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    Log 1318 - Iridescence and the Nature of Beauty

    by , 12-08-2018 at 12:23 AM (300 Views)
    Created Friday 07 December 2018

    Got an LD by blind sheer luck. Better not get complacent with that...

    Scrap Group 1
    In the kitchen of an unknown home. I was preparing a hamburger, when that cat jumped on some toasted buns I'd left out. Guessed it liked the bread's warmth. I shoo'd it away, then placed another toasted bun (which appeared out of nowhere) on the counter. Once again, that cat seated itself on the bun. This repeated at least two more times.

    Playing Team Fortress 2.

    Dream 1 - Iridescence and the Nature of Beauty

    Scene 1 - Golden Glow, Prismatic Light
    Various forgotten scenes before this point. The visuals were mostly clear. I was wandering around in an unknown city during a clear blue day. Later on, I visit a nice, clean park. I started feeling unusually itchy. Soon, I noticed large insects flying around. In particular was a large, molten roach, which hovered around despite its lack of wings. A dragonfly chased it around. Unfortunately, this drove the nasty cockroach towards me, even causing it to bump into me constantly. I power walked the heck outta there. While exiting, I overheard kids talk about a race of insect-headed people that lived nearby, including a "tick woman". All the more reason to leave, I suppose.

    Then, a misremembered encounter with someone on the streets. Something about guessing what they'd draw next in a stack of playing cards. I opted for the ace of spades, and, by chance, got it right.

    About a minute later, I got spontaneously aware. Rubbed my hands, softly this time, so as to not startle myself awake. On a whim, I had my skin glow in a piercing golden light. Music unintentionally sounded to my transformation, Super Sonic's theme from Sonic 2, to be exact.

    I rocketed out the city, if keeping low to the ground. Soon, I was floating down a forested highway, its roads winding and slightly inclined. Things began destabilizing. To fix this, I fired some of my glow to the surroundings, but instead of being gold, it shot out as a prismatic light. The environment shone with chaotic iridescence. Then, after half a minute of further travel, everything was restored to normal.

    Some time afterwards, I spotted another city in the horizon. Many of the the most visible structures, each primarily constructed with tall, grey blocks, resembled Gothic-inspired apartment buildings, only scaled to impossible heights. I made my way to the city, things began blacking out. Once more, I fired lights to the environment, if only to see that above-mentioned colorful spectacle, before things were normalized again. Anyway, there didn't seem to be much else to look at. The streets were bare of traffic, and only a few pedestrians were around. A chill was in the air, though it was hard to tell how cold, exactly.

    I then "recalled" a false task of guessing a card from a stack (no doubt influenced by an encounter above). From my peripheral, I conjured playing cards in my hand. This time, I guessed the Jack of Clubs. Right again.

    Next, I moved on to the Team Bauble tasks. I tried conjuring a bauble between my fingers, but couldn't manage it. Around then, I stumbled into a Carnival parade. Yep, including exotic dancers. No idea how they could perform (let alone dress as they did) in such weather , but oh well. One woman in particular wore a mesmerizing pattern of beads as her top. Inspired by such, I formed a circle with my fingers towards her. In a instant, a bulb bearing such patterns formed in my hand.

    Then, I tried making it rain bauble. I raised the decoration in my hand overhead, and made it vanish. But, nothing else seemed to happen.

    Various forgotten non-lucid scenes. Something about an Italian neighborhood, and taking interest in posters hung on the walls of a brick building. Got briefly awakened, then unwittingly returned to the dream.

    Scene 2 - Dio and the Nature of Beauty
    The visuals were blurred. I was in the courtyard of a Middle-Eastern palace during sunset, all of this occurring in an anime. Indeed, a group of like-drawn figures were around. One of these was Dio Brando from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. There was another guy there. I can't recall specifics, though he seemed highly uncomfortable to be there. Also there was a upper-class woman with straight, blonde hair, and a distinctly Roman nose. She wore a pink, decorated Victorian-era pink dress, and bore an arrogant smile to match. A woman with purple hair attended her.

    Dio went on a monologue about the meaning of beauty, and, more specifically, on how the noblewoman represented the epitome of beauty. Between that, he made subtle and coercive insults to the other man. The unnamed "guest" mentioned a 'Yulia', claiming she was far more elegant, though Dio denied as much. Then, Dio directs the pretty woman to fetch something from a nearby barrel. In a dramatic change of events, the woman giggled uncontrollably. She then pranced about hysterically, while repeating the commands given to her in a distinctly slurred tone.

    Shocked, I questioned whether Dio had lobotomized the poor woman. He lambasted me for thinking such, humored at first, but then becoming forlorn. Brando explained that the woman suffers from an incurable brain illness. Called it "Hunter's-something" disease. Normally, horrible facial deformities would be a symptom of the illness. But, Dio reversed that with a spell, an enchantment which he described as "bringing out the woman's inner beauty outwardly". Turning to the other man, he asked of something he'd heard Yulia's mother blurting out once, of another person with that above disease. Dio, it seemed, was concerned of this Yulia. The guest, startled by such sympathy, assured Brando that Yulia was, as he put it, "the spirit of good health."

    Things destabilized. I woke up with those last quoted words racing in my mind.

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