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    Log 1253 - Pit Descent, Cloud Ascent

    by , 10-03-2018 at 11:43 PM (624 Views)
    Created Wednesday 03 October 2018

    Got a decent LD to note (finally), along with some fragments.

    Scrap Group 1
    On a random (text-only) Discord channel. A woman geneticist complained about her domestic life, especially when it came to not having any children of her own. She admitted being so distraught by this, that she'd cloned her dead father, then adopted him. A major scandal ensued.

    Watching Adventure Time with my nephew. Princess Bubblegum had illegitimately acquired a magical artifact. This made her the target of a bipedal cat. Finn and Jake arrived to her aid. Chase sequence in a small room. As this occurred, a suspicious wolf detective was observing their moves while sipping tea. The cat gets captured, upon which Finn and co. relieve a small red journal from its person. The wolf finally confronted the group, demanding they hand over the booklet. Suddenly, the journal vanished.

    "Semi-lucid" (wasn't aware, but I unconsciously knew I was dreaming) in the void. I prance about in the darkness.

    Dream 1 - Pit Descent, Cloud Ascent

    Scene 1 - Down The Large Well
    WILD transition straight to the void. Like above, I take a moment to celebrate before I actually compose myself. After flying around for a bit, I find a sizable round cobblestone enclosure, a deep pit in its center. Kinda like an old well, but much larger. Also, I noticed my wearing the clothes I had on in Monday afternoon. Anyway, I fell down the hole, and waited out a transition, rubbing my hands for good measure.

    Scene 2 - Broom Ride Cloud Loop
    The visuals were a bit dim. I was floating over a mountainous badlands, a soft yellow dusk sky above. Spent a good minute sightseeing, when a dust storm approached from the east. So, I plowed right through.

    When the weather cleared, I found myself flying over a lifeless desert, pyramid in view ahead, and thick clouds covering much of the twilight sky. I dash up into a nimbus, which then reminded me of the like TOTM. I glanced down, and, as expected, found myself seated cross-legged on an old straw broom. Onwards I went, before finally getting to clear sky.

    Things looked a bit brighter. There didn't seem to be much else, just clouds below, and silver blue skies in the horizon. I looked up, only to find another set of clouds about a mile above. So, I charged through that as well, but, found myself arriving at a similar place. I took off once more, only now, I had a lot of trouble breathing through the clouds' heavy vapors. Things destabilized. I could barely make it to the top, when the dream collapsed.

    Scrap Group 2
    False awakening in an unknown home. I was late for school (not a concern nowadays), so I skipped showering. Cut to the school's courtyard. I'm flying around, racing to the cafeteria in hopes of making it in time for breakfast.
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