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    Log 3108 - Turbulent Fall, Calm Shore

    by , 11-07-2023 at 08:34 AM (125 Views)
    Created Sunday 05 November 2023

    It's been far too long since I shared anything on the forums. Time I fix that.

    Scrap Group 1
    In a condo complex during night. There was a group of people around, mostly of college age. There was talk of forming a DnD campaign. Everyone was very interested, though I was concerned it would've been too many players to be enjoyable for long. Judging from the builds people were spitballing, the group were really bad at optimization. At least two wanted to play Monks or awkward Monk multiclass, and one or two unironically thought the Champion was a powerful choice. For some reason, I started climbing up the wall of a three story building. I made it to the roof in mere seconds. Then, I tried to make a leap across to another building. The dream ended then and there. My waking thoughts were then muddled about DnD character optimization for some time.

    Work stuff.

    Dreamlet to dream. FA in bed. I suspected something was amiss. I look down at the mattress. But, instead of just seeing sheets, I find I was looking at a reflection of myself. This mirrored version was wearing black clothes, contrasted by the white ceiling. I was perplexed momentarily, before I asserted that this was indeed a dream state. I hurried up and out, only to walk into the void. The dream collapsed immediately. Re-entry a minute later, using calls to my guide as an anchor.

    Dream 1 - Turbulant Fall, Calm Shore

    The visuals were very dark. re-entry in bed. I call to my guide. As anticipated, E's voice echoed around me, first faintly, then more crescendo into dizzying volume. "This way", she repeated. "Over here". At first, her words seemed to be at the head of my mattress. It then shifted to my left. I roll towards there, and fall to the void. In doing so, the voice ceased.

    I initially descended without much emotion; I've done this many times before. It seemed I was taking way longer than normal to see any change. To pass the time, I started yelling. Some concerns then made me notice my sleeping body, particularly in how I was sleeping on my side. To turn my attention away from this, I began screaming much more passionately, while I used my remaining strength to pivot into an elbow drop. Macho Madness, baby!

    Wind resistance dramatically began to build up. Thinking to practice for the next DV Competition, I try plummeting so fast as to form plasma around me. Instead, I was shunted into a glowing wormhole, an ethereal tunnel swirling in violet and deep blue. I anticipated a warp, while still focusing intently on creating energy. This passage was also taking quite a bit of time. More doubts set in. I let out one final shout of defiance. It's then I noticed it was getting damp.

    I promptly landed elsewhere. As I come to, I see I was ankle-deep in a shore. This was a shallow sea of calm waves, seemingly endless on all sides. The light of dawn glared in my eyes, almost muting all colors into grey; only faint traces of brown, red, yellow, and blue remained. A rush of emotions fluttered within me. Moist poignant was... nostalgia? I don't recall ever having seen anything like this, yet I felt as if I'd wistful memories here. This was accompanied with feelings of joy, melancholy, longing, and a strange foreboding. I had to collect myself quickly, lest I was completely given in.

    For a moment, I was numbed. I needed to focus to steadily start feeling the cool water beneath me. I ambled slowly forward. As I did, I remembered I'd still not controlled an element. Guess water was it this run. Raising my arm, I tried raising a stream in kind towards my palm. To my surprise, I'd instead lifted up a colossal wave. It formed a few city block away, and was of like width. Wouldn't have taken much time to crash upon me. As it neared, I lowered my arm. The wave immediately settled down, and dispersed harmlessly. That's a relief.

    I walked aimlessly for a bit longer. More unease lingered in the back of my mind. This brought feelings of guilt for some reason, as if I was unworthy to have this experience...

    Before I could correct such thoughts, the dream fades. Another re-entry attempt, but it was inconclusive.

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