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    1. Day 117: In the Fight of Battleaxe Vs. Sword...

      by , 06-08-2018 at 03:55 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Dream 98: Axe Wins

      In this body shop type area--daytime. Cars are strewn about. I'm talking with one of my old art teachers for a couple minutes while observing the area, pretty calm for the most part.

      Then this overweight and ginger haired 14-year-old pulls out a sword with a handle the size of a building and almost cuts my arm off. I grab a black and red battleaxe, also with a mile long handle, and decide I have to fight.

      We go at each other for what seems like several minutes, the kid is only getting angrier as the fight goes on, with him swinging the mile-high sword ever so frequently. Then I aim for the handle. If I can break the handle, then he can't be able to hurt me.

      I swing violently at it, keeping the weapon up in the air and when I finally manage to tear the handle, some industrial red liquid spills out, and some of it gets in my mouth.

      But the kid grabs the other half of the weapon (The one with the blade) and almost kills me when I was distracted. Luckily the owner of the body shop covered for me and pinned the kid down while I called the police. I apologized for breaking one of his swords, and he didn't mind.
    2. Day 116: Arcade Phantasm

      by , 06-06-2018 at 06:44 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Dream 97: At The Arcade

      Inside a Cinemark-type building; lots of dark red and black everywhere. I'm racing my brother around the hallways, sticking close to the walls to get around quicker (Thank you Gorman Race Track). On the third lap, I bolt it as fast as I can, narrowly avoiding being face-planted into the wall. Security starts catching on and warns us against running around the theater again.

      My brother and I head for the arcade portion of the building. There's your cookie-cutter Pac-Man machines and lame cabinets--nothing special. Until I come across this one machine at least...

      Well, two of them. My mom tagged along and she used the cabinet behind me.

      The controllers were the weirdest things I've seen. They were wooden cylinders with red buttons on randomly placed sections of the controllers. There were also two of them per person, one for each hand. Both of the cabinets were classic Castlevania clones.
    3. Day 113, 114, & 115: Fear The Grazing Dead

      by , 06-05-2018 at 05:45 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Day 113:

      Nothing to report.

      Day 114:

      Dream 96: And yet another zombie apocalypse dream, again

      I don't get why these dreams are so common for me. Anyway, the dream revolved around me trying to chase away diseased cows away from our food supply. I was in full cowboy gear; horse, lasso, the whole shebang. I think one of them ended up in the ranch so, yeah, Mad Cow a'coming.

      Day 115:

      Nothing to report.
    4. Day 111 and 112: Slow Day

      by , 06-03-2018 at 05:07 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Day 111:

      Nothing to report.

      Day 112:

      Fell asleep at: 3:00 AM

      Woke up at: 10:00 AM

      Dream 95: Ascending the Cursed Tower

      Dreamed about a video game level taking place inside of a wizard tower. The level would scroll along with the player's movement as they moved right and up the tower. The character in question is the character I drew, Dragon Kid.
    5. Day 110: Breaking the System

      by , 05-31-2018 at 02:53 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

      Woke up at: 7:30 AM

      Dream 94: securityguard.exe has stopped working

      School cafeteria; daytime, in line for lunch. I remember it perfectly, macaroni and cheese, bread, corn, and PB&J. The line was getting shorter by the second until I reached the register. The PB&J morphed into a grilled cheese, something I thought was odd but never acted on it.

      Approaching the register I see not a lunch lady, but a female security guard (One that I'm familiar with). She tells me that I couldn't have the grilled cheese because I already grabbed a mac & cheese. This made no sense to me seeing as I saw three kids walk by her with both a grilled and mac & cheese.

      Then she says I will only acquire both food items if I prove to her I'm a true Christian(?). She asks me a couple pretty easy questions but one ends up tripping me, "What is one famous Christian Russian philosopher?" I don't happen to know any Russian Christian philosophers myself, so I end up guessing.

      Then she breaks.

      For whatever reason, her face is frozen with her mouth wide open, and speaking in tongues. Her gaze is locked straight on me as I try to get away from her. She doesn't move an inch, but she's still speaking in tongue. I end up leaving the school building with my lunch.
    6. Day 108 & 109: Hey, Me.

      by , 05-30-2018 at 06:33 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 11:00 PM

      Woke up at: 7:00 AM

      Dream 92: Reflections

      In the car with my brother, daytime. We're driving down the highway. My brother next to me is holding the phone camera to my face, and I'm trying to get it off of me.

      I managed to steal a glimpse of myself in the mirror. It was oddly clear and high res. I think it looked a little more attractive than I do in WL (Heck, I felt like Dreamy Luigi from M&L: Dream Team. No real difference except I looked better).

      Dream 93: Ham and Anger

      In the kitchen with my sister and her boyfriend, morning. They had just made me food (Migas with ham on the side). I was also watching Hulu on the Switch and I had my headphones on (The ones I lost a couple days ago).

      My cousin (Let's call him Quiet J, because why not) walks in and, being as standoffish as he is, says something to me while failing to acknowledge I was wearing headphones. I remember it being some kind of insult but I didn't want to make him angry while he was there, so I let him get his food and go to my sister's room.

      I ask my sister what he had said to me. She responded with something I don't quite remember. I then told her, annoyed, "I didn't ask how 'pretty' he thought I looked, I'm asking 'what did he say about me?''' That shut her up real quick and the dream ended shortly thereafter.
    7. Day 106: (Clever Title)

      by , 05-27-2018 at 03:40 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Dream 89: Not So Lethal Lava Land

      The whole dream was in this faux 2D perspective. Sometimes I could see the environment in first person, and others I saw from third person. The entire dream looked like a video game. Everything was a sprite, from the foreground to the background. At the end of the dream I remember getting cornered by a bunch of purple dragon things and being eaten alive, so that's fun.

      Dream 90: You Said Room Temperature, Right?

      Daytime, grass covered yard in between my house and a neighbor's. I'm talking with a friend about the pink gecko I have outside my house (True story, geckos often like to clime on my windows). I told him/her that I managed to keep one as a pet, and made it a little dirt home.

      When I got to its little home, I saw that it had died inside of the water. My reasoning within the dream was that it was too cold for the lizard and it died of hypothermia. Its eyes were glowing a light green.

      Dream 91: Fragment

      Another school fragment. Nothing much to talk about here.

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    8. Day 105: Time Skips Are Fun

      by , 05-26-2018 at 04:12 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Whoa, did not expect to be gone for 26 days (Around that anyway, I don't care). And I missed my 100th day anniversary, so that's a shame. But enough of that, let's get started.

      Dream 87: Bus

      Just a fragment. I remember sitting on the window seat of a bus while looking out through the window. It was sunset, and there were two girls in the parking lot, a couple. I stared at them for a couple seconds until the taller one with the shorter hair looked at me and I looked away.

      Dream 88: Educational Hijinks

      Except there are no hijinks to be found. I was just getting from one class to the other--not very interesting. This was also a pretty dull fragment.
    9. Day 77, 78, and 79: King of Swing

      by , 04-29-2018 at 06:16 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Nothing to report on 77 and 78.

      Day 79:

      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

      Woke up at: 9:00 AM

      Dream 86: King of Cling AND Swing

      I was in the front yard of my house. I had fashioned a sort of rope vine by twirling dead vines from the trees in front of my house. It was attached, anchored to the tree.

      I tried to get myself off the ground. I managed to swing upwards, feeling the air through my hair, adrenaline rushing to my head.

      Nothing much else happened after that.
    10. Day 74, 75, and 76: Bleh--Again.

      by , 04-27-2018 at 03:46 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      No recall on Day 74. I did remember some figments of a dream on Day 75, but having to take the puppies out kinda wiped that clean from my memory. Day 76 is where I finally had and held onto my dreams long enough to record them on my phone.

      I also think my awareness practices are becoming stale. I have a feeling I'm not doing them right at all. Then again it could just be that feeling of fatigue associated with ADA, along with the stress of having to write a two page essay (Still not done yet), so that's...good.

      Day 76:

      Fell asleep at: 10:30 PM

      Woke up at: 7:00 AM

      A storm rolled in before I went to bed. The streets were flooded, my brother was outside recording the whole thing, and bright flashes of lightning illuminated my bedroom (Along with my Super Mario Galaxy poster, but that's besides the point). It was a bit difficult to fall asleep, thunder and pounding rain kinda got in the way. Funnily enough, recall has drastically improved from my last outing.

      Dream 82: Inferiority Complex

      My mom is driving into the church paring lot when she sees what is supposed to be French people in the parking lot. She talks about they have so many interesting things they're doing, almost in an envious tone. As if I were being compared to them, she looked back at us.

      I rolled my eyes at her conversation. I don't like it when I'm being compared to another person, especially those who people think are superior to me. It felt like a very real dream.

      Dream 83: Top 5 Best Trucks In Zombie Apocalypse Media

      A sort of "thinking to myself while making stuff appear" dream. I was thinking about the top five best zombie survival trucks, because of course. In the list were a taco truck, a regular ass pickup truck, among others. I then went over the reasons why trucks were the best option, none of which I agree with now that I'm awake.

      Dream 84: Inside Rick's Supposed 'Shelter'

      I saw a house in the distance. It had a large tower diagonal from it, which was spewing water. I went inside. In my mind, I thought it was house belonging to a guy named Rick, who apparently built it for the sake of surviving the zombie apocalypse.

      Inside it was flooding, an inch of water on the floor. The house was brightly colored, almost like a children's' play area. All around me water was spewing from every angle. I saw a black cage where my two puppies where, I went over to pet them, but I didn't think to get them out. They were sopping wet from the water.

      I also saw my dog Apollo not too far away. I pet him and scratched him under his chin, and looked back at the pups.

      Dream 85: Dreamviews Dream

      Some vague imagery of me using the Dreamviews site. Nothing much other than that.
      non-lucid , side notes
    11. Day 66 --> Day 72: Bleh--er--Blah

      by , 04-22-2018 at 04:13 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Nothing much happened for the first three days (Day 66 to 68). Being suddenly woken up in the morning really screws with my recall.

      Day 69:

      Fell asleep at: 11:00 PM

      Woke up at: 6:40 AM

      Dream 72: Cut Finger

      For some reason I can't quite explain, I reached for the knife and cut myself on my finger. It was a searing, burning pain. God, I hated it.

      Dream 73: Falling Deeper Into Sleep

      In my bedroom, nighttime. The lamp is on and the TV has been turned off. I hop right into bed after turning the lamp off. A maelstrom of random and incoherent thoughts swirled around me when I was near sleep, but I can't really remember any of it.

      Dream 74: Chameleo-guin

      This one was a bit random.

      So, a penguin is trying to avoid capture by four robots (One of which is a walking trash can). First he hid in a filing cabinet, with the trash can bot walking by him, and then he hid inside of a picture frame, disguising himself as a dove. Once the robots went past, he decamouflaged himself and hopped out of the picture frame. One of the robots finds him and sets off an alarm letting the others know he's there.

      Then the dream ended.

      Day 70:

      Nothing much to report.

      Day 71:

      Fell asleep at: 11:40 PM

      Woke up at: 9:00 AM

      Dream 75: Yer Me Best Mates

      The dream centered around me (A sort of omnipotent force in the dream) trying to save a pirate ship from a bundle of dynamite that was placed on the ship. I couldn't for the life of me find the explosive. And when I did, I discovered it wasn't a stick of dynamite after all, but a modern-day explosive, so splashing seawater onto it wasn't going to make it any better.

      I then switched to first person POV. The rest of the pirate crew was solemnly watching the night sky, almost in horrid anticipation of when the bomb was going to explode. One of the pirates was even playing music on a guitar. It was oddly relaxing, but we knew the end was coming.

      Day 72:

      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

      Woke up at: 9:00 AM

      Dream 76: Yet another failed RC

      I'm pacing around the parking lot in front of the band hall, trying to do reality checks. I do the nose plug RC and breathe in some air from it, but ultimately disregard it. I do the finger through palm RC, but that didn't work at all.

      I also remember stumbling into the locker room, but then immediately walking back out.

      After all that I end up in my sister's car along with my brother. He talks to her about some award he got, and I immediately tune him out.
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    12. Day 62 --> Day 65: Struck Gold...Kinda.

      by , 04-16-2018 at 05:07 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Even more exams to take care of. My birthday was also about a few days ago (April 12th to be exact) and so we had a barbecue to celebrate, so that knocked the wind out of me. I also got back into drawing a heck of a lot, and I spent the rest of today mindlessly filling out my sketchbook to make something worth a damn...

      But, uh, back to the topic at hand.

      Day 62:

      Nothing to report. ONTO THE NEXT ONE.

      Day 63:

      Fell asleep at 11:00 PM

      Woke up at: 6:45 AM

      Dream 66: Why Planet Robobot Will Never Get Represented

      Playing Smash Bros. 3DS online. I distinctly remember playing one-on-one in Mute City, Omega Mode. I'm playing as vanilla Kirby going up against some buffed-up Kirby (No, not a muscular Kirby or anything), but sporting his Planet Robobot mech suit. And he is kicking my ass.

      The way he moved was more reminiscent of how the mech suits in Megaman X worked, akin to traditional platformer controls than how Smash controls, dashing and jumping everywhere. His high damage output, combined with his frame, made him near impossible to deal with.

      Keep in mind I was playing as REGULAR Kirby.

      I kept spamming the side-b until he finally blew up, allowing me to finally knock him off stage. I yelled directly at the 3DS, "YEAH! **** you AND your mech suit!" And I remember being extremely lightheaded after that.

      Dream 67: Phantom Fighting

      First person fighting dream. Don't remember too much of it, but I do remember this much. Me and two other people are fighting in a dark red and confined space, with paintings on all sides. I remember being knocked back into the wall, only to fall into the painting, completely disoriented. It transported me to a 100 Acre Wood type place (Cause I had Kingdom Hearts 2 on the mind). The dream ended right there.

      Day 64:

      Fell asleep at: 11:00 PM

      Woke up at: 9:00 AM

      Dream 68: Why Did I Hurt That Poor Thing?...

      I'm in the living room, early hours of the morning, and my dad is eating breakfast in the kitchen. A blue colored rat with spider-like qualities (That being the about 4 blue eyes it had) and her three children walk in.

      Being the unrestricted dream character I am, I pick up and slam the thing on the floor, but it doesn't die. I looked at her kids, and an overwhelming feeling of regret and shame came over me as I saw what I was doing. I stopped my clobbering and just sat down on the couch.

      The mother hopped on top of my lap and, like a dog, curled up and fell asleep on me. She was the size of my two puppies, Nemo and Cleo (Sometimes referred to as Nemus and Cletus).

      Dream 69: Don't--

      I'm in what's supposed to be my history class. In short, it looked nothing like the real thing, except for the arrangement of the desks.

      The bell dismisses us but I forge one little thing...my backpack (And my folder). I get lost trying to get back to the class, but eventually I find my way back.

      I rush back to the class and see a girl fiddling with my folder. I politely swipe it from under her nose and just as courteously tug my backpack away from under her desk. I then walked out of the classroom and then the dream ended.

      Day 65:

      Fell asleep at: 2:00 AM

      Woke up at: 9:00 AM

      Dream 70: The Flying Dead

      I'm in my house conversing with some random dude, who I can assume to be an acquaintance of mine in this unsettling apocalypse. The house is abandoned and antiquated, a thick layer of fog clouding our vision. I'm on the lookout for any zombies inside of the house, paranoia reigns supreme.

      In this dream I can be best described as "frisky". I don't tend to stay in the same place for too long and I always have one eye open.

      I beat a zombie senseless as he comes out of the laundry room. I then step outside. It's approaching nighttime, a red sunset on the horizon. The neighborhood looks like a fusion of Sanctuary Hills and my cousins' neighborhood up north.

      I fly up to the top of a building (Because apparently I can just do that now) on top of a Greek looking pillar, perfectly out of the reach of any zombies. I fall asleep for a bit when 3 to four guys surround me. They're making fun of my stupidity, thinking that absolutely no zombies can get me from here. They then demonstrate this by trying to grab me from under the pillar.

      The dream then cuts to me, my sister, and the rest of my immediate family inside of our house. The lights are on, it's the dead of night, and the blinds and curtains are open. I'm trying to convince them to turn off the lights and put on the curtains, all while attempting to do the same myself. None of them were convinced.

      Dream 71: Another Failed RC

      I'm in the living room. My mom and my sister are talking to each other outside of my mom's bedroom door. I then get the idea to do a reality check, thinking to myself, "Well, why WOULDN'T I be dreaming right now?" I do the nose plug RC, breathe through my nose, but I begin to think maybe the positioning of my fingers is wrong. I couldn't breathe through my nose afterward.
    13. Day 53-->Day 61: Further Dry Spell

      by , 04-12-2018 at 04:40 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Nothing much to report on the days leading up to day 61. Exams really did a number on my 'mental stamina', so to speak. I was too mentally drained to even think about my awareness practices. I didn't even remember any fragments along the way.

      Day 61:

      Fell asleep at: 11:30 PM

      Woke up at: 6:40 AM

      Dream 65: Who Turned The Ego Off?

      I'm walking through a dark, gloomy version of the band hall. The lights were either not on or emitted some putrid shade of green. My friend shows up wearing a tank, look like he's been working out. Immediately I start judging myself, feelings of inadequacy loom over me.

      I break away from the conversation, and head towards the restroom. What I instead see is again a dark, twisted version of my surroundings. There's a HUGE row of bathroom stalls, but all but a few of them are unoccupied. I walk into the unoccupied one in the middle, and the dream ends soon after that.
      non-lucid , side notes
    14. Day 52 and 53: Lazy Daze

      by , 04-08-2018 at 05:43 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Nothing much happened Day 52. For some reason, the Balloon Trip theme comes to my head whenever I think of that day. It could link to some fragment, but I'm not quite sure.

      Day 53:

      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

      Woke up at: 9:42 AM

      Dream 64: Sadly No N64 References...

      I'm exiting from my Art ll class, headed towards and out of the cafeteria, when my friend Ace stops by. Our exchange was...awkward, to say the least. It's been a while since we talked and I just wanted to extend the conversation. No matter what I did, she and I always just acknowledged each other awkwardly throughout.

      She brings me to a table of several of her friends. I don't remember what they were talking about for the most part (Something about role playing? Idk). I left shortly after that.
      non-lucid , side notes
    15. Day 51: Stark Silence

      by , 04-06-2018 at 04:42 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 11:00 PM

      Woke up at: 6:50 AM

      Dream 63.2 Birth By Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage/Ground Zeroes

      Some fragments about a guy doing a comedy skit. Something about how his lazy brother only got into LD-ing when he did, and that he's doing it all wrong. The comic wore a black shirt and khakis.
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