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    Cities in the Astral

    What is with the Red Crocodiles!

    by , 11-06-2020 at 04:13 AM (96 Views)
    I am exploring when I come to a building kind of like an apartment complex. Suddenly I am observing third person and things shift to a cartoon like mode. Some people are arguing and in a corny fashion someone pulls a lever and a wall opens up. Out comes a giant red crocodile about the size of a pick up truck. It lumbers forward slowly. That scene is replaced by me being in a body again and continuing walking around. Not fully lucid but not taking this the least bit serious. I kind of realize none of it is real.
    I find a group of women who are wanting to go out partying. Someone suggests that there is a dark rave going on. I take this to mean Goth. The character Gena Meronie from 30 Rock says that is stupid and that they will not go. I follow them. I am not attempting any sort of control and just want to see what random stuff my mind pulls up. eventually I see a car ramp leading down into a parking garage and that some sort of party is there. I go down the ramp and peopple are charging $5- to get in. I see the people inside are Goth. I look back and the women have followed me. I say "this must be that dark rave." Gena is mad and says "we can not go there, I will be hubliated!" That is not a typo. I noted the made up word.
    A woman dressed in a red Goth gown comes out and hangs like a bat from the ceiling above the door men. She pulls a lever and the back wall starts to open. Guess what is behind it? A giant red crocodile. People start running. Not me. This is clearly a dream. I note that it is shifting into a cartoon mode much like Scooby Doo. Very amusing! I wonder why the heck my mind is fixated on red crocks? I am now 3rd person again. It is so much like a Scooby cartoon, I am chuckling inside. The view is down some sort of dungeon corridor half filled with water. there is a narrator but I am not sure what he said. I focus on the croc, and another comes (giggle) then a third is coming at me. (giggle, how the hell do 3 giant crocs fit in the hallway!) Then a big tiger Joins them! There are now 3 giants cartoon crocs and a cartoon tiger charging at me. Oh my, how intimidating (giggle). My alarm goes off as this was an Alarm DEILD. I wake up fairly happy.
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