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    Dream Logs DWN-12

    Log 1195 - Flagrant Traffic Violation and Recent Renovation

    by , 08-07-2018 at 01:17 AM (135 Views)
    Created Monday 06 August 2018

    Got some things today. A pity I couldn't get much done with that DILD.

    Dream 1 - Flagrant Traffic Violation and Recent Renovations

    The visuals were a bit blurred. I was at the lot near my home during late afternoon. There was a van right near the backyard's fence door, and and an old dark colored pick-up closer to the road. My friend, Stefan, was driving said pickup, and my bwas there as well. I too go for a ride. The vehicle had a supposed back row for additional passengers, a space that way too cramped.

    We pulled out the lot, to find a police officer questioning a stranger in my home's driveway. I got concerned we ourselves would get in trouble for having our vehicles scattered about. It didn't help that Steve was driving erratically. In fact, he got off the vehicle while it was moving, simply to test a supposed remote control feature. My brother and I both jumped out as well for our own safety. Meanwhile, the pickup almost swerved right into the cop. As flagrant as this seemed, the officer hardly batted an eye. The others and I jumped back in, and drove off.

    Cut to night time. We were driving around town. But soon, the surroundings appeared completely unfamiliar to me. All the buildings looked far too big, not to mention all those electronic billboards and neon signs blinking on these structures. I questioned the others of such, neither of whom gave a remotely adequate answer (think one of them said these were merely some 'recent renovations'). Cue lucidity. I rubbed my hands on instinct. Unfortunately, the dream collapsed seconds later.

    Scrap Group 1
    Random warps to surfaces overlaid with maps of the Earth. Many of these depicted supposed alternate realities. Indeed, many of the continents looked off. There was some involvement with Rick from Rick and Morty.

    In a hotel. I go downstairs to a mall's food court. There was this western-themed place, the attendant there an older black guy dressed for the part. The man even performed a catchy tuned. Hell of an effort, especially considering each meal being both reasonably priced and of decent quality.

    At a classroom, possibly in preschool. Something about a bully? And maybe a girl standing up for me?

    At home during night time. An uncle of mine comes to visit, along with two of his (supposedly) young sons. Despite being no older than 5 and 10, respectively, both kids had beards, and behaved more like teens trying too hard to be tough.

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