

    Never expected Ripto to be a life loving scientist. He's usually a little more, "Grr I'ma kill you with mah sceptor!" I also hate pokemon now. -.-

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