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    Big Mike's Dream Journal

    by , 10-17-2010 at 04:21 AM (426 Views)
    Hey there! This is my first Dream Journal, so bare with me. I'm practically new to dreaming entirely.

    For my entire life I suppressed dreams, thinking of them as just a little side attraction in my grand life. I felt it was better to simply go to sleep and wake up and get things done. That is, until about a week ago, a good friend of mine (You know her as the lovely Queen Zukin) introduced me to the world of dreaming. Since then, I've actually slept better and had quite a bit of fun!

    So without further adieu, I give you; one of my first dreams!

    I started out in a giant gym for P.E. class. We got to play a game, which is speedball (It's a game where you have two teams, the two teams split into two as well, half goalies and half out on the court. The two teams then attempt to score on each other by picking up a ball and throwing it or kicking it into the other teams wall). Me and a bunch of my football friends were there, and even some of the cheer leaders . We started out having a lot of fun, but soon it got extremely competative and violent. One of the cheerleaders ended up getting angry at me for blocking her and tried to get in my face (It didn't work very well as she was about 4'9) She ended up jumping on my back (Reminds me of Yoda in star wars, if you know that ) I thought she was still on my back as the game ended, but when I grabbed what was on my back, the only thing on my back was a sports bag. I went looking for her to try to at least give her the bag back, and apologize while I was at it. But the sad thing was, I couldn't remember the girls name, so when I found the cheerleader gym, where they were supposed to be changing (Sadly, they were NOT changing, instead they were building a giant pyramid), I couldn't tell them who to give the bag to, so I just tossed it to one of them.

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