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    Dream Logs DWN-12

    Logs 1142 and 1143

    by , 06-16-2018 at 03:23 AM (229 Views)
    Just a bunch of fragments and a brief DILD in between.

    Log 1142 - Flooded Ruins Simulation, Fleas, Demon Competition, Tiny DILD, New Jersey, Internet Jumble, and Mad Engineer Scraps
    Created Thursday 14 June 2018

    Scrap Group 1
    False awakening. I was floating in a flooded room within the ruins of an ancient stone structure. While trying to sleep again, a whirlpool began dragging me to the depths. I clung on to loose stones, and pulled myself back to the surface. Later, various other figures appeared. One man in particular claimed this was all a video game simulation of his making. He made note of various rules, down to even the amount of points a player could get for cannibalism.

    False awakening in bed. I'm all itchy. I find that I was infested with fleas, much to my frustration.

    At home in the dead of night. Two dark-grey skinned demons arrived, a male and female. They speak of a less-than-friendly competition between each other, something about helping as many people as possible within a span of time. I flew after one of them, though I'm not sure if I was following or pursuing them.

    At a restaurant with a lady. Got aware. I shrunk myself, which somehow got me on her shoulder. Some unlikely mishap resulted in my getting eaten by her. The dream collapsed.

    Riding around in New Jersey with family, passing through on our way further north. We decide to visit some relatives there, even if it was a bit of a detour. Had some trouble filling up gas?

    At home. Noticed the router was in the downstairs bedroom. What's more, a LAN line was connected directly to the computer there. None of this affected my own connection whatsoever.

    I was given first person perspective of a recently graduated engineer. It seemed his connections (especially his former professors) were unwilling to give a good word for him during his job searches. Driven to vengeful mania, he jimmies up some chemical bomb drones, which he sends out to assault and outright murder some of said professors (plus collateral). The madman then fled to the border, and hides out for the rest of his life in rural Mexico. Goddamn, son...

    Log 1143 - False Awakening and Supermarket Browsing and Fight Scraps
    Created Friday 15 June 2018

    Scrap Group 1
    False awakening in a different bedroom

    Shopping in a supermarket at night. There's an aisle for TTRPGs, which included new D&D material. One of said books had a mount-focused Paladin subclass, the summoned creature taking the form of a giant walking head. Furthermore, this feature allowed both rider and mount to become gargantuan sized. Later, in the parking lot, a ripped shirtless dude picks a fight with me. The match ends in a standstill. As a reward, the guy teaches me how to do a proper German Suplex, which he demonstrated first on a teddy bear, then (harmlessly) with some hapless kid.

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