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    Dream Logs DWN-12

    Log 1153 - Adhering To and Antagonizing Authority

    by , 06-26-2018 at 03:17 AM (150 Views)
    Created Monday 25 June 2018

    Got a dream and a few scraps today.

    Scrap Group 1

    At a beach. There was an interesting sight, something that made the waters glow.

    Some dream about a lady thief?

    At a house, supposedly a friend's place. He talks about his collection of movies.

    Dream 1 - Adhering To and Antagonizing Authority

    Scene 1 - Titan-Sized Bottles
    The visuals were slightly blurred. I was walking through a city, day sky above. There were barricades everywhere, not to mention hardly any people around. Obvious signs that something was terribly wrong. Soon, I and a few others were corralled by military to a fortified lot. Among the soldiers there were the Scouts from Attack on Titan, including Armin and Jean. Then, as the citizens and I were being secured, a few gigantic soda bottles rolled down the streets. This gets me to randomly monologue on about plastics, and their uses in ballistic weaponry, particularly when sized to such titan-scaled containers.

    Unknown transition.

    Scene 2 - Hit and Run Riot Tactics
    The visuals were slightly clearer than above. I was in a beachside condo complex, wandering inside its balcony hallways during a sunny day. Soon, my path was barred by a group of protesters, who themselves were blocked by police and riot control officers. Something about this reminded me of Shadowrun, though I can't say why. Anyway, there was a cop there, a notably short guy with black hair, that was going out of his way to incite the mob further. That kind of smarmy attitude really irked me as well. In response, I snatched a bottle (or maybe even an improvised explosive) from someone nearby, and threatened to hurl it. But, I got caught in the act, and relented. I then 'remembered' having magic powers. Through fancy hand gestures, and by whispering 'Ikazuchi', I called down a non-lethal bolt of electricity upon the officers, scattering them from their enclosure.

    Welp, the heat was on. I jumped off the balcony, landing safely. After hiding under some ferns, I turned invisible. Still, I was quite sure this wouldn't throw the cops off for long. I hurried towards a beach volleyball court. There, I looked out at the sea. This gave me the idea to transform into a critter. At first, I planned to become a small fish, but was wary of being caught by predators. Instead, I changed into a bird, hovering just above the waves and towards the horizon to freedom.

    Things destabilized, and the dream ended.

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