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    Raspberry's Second Life


    by , 06-06-2011 at 01:24 PM (655 Views)
    Awake Non-Lucid

    I'm walking out of the front doors of school. It's a beautiful sunny day, and my friends wave at me to come over. "Paul's looking for you," she said quietly into my ear. "He told me to give you this."

    She took out a parcel wrapped in blue. I glance around and ask her to put it back into her bag. "What's this for?" I whisper, wishing we were at her house instead of at the school gates. We start walking.

    "He's going to ask you out," said Rochelle, with a teasing smile on her face. I groaned internally. I still haven't made a decision about him yet. It's a well known fact between us that he has a crush on me. I mean, we're friends and in fact I used to like him. Maybe still kinda do. But I just don't know if he's boyfriend material. God...


    I hear Greg behind us. I look around to see a group of guys, all of who I'm friends with, walking behind us. Shit, Paul's there.

    "Open your present!" Greg shouts, the guys all jump about and whoop excitedly. I roll my eyes with a grin and tell them affectionately to shut the hell up. But Sophie pulls the present from her bag and hands it over. I sure hope this isn't embarrassing.

    I rip open the paper to find a bundle of notes. They're sealed in an envelope, with a heart on the front. Oh god, hearts? I blush, but start reading.

    There's a lot to read through, so I skim over it mostly. It's not entirely to do with me, mostly it's a few compliments and jokes. In fact, it's really sweet. The guys behind us cheer and start to act out.

    Greg turns to Sean. "Oh sweet darling, will you be my lover?" He projects loudly, in a clipped, clear voice, sweeping his imagined hair back and fluttering his eyelashes.

    "Oh," begins Sean, looking to the sky and pouting his lips. "Why yes, sweet darling, I shall be yours forever!" He sighs dramatically and they fall into each others arms. Everyone cheers and laughs, and I even smile to myself a little, they're still funny even though they're taking the piss.

    I walk ahead of the others and sit on some steps with Sophie and Rochelle. They mutter insults at the boys, though they're grinning and I hear fondness in their voices. They are really the biggest bunch of idiots i've ever seen, but they're awesome. I hear Paul behind me. Y'know what? Why not? He's sweet and I like him.

    I stand up and smile.

    This has just confused meee.....

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