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    Nap. Non lucids

    by , 02-21-2013 at 05:08 AM (628 Views)
    Took a nap today because of the 8 hour day in the snow wore me out. :/ I had 2 dreams because of it though

    Date: 2/20/2013
    Total sleep: 3.5 hours
    Daytime Techniques: DDA
    Lucid Techniques: MILD
    Fell Asleep: 5:00 PM
    Dream Title: DV town
    I am in a small part of a town that effectively is Dream Views. I travel between towns pretty much the same way you do in Final Fantasy VII. Every different little town was part of the forum. I could look at an outline of it by walking up and seeing latest posts. One was in red and flashing. I read it and it said that Matte was quitting DV. I was a little sad and was getting ready to post. I traveled through this dream scene for a while.
    Awake: 7:00
    Seed: Dream Views
    Vividness: 8
    Awareness: 6
    Length: 45 minutes
    Emotions: Sad
    Dream Signs: Dream Views, Matte, Final Fantasy, Midgar

    Lucid Techniques: none
    Fell Asleep: 7:00
    Dream Title: Grocery store
    I am going through grocery store after grocery store and trying to find something. I run into an old coworker from back when I worked there. I talked to him for a while.
    Seed: Dillons visit
    Awake: 8:30
    Vividness: 7
    Awareness: 9
    Length: 20 minutes
    Emotions: nostalgia
    Dream Signs: Dillons (grocery store), jumping scenes

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