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    Cities in the Astral

    Black Widow

    by , 11-07-2020 at 05:43 AM (89 Views)
    Using Alarm DIELD I drift into sleep watching colored lines moving about. I imagine the sensation of walking and eventually I am standing in a well lit room. A woman comes in from another room. It is a girl I have known for decades in real life, but she is young here. I realize this is a dream at first but my awareness of that kind of fades as the dream goes on. I think how she is young and not really as pretty as I thought. I see something on the ground moving. I go look at it. It is a big black widow the size of a mouse. In my fascination looking at it I begin to forget this is not a dream. I go back and forth some times knowing it is not real, and being actually concerned about the spider. the fact that I was concerned shows my lucidity was waning. I summoned a metal bowl and placed it over the spider. It started pushing the bowel along the floor. I told her to get me a plate that I could slide under it. Again less lucid, I could have summoned a plate. She brings me some weird object that is not a plate. I wonder why I am doing this? What do I intend on doing with a mouse sized spider? I could put it in my room to eat bugs? (see not very clear thinking) No, I do not want a black widow in my room, it could end up biting me. It is going to get out. I throw my phone on it! Crunch. Why did I do that? How cruel. And why my phone? It starts to move. there is my phone on top of it.
    My alarm is going off for the next snooze cycle. That is why the phone was involved.
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