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    Nothing is Solid. ★★★☆☆

    by , 01-25-2013 at 04:45 PM (440 Views)
    I forgot a dream I had yesterday:


    I was on a place that reminded me of the island in Jurassic Park (the second island they go to) on the landing strip. Except everyone was wearing space gear and bouncing around like we were on the moon. Really fun! One dude fell over though and his oxygen tank exploded and killed him. kind of sad.

    The mall again!

    I was at the same mall I have been lucid in before and had lots of normal LDs there. became lucid. A little weird because I had a bunch of control I normally struggle with, I just wasn't worried about it. I didn't remember my goal and I just flew around and walked around for like 10 minutes. The flying was awesome because I normally don't, and I saw a frozen lake and started flying in and out of it without breaking the top. It was so fun!

    midwife Brandon

    I had a dream that my sisters were both midwives and we were all invited to a birth . I really wanted to help , and when we got there, there was a huge party just waiting around. Some dude invited me to help in the kitchen. I decided that that would be fine. He was really nice and started talking about LDing. He then proceeded to show me his lucid dreams. They were amazing and awe inspiring. It was like I lived through ten LDs. Impossible to explain them really. I left the kitchen realizing that I was dreaming. not knowing that everyone was fake though, just knew it was a dream. I was helping with the plates and someone asked for a clean plate. I flipped the plate over and flipped it upright. It was clean then. She asked if I could get her some food. I tried flipping it again, but all I managed to do was make it dirty like it was before.

    If I make it to that mall again I am going to buy a nerve gear. .

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