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    1. Log 286 - Hurry Through Lunch

      by , 02-10-2016 at 02:00 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 09 February 2016

      Couldn't remember anything of other dreams, save for the one below.

      Dream 1 - Hurry Through Lunch

      The visuals were pretty clear. I was sitting in one of the back desks within a small classroom, a number of early highschool aged kids around me. The teacher, a dark haired, light skinned 50-something year old woman, was busy filling things out on her wooden desk. Built on the white wall behind her were a few shelves, each directly underneath a row of windows below the ceiling, dim sunlight peeking in.

      This began with me working vigorously on some kind of writing assignment, which I eventually finish and turn in. Wasn't much to do then but look around at stuff.

      At some point, two figures hurried inside. Both were wiry, bespectacled young girls, 10-12 years of age, and each with light skin and blonde hair. In fact, the two looked exactly identical. Anyway, the teacher ignored them as they ran around the classroom. Must have been her daughters?

      A while later, the teacher begins returning composition notebooks back to the students. Upon handing mine, she claimed something of doodling too much and not keeping to task. I just knew I wasn't going to get graded well for this, and assumed I got lazy with homework to begin with. Still, I was confident that I'd finally rid myself of this course easily when I aced the exam. There was something on the teacher calling on specific students for some review, but I'm not sure.

      After that, the teacher admitted to having no further lessons before the exam, which was about a week away. So she had us pass the time by watching movies on some black CRT TV screen on a rolling stand. But I wasn't to interested in that, instead taking my time to look through the notebook. There, I found some familiar doodles, the very ones my nephew and I have scribbled for fun. Did I turn in the wrong one, I wondered?

      I then noticed those girls laying on the shelf, as if hiding for a game of hide and seek. The furniture didn't seem as if it would hold.

      Things get a bit fuzzy for a while. I know I exit the classroom and wander the hallways for a while. Eventually, I find myself waiting in a long line, which I somehow knew was for entry to the cafeteria. The register was occupied with some tan skinned, spiky haired Asiatic guy, who was a bit impatient. When it was my turn, I fumbled to reach for my wallet, during which several others behind me were attended to first. I then paid in card, reaching for the pin pad next to me, but it seems this was charged in credit rather than debit. Likewise, I found it a bit odd at not having to sign for this. There was also some confusion on me having to tear off a long, bar-coded sticker for some reason, which I folded together to keep it from having it getting stuck in my pockets. Anyway, I felt I held the line up for long enough, and hurried along.

      Inside was a relatively small, overcrowded cafeteria. There, I found yet another line, which I went to. I waited for a while, before noticing the time from a clock nearby. It was about ten minutes to ten, which I knew meant I hadn't much time before the next class.

      Eventually, I arrived at the serving area, which was more as a buffet than a traditional lunchroom, with the customers serving their own food from glass-shielded counters. After grabbing a paper plate and a few plastic utensils, I noticed a variety of meat and tomato sauce stews, mostly chicken drumsticks, and one that I smelled as pork. But these seemed too watery, rubbery, and generally unappetizing, so I didn't take much of either. I then saw several kinds of pastry items, guava pastries and honey glazed filo meat pies amongst other types. I took as many different varieties of these as I could. There was also several kinds of desserts in the center of the room, including squared, whipped cream topped key lime tarts, but I hadn't time for that.

      At that point, I noticed some kind of checkout area in the front. Realized this was where that sticker would come in handy, making me lament having folded it. I fumbled to take it out, and had further problems unsticking it. The attendant there, having had enough, just bade I continue on. It was kind of embarrassing.

      Well, I rushed down to a seat and chomped down at the chicken, which was about as tasteless and poorly textured as I expected. I glanced at the clock to see I hadn't even a minute to spare. So I tried reaching for more, when I noticed I instead grabbed on to an orange handkerchief, which was apparently covering my plate. All very confusing. Anyway, I began scarfing down the guava pastry (which, I would admit, was especially tasty) and grabbing hold of the other stuff with my hands to run off with them. All with much reluctance, as I knew I never washed my hands earlier.

      The dream fades as I hurry out the door.

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    2. Log 284 - Hey You It s Time to Speed Up and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 02-08-2016 at 10:19 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Sunday 07 February 2016

      I managed to achieve a WILD or two, as well as a few other near LD states. There were also two other normal dreams I could remember between said states, and although I could only remember scraps of the first in these series, I do know it's contents influenced, and were later partially remembered, in later dreams.

      Dream 1 - Hey, You! It's Time to Speed Up!

      Scene 1 - Basic WILD Transition

      After some time spent attempting a WILD, I finally felt a change in my state, a familiar dizzying sensation in my head. I soon intermittently slipped between this and waking up, until the last one had me instantly warping into another location.

      Scene 2 - Flying Through Ice Cap Zone
      The visuals started grainy and blurred. I was flying quickly through a snowy valley, pine trees spread all around. The environment was notably rendered in low resolution, blocky 3D, as in a Minecraft world.

      Now, I was somewhat upset at being in this game once again, but I decided to run with it, certain the environment would eventually change for the better in time. Indeed, I noticed the visuals clarifying and becoming more detailed as I moved along, though still retaining a cartoony 3D look. This eventually settled to appear very similar to parts of Ice Cap Zone from Sonic Adventure, one side of the valley a glacier, the other a flat, lightly forested mountain range, all now under a blue sky. Much better, I thought.

      Soon, I noticed a long row of purple flying obstacles ahead of me, a group of those hovering blade drone enemies. I simply tilted far above them without incident.

      It was then that I noticed an unnerving lack of any audio. Thus, I vocalized my own sound effects, starting with the rush of wind blasting past me, and then the spinning blades of the robots below. Surprisingly, this, in turn, caused such sounds to emanate autonomously. And as a bonus, I even unwittingly caused music to play along. After following the melody, I determined this as Azure Blue World, the theme for Emerald Coast; highly unsuitable, considering the environment, but it was all quite amusing nonetheless.

      A moment later, I could see the environment deteriorating around me. But, I remained calm, and awaited a transition.

      Scene 3 - Normal Sonic Boss Battle
      The visuals were slightly blurred. This occurred within a metallic structure, numerous red and blue blinking lights and electronic components glowing throughout. The environment was depicted in 16 bit 2-D graphics, angled as a side scrolling game. I was not physically present, but I was still aware of my dream state.

      Two figures soon rushed through. One was Dr. Eggman on his hovercraft, who was being chased by Sonic the Hedgehog, both styled as in Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Sonic pegs Eggman's pod with his spinning jump attack several times before the screen locks in place, allowing his foe to fly off-screen. This new location contained a few elevated metal platforms over a flat plane. Eggman soon returned within some large contraption, his vehicle now plated in thick armor and wrapped in various tubular exhausts.

      By this point, I lost awareness, all from curiosity on how things would proceed. Not too sure what happens in the ongoing fight, though I somewhat recall Robotnik hovering far above at an unhittable angle, firing down projectiles from the craft's tubes. I don't know what else happened, but the dream ended about a minute later.

      Dream 2 - Touchy Enigma

      I was in bed, laying sidways, my back next to the wall. Once again, I sensed a change in state.

      I took this opportunity to imagine Eris, my prospective Dream Guide, being nearby. That's when I felt a figure embracing me from behind, though I brushed this off as more hypnagogic hallucinations, which I tried ignoring. But these sensations became even more abrasive, as if the enigma were groping me. I was quite annoyed at this, though I still refused to budged.

      Just then, I felt an extra pair of limbs wrapping around me, taking me completely off guard. Was this it, I wondered? The entity's continued stroking startled me further, particularly as it placed its hands where I never expected, let alone would have ever intended.

      I was thoroughly confused at how to proceed, and eventually, too disturbed to go on, so I willingly stopped this.

      Dream 3 - Picture Comicbook Dream Memories

      The visuals were blurred. I was sitting by a round wooden table in an unknown location. Moreover, I noticed my brothers, Jozua and Crispinus, nearby.

      In time, I saw that Crispinus was drawing something in a little booklet. I asked to see it, which I determined had drawings related to Sonic, Pokemon, and various other media, all drawn in an exaggerated, childish, intentionally silly style. This triggered memories of a forgotten dream earlier that day, the book containing a sequence of events as had occurred then. I commented on such a coincidence, but was met with skepticism. One of my brothers claimed I was suffering from "confirmation bias", while the other thought I was outright lying. I refused to believe as much, but let the matter go.

      From there, I could now see I was sitting at a diner or a similar eatery, a glass display counter behind me. I then got up to walk around, passing through a queue rail. I soon noticed another familiar figure, my uncle Metrophanes, nearby, who claimed to work in the place.

      My uncle then showed me and commented on some photo album he was making. This contained several pictures of him at his job, and a few profiles of various other family members, including mom and various other aunts and uncles. He claimed he would sell it for boiled potatoes, of all things, which was apparently the specialty at the diner. I then happened to notice the word "potatoes", dollars signs, and various numbers scribbled all throughout the album.

      Suddenly, he starts yelling at someone passing by from behind me. I turn to see just a pale skinned, light haired kid. Nonetheless, my uncle was suspicious the boy would try to steal from the place. A woman soon took the kid and dragged him away. Metrophanes apologized for his mistake, stating it was his job to be suspicious or something like that.

      I then turned beside me, where I find several small hanger stands, a few with clothes, and others with various other accessories. I guessed that's what he was guarding

      Anyway, my uncle spoke of it being his time to guard the door. So he ordered me to keep watch indoors, as I just "remembered" I worked there as well. I still had the photo album, which I took to a small table to look over again. But when I opened it up, I failed to notice these now contained Crispinus's previous drawings, or rather, comic, made clear by the panels and speech bubbles. This contained various colorful unknown creatures I assumed were Pokemon talking to each other. They spoke of some impending peril that befell their fellow. I seemed to think this was a creepypasta parody, which I found especially humorous.

      Metrophanes then passed by, wondering what I was laughing on about. I showed it to him, though he was, as expected, confused on the matter. I noted it was indeed a very specific joke.

      Not sure what else happened, but the dream ended soon enough.

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