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    Taco Bell ★★☆☆☆

    by , 09-01-2013 at 03:42 PM (885 Views)
    I am hungry! I am in the east side of my little town that has a taco bell and a McDonalds right next to each other. The McDonalds is refusing service to me because of a lack of car and the lobby is closed because it is night. I chill out a bit outside with my friends that didn't have this problem. I see something around back of Taco Bell.I run over and check it out. The back door is open, there are employees standing around. I ask them if they can help me out with some food. I feel someone's presence behind me. It is a girl I know in a bikini (see previous dream journal entry). I know something is off. She tells me that we are in danger and I hear something near the door I came in. I rush over and see a tiger, not a fully grown one, but not a baby. I rush at it to get it to leave, and it pounces. I dodge and put it in a headlock (learned from fighting a friendly German Shepherd all the time) I snap my hands around its jaw and decide not to kill it. I throw it like 10 feet away and it runs. I am dreaming. Mental RC and stabilize. I go up to a place that overlooks the forest (for some reason, other than the restaurants, my home town is a forest. I put my hands up and erase all the trees. Then I put them back up and decide it is too bright. I pudh the sun back down. I look at the forest and set the whole thing on fire. My sister is standing next to me and asks me to show her how to create fire. I end up with a good fireball in her hand. Edit!: I just remembered this end part. I close my eyes for 10 seconds and open them up. I am still watching the forest burning. I do this 4 or 5 times and then I wake up.
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    1. Bharmo's Avatar
      Nice dream!
      I'm amazed at the amount of control that you have in all your dreams like...
      I put my hands up and erase all the trees. Then I put them back up and decide it is too bright. I pudh the sun back down. I look at the forest and set the whole thing on fire.
      Eventually I'll have to learn to do those kind of things, but for now I'm still struggling to just have regular LDs.
      I want to ask you about something though: you mentioned a mental RC, what you use as mental RCs? It is something in the lines of 'how I got here'? Do you recommend mental RCs for newbies like me?
      Thanks BB!
    2. Sensei's Avatar
      Hmmm... I think that it is similar to moving my brain around. I just activate the "frontal parts of my brain" in my head. I seem to remember my goals more when I do this, I am sure it is all in my head! I am going back and forth between this and my watch. Both work, but they both seem to work differently, hard to explain how, the watch takes no thought, but just seems to pause the dream vividness and stability. Brain thing makes it more everything, but doesn't last very long (10 minutes). I need to try both. Haha.

      Dream control is a lot of just controlling what you think of and what you don't think of. Using meditation can give you great ideas for it. Or sivason's dream yoga class.

      I would recommend using this stabilization at first and adapting your own later.
      My Tutorial for extending Lucid Dream Time. Hours of LD. - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
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    3. Bharmo's Avatar
      Thank you for your answers BB, I'll make sure to go through your tutorial when I have more time, it looks quite deep!!
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