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    Log 1137 - Hauntings and Helpers

    by , 06-10-2018 at 02:23 PM (163 Views)
    Created Sunday 10 June 2018

    Got scraps and a DILD to note. There was certainly more to all of these, though my lingering around in the morning made me forget much of that.

    Scrap Group 1
    Listening to high quality rips. ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)

    Dream 1 - Hauntings and Helpers

    Scene 1 - Ordinary Sonic Elevator Ride
    The visuals were dim. Spectator mode. This took place in a dark, derelict building complex. Wandering inside were Samus (adorned in an executive dress colored similarly to her armor) and Princess Peach. Eerie noises reverberated around them, sounding closer as time went on. Panicked, the two hide in a ruined elevator.

    Just then, a distinctive sound cue played: Sonic.EXE was coming. The desperate Nintendo ladies mash on the lift's controls. This only leads to catastrophe. Several components fell off of the rickety device. Before long, the elevator detaches from its pulley, and crashes into the depths. Both women were left mortally wounded as a result. During the fall, I was given some perspective of their experience. Cut.

    Scene 2 - Haunted Apartment Escape
    The visuals were dim. I was exploring within a dilapidated apartment. It became abundantly clear this place was haunted, what with possessed objects and demonic shadows closing in from everywhere in sight. The only escape, it seemed, was through good old fashioned video-game-esque platforming. Indeed, there were plenty of exits from which was accessible only by climbing and jumping on or over ledges/stairway/piles of furniture. Many passageways were dead ends, and plenty of others were hidden. At times, I'd encounter a friend or family member, though circumstances quickly forced us apart. Eventually, I make it out of this mess alive and well. Several unknown transitions until below.

    Scene 3 - Magic Mundane Help
    The visuals were slightly blurred. I was in within a second story apartment building, an urban area visible from under a snowless, winter evening sky. I open the window and start arranging drapes, when, from a building across the street, a neighbor, some dark haired guy, calls out to me. "Watch out for the lamp!", he yelled. I hold on to the drapes in confusion. "The lamp!", he repeated. "The lamp!" That's when I noticed a lamp already falling out the window froma nearby dresser. Luckily, I caught it at the nick of time. Somehow, this sparks instant lucidity.

    My "neighbor" then yelled various requests of me, asking that I'd go over there to help. So, I floated right out the window and to his room. This left the man, and his nearby wife, a middle aged Cuban (identified later by her accent) lady with dirty blonde hair, in stunned disbelief. Anyway, the guy asked me to get him something he called "shoulder ointment". From thin air, I pulled out a tube of what I thought was such, but was really just toothpaste. So, I tried again, this time getting ointment. It seemed the man was more satisfied with the former, claiming that a good brush of his teeth would do the trick. From my end, it seemed he was unnerved at my powers, and wanted me out.

    The man's wife then asked me to get her an extra-loopy crazy straw, of which was to replace a broken straw on a novelty drink hat of hers. Mmhmm. I conjure the item without a hitch, and helped attach it to said hat. As a test, the woman drank from a soda can, which, intriguingly enough, flowed within the clear straw as a perfect rainbow.

    After that, I flew out to a long balcony on the nearest tall building. After some consideration, I tried changing into the Spellforged Guardian form via vibration. My skin quickly assumed a dull iron tone. After further concentration, iridescence radiated an inch or so from my body. Unfortunately, the dream collapsed before I could test anything.

    Scrap Group 2
    Watching the cold opening of a movie. In a downtown office building, two co-workers, a man and a woman, were taking a ride down an elevator. They were assaulted by a notorious terrorist, a man with a dapper Fawkes-esque facial hair. Rewind. I now had the office guy's role. When the criminal arrived again, he tossed a bomb in the lift. The ensuing explosion launched the elevator all the way across a building a block away, the woman and I somehow remaining intact. I tried keeping hold of an upper corner, thinking this might give me a chance to survive. But, constant tumbling kept me from maintaining stability, not to mention doubts of living through the landing.

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