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    Log 1154 - Ex-Ante Ransom Demand and Other Assorted Stories

    by , 06-27-2018 at 01:36 AM (142 Views)
    Created Tuesday 26 June 2018

    Got a few scraps and some non-LDs.

    Dream 1 - Mall, 3D Panoramas, and Parking Confusion

    The visuals were slightly blurred. I was wandering inside a medium-sized mall. One of my stops was at a public art exhibition, occupied in its own series of rooms rather than in an open booth. Each room contained entire 360 degree panoramas depicting absurdist fantasy artwork. One such image was of a group of giants savagely assaulting a much smaller person. Another likewise had giant cyclopes', male and female this time, all of whom had obviously lustful affection towards a tiny woman.

    Later on, I sit down by some indoor foliage to eat a burger and fries. My brother, Roderick, eventually showed up with a sandwich of his own, but nothing else. He asked if I could trade some fries for a piece of his meal, but by the time he asked, I'd already eaten the entire container-full in practically one gulp.

    Cut outside to the streets of a shabby suburban area at night time, an area close to where my brother and I supposedly had left our vehicles parked. As I looked for my ride, I was accosted by this old man, who claimed to know the best way out of the place. It suddenly rained, so I offered the guy a lift. Or would have, if I didn't lose track of my vehicle...

    Not sure how this ended.

    Scrap Group 1

    Wandering around town. I stop at this Indonesian festival. There were sculptures depicting Hindi epics, including Hanuman's journey to Lanka.

    At home. I speak with my nephew, Theodore, on what he learned in school that day. Something about germs, I think. He becomes a bit of smart-alleck when he points out some facts of which I wasn't aware.

    Dream 2 - Ex-Ante Ransom Demand

    The visuals were a bit blurred. I was at home, as were my brothers, dad, Theodore, and his cousin David. Later on, I get a call from a stranger. He boldly identified himself as a criminal, and made a likewise audacious demand: that I either pay him and his crew, or risk getting kidnapped. Before I could press anything, the man hung up.

    This all seemed ridiculous. Still, just in case, I warned the others of the potential threat coming our way. Roderick went upstairs, where he revealed a secret stash of pistols and shotguns he's been hoarding (implausible as that sounds). Where my dad and my brothers armed themselves, I opted to remain as I was. I reassured them the weapons weren't necessary, for I 'knew' I had powers, of which I revealed by floating around cross-legged.

    Just then, the thugs burst in through the front door, each armed themselves. They, of course, wanted payment for the ex-ante ransom. I hid by the stairs, confident my brothers could talk their way out of this. Even if things got bad, I was sure I could pull them out. Negotiations broke down. Violence was inevitable. Unfortunately, I was too slow to react. By the time I realized it, one of my brothers was on the floor, unconscious, if not...

    I then became aware enough to know this wasn't real. Still, my rage prevented full lucidity. I mentally locked onto the minds of those around me, picking up a good dozen or so. It would've been so easy to telepathically rend each of these consciousnesses apart. But, since I couldn't distinguish one from the other, there was no way I could chance friendly fire. So instead, I lulled these marks to sleep. Unwittingly, I did the same to myself. Once I came to, I rushed out the door, then hid behind some vehicles for cover, taking fire along the way. Again, I tried knocking out the intruders, and succeeded once more. It was then that Roderick stepped out, apparently unharmed. There was no doubt he'd finish the deed.

    The dream collapsed soon after.

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