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    Log 1146 - Function Without Form

    by , 06-18-2018 at 10:49 PM (167 Views)
    Created Monday 18 June 2018

    Got a WILD to note. There was more, though that cat's interruption made recollection of such slip away.

    Dream 1 - Function Without Form

    WILD transition in bed, which I confirmed through simple hand gestures. This state soon collapsed. Reentry two minutes later, and repeat. In my third try, I roll off the bed and into the void. I floated around aimlessly for a bit, before purposefully diving further down.

    Eventually, I arrived over a snowfilled hillside, a dawn sun concealed by clouds. Once near the ground, I made a hard turn forward, quickly covering a good distance until I landed. There was a cozy log hut nearby, bright light emanating from within. As I approached it, the environment deteriorated into the artificial, blocky likeness of Minecraft. Tactless, but I didn't let that bother me. Either way, that might've explained why I was suddenly assaulted by the zombies and skeletons from said game. I charged strait towards the largest hills, yelling and flailing like a poorly imitated Bruce Lee along the way. Any undead in my path were instantly broken apart.

    Next, I thought to summon my guide, E, imagining that she'd appear on my outstretched (blocky) arms, to no effect. I then tried transforming into a Spellforged Guardian, which I imagined would give me iridescent, ceramic skin. I changed instantly. But, instead of getting the intended form, I was morphed into Megaman X. This similarly appeared blocky, until I focused on my hands, which, contrasting the environment, quickly took a lifelike shape. As a test, I fired sparkling energy from each of my palms. These blasts were surprisingl destructive given how little effort they took to fire, blowing away huge swaths of the hillsides without any signs of stopping As per the contest, I tried doing likewise through my breath, but that didn't work.

    A distinct jingle then sounded in the background. I managed a few more shots before the dream collapsed.

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