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    Log 1144 - Shadow Trial and Other Assorted Stories

    by , 06-17-2018 at 01:35 AM (196 Views)
    Created Saturday 16 June 2018

    Got two DILDs to note, plus some fragments.

    Scrap Group 1
    A clip from a sci-fi movie, I think? An experiment going horribly wrong?

    False awakening. I overheard the others up and about in the middle of the night. A few of them said highly unlikely things (namely, conversations about non-Hebrew deities). Although I identified as much, I was too tired to get anything done.

    Dream 1 - Shadow Trial

    The visuals were slightly blurred. I was entering a highschool. Reasoned there must've been some fundraiser event occurring inside. A noticeboard in front gave a curious indication of Eddie (from Guilty Gear) making an appearance, giving me all the more reason to proceed.

    I spent a good while floating through the hallways. Along the way, I passed by the lunchroom, where a massive queue had formed. Whatever was inside must've been good, though I wasn't up for keeping still. And yet, somehow, I stumbled into the food prep area. Seemed there was a good variety of baked goods. The workfolk got wary of my presence, so I hurried out.

    A while later, I ended up in a poorly lit open area in the upper floor (an empty storage room or attic, perhaps?). Got spontaneously lucid. So, from the shadows, I summoned Eddie, who first appeared in the likeness of Zato-1 (his host in the above-mentioned game) before taking his monstrous form. I wanted the creature to follow, only, he required my doing something for him first. Namely, that I endure a trial of survival. To start, the Forbidden Beast conjured a field of giant shadowy drills from the ground. Some lucky maneuvering let me avoid them all. After that, the hazards melted into black liquid. Wherever I turned, geysers erupted in sequence to bar my path. I rushed past these to higher ground.

    The dream collapsed soon after. Made a DEILD attemtpt, though I lost consciousness two minutes later.

    Dream 2 - Telekinetic Reprisal and Orange Metal Plated Vest

    The visuals were slightly blurred. I was in a condo suite during daytime, the place appearing well furnished and organized. On a desk in one of the corners was a decades old computer system. The tenants there, two retired women in casual wear, had hired me as an electronics repair man. These weren't kindly old ladies, but rather, a pair of overbearing bitter shrews, caustic sarcasm spewed out with little provocation. It wouldn't have been too terrible, had they not placed obstructive (if not impossible) mandates towards when, where, and how I worked. Any screwups (inevitable, given the conditions) were met with increasingly disparaging remarks ("I could do better than that" was common), and, I'm sure, pay cuts.

    Once at wit's end, I finally got aware. I promptly made my way out, thinking and blurting out that the above task wasn't at all fun. Woulda left things as it was, had not one of those hags made some smartass comment (don't remember, but it really got under my skin). In retaliation, I severed a few of their belongings with telekinesis, then used the same power to (harmlessly) hurl the two old bats at the ceiling.

    Next, I ran off to a nearby stairway. I shrunk myself to bug sized, and hid out for a while. Figured the women would call the cops, and indeed, I did hear commotion relating to such, though I never saw it. When the coast was clear, I (literally) climbed up the stairway. As I did, a woman and her daughter passed by. I kept behind the railing, and though the girl noticed, her attempts to convey as much were met with disbelief from her mother.

    After that, I walked through a balcony-hallway, my size concurrently restored to normal. There, I met up with various family members, of whom I identified mom, my brother Arthur, and nephew Hussein. The group commented about a man in a "metal plated orange vest", who they claimed was very dangerous. When asked, they indicated that he was just further down the balcony across us. I flew towards there, but got lost in thought. Things destabilized, and the dream collapsed.

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