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    Log 3119 - Forgotten False LD, Guilty Upgrade, ...and Sand Bar Beach Awareness Fragments

    by , 11-17-2023 at 02:23 AM (126 Views)
    Created Thursday 16 November 2023

    Got a LD re-entry and some fragments today.

    Scrap Group 1
    Vaguely recall thinking I woke up from a lucid dream. Lacking memory of such, I'm inclined to believe it was false awareness.

    In a very dimly lit space, like a wide basement or something. I pick up a laptop from the floor. I "recalled" buying a new system with one of the latest high-end ARM processor. Got it at a relative bargain at $1k. I watch some videos on multiple windows concurrently. One was clips of Attack on Titan. There were a bunch of purple splash effects for some reason. I spot my bro snooping nearby, much to my annoyance. I minimize the AoT videos and watch the others. These were matches for various Guilty Gear titles, including Strive, Xrd, and XXAC. One had Sol spam Grand Viper. Warp. Another unknown dimly lit place. I'm imitating Grand Viper. I managed to project fire too.

    In the kitchen of an unknown house during night time. My niece was working on a school project. There was this light skinned black dude around. Only on waking up do I notice he was the host of Mental Outlaw. Anyway, he helps Jalani with her homework. Later, my niece and her mother (my sister) go out to get groceries. Timeskip again. The project was near completion. I see it's some kind of macaroni art on a cardstock booklet. Instead of macaroni, it's tortilla chips, both the triangular shaped and round varieties. These were arranged in rather sophisticated floral and butterfly patterns. The booklet, when folded, had cut-out city buildings and a radio tower pop up. I was asked to hold the book as he continued his work. He was making the finishing touch, when suddenly, most of the chips slid off its surface. I guess it wasn't as fixed as it appeared. The guy slams the counter in frustration. I noticed a tube of Elmer's glue in one hand, the other covered in the paste. I tell him my requiring a much stronger glue for a similar project some time back. Too little too late, I thought...

    Spectator mode. This was some kind of Monty Python (or Python-esque) castaway survival comedy show. This took place at a lost island during a clear day. A barely dressed, stubble faced Englishman wanders off to a swampy area. There, he sees a withered tulip. For some reason, he likens this find to the burning bush of the Exodus. He discreetly collects some seeds. A bald, sunburnt old man in a robe calls out to confront him about this. The first man denies finding anything of value. The old man continues to accost him on the matter. They arrive at a beach of profound green, the shore littered with seaweed. Not far into the deep water was an expansive sand bar. Anyway, the younger man makes a claim that he found tulip seeds at a swamp much further away from the previous area. The old man is outraged, and calls him out on the lie. He then chases the other man into the high waves.

    Dreamlet to dream. Dream re-entry into the same island mentioned above. This time, the waves were far calmer, though still congested with plant life. I walk towards the sand bar. I could feel the pressure and coolness of the waves, its briny vapor stinging my throat. Yet, I felt no dampness, as if water failed to stick onto my skin. Once on the bar, I strode on the water out to the greater blue sea. I anticipated some enemy would attack. On cue, a huge saltwater crocodile torpedoed at me from below. I dodged the beast, watching as it jumped over four meters into the air. I leaped after it, and grappled with the animal. I then flew us high up, arriving near the sky almost instantly. To much amusement, the crocodile suddenly changed into a big plush copy of itself. I hurled it far into the horizon. Then, I raised a a pillar of water from below, a cylinder about 1m diameter in depth and standing as high as I was floating. I froze the pillar into an icy pole, and began sliding all the way down. I'd thoughts to phase through, but decided I needed a bigger surface. As I was nearing the water, I thought maybe the sea floor would do? I soon hit the ocean. But, instead of piercing through, I wake up instantly.

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