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    More Lucids. ★★☆☆☆

    by , 02-14-2013 at 03:11 PM (700 Views)
    Write previous entry on here. Back to bed. more lucids.

    I SSILDed and it worked better with the WBTB since I have been sleeping too heavily and barely waking up during the night.

    I had a normal dream about my family having a bunch of issues and I started playing video games (like I did when I was like 15). Someone mentioned work and I checked the time. It looked like 7:30, crap! I checked again. 8:30! Checked again, 6:39. I tried to explain the family situation to my wife and then I woke up to my wife saying "is someone else in here?" I freak out real fast and am not 100% sure what she said. I try to ask her to repeat. My mouth doesn't work "C... c... C... Can you repeat that?" Aha! SP! I broke out of it too! I look over and my wife is asleep. She must have been sleep talking. Only the second time I have been in SP though!

    I went back to sleep. A little sad about not just WILDing through SP.

    To make up for it, I WILD! Yay. I remember that the two dreams I forgot to stabilize and to look for HQ. I stabilized. Thought about a forest behind me. Aha! There was one. I walked over. It was so dark. Not too bad. I need to get there stealthily in case of extras. I walk through the tree line and notice that there is a huge ditch with aroad going down to a pool. Weird. There is a group of people coming up the road. I need to get away from the road. Secret base won't have a road to it. they had flash lights. they are looking for me. five groups of 3... Fifteen people. I haven't fought against anyone, I don't know if I can take 15. I hide in the trees and when they get past I start going to the thick part of the forest. After walking for a minute I got off the road (gonna upload a picture drawn of this place). I then woke up because of how dark it was.

    I woke up. Back to sleep. I am in a huge building and people are letting their dogs out on me. Since the building had doors it was easy to get away.

    Woke up. Back to sleep. Another WILD . It is day time and I am looking at a neighborhood. I think of forest again and turn around. The swimming pool and forest! This time there are people at the pool. I start walking by, and am contemplating flying to the HQ, but don't want to give away its location. DCs at the pool call me over. My throat hurts really really bad. Like someone is sitting on it. Ignoring it doesn't seem to help. It is causing me to be pretty unstable even with the vividness. I start losing the dream and let it go.

    Ah! Thirst. I had been laying on my back with my mouth open. It is time to get up to work anyways.

    I have been really tired lately (even with 8 hours of sleep). After these 7 hours though, I feel great though!
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